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WonderFox DVD

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Review: WonderFox DVD Ripper

The review of today is WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy. It is a free powerful Ripper, which makes you rip a video from a DVD in an extremely fast speed. After using it, you will admit it’s your best choices that you can’t let go. Have some interest and want to know more details of this software? Nice, please take a glimpse at the below introductions.

Loading DVD

You can enjoy the great moment of playing DVDs in high quality on PCs and leaving all the lousy waiting thing behind by making a portable copy of DVD with the help of this software. This software allows you to avoid the format compatibility issues in large extent and protect your darling DVD from DVD loading scratch.

It’s an excellent software, which keeps a good reputation among tons of ripper users. It is keep a record that it can finish the converting process in minutes, for example, in most situations it only needs 3-5 minutes. Unbelievable, right? What’s more stunning? This product is an all free and ranks 1st on best free dvd ripper software list. Who can resist a free powerful software? Oh, the welcome format – MPG is in the format list for your choice.

Done loading…

DVDs are easy-carry stuff, which is light, portable and easy to work on computers, but have you ever think about the case that your DVD might suffer a damage, even a tiny one, the DVD files and documents can be damaged, and you must know DVD damage is irreversible and complete, there’s no going back way. So you do need a tool to help you out of the situation, one best solution to deal with this issue is to backing up DVDs by applying a DVD backup software, then you can watch all your favorite DVDs on your PCs at ease.



Processing, working…..


WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy takes a visual and friendly interface, which enables you to seek the way to make a DVD backup with no difficult work. You can find all of the choices easily. It’s the software that even a dummy find no hard to use.

Done working

Applying this software, you no longer worry about the complex details about how it works. Soon after automatically loading DVD, this software can read and select the main DVD files itself. You must know that it’s an key step to find the main DVD files out from piles of DVD files. To save your work, there is an embedded module to make this done automatically. It also allows you to select the video quality and output format.



The format output module is a limited part. You can change the setting by clicking the Settings button. You can choose between video and audio output or an ideal directory to save output files at the bottom of the interface.

A thrilled feature of this software we have to word is that it enables you to add effects to videos. You can use this function by clicking the Edit button. Also you can see the outputs ahead.

After it’s done, click Run button to run the converting process – the progress of the process can be seen on the interface. When it is finished, a message box will show and give you a message if the process is successful. By the way, I’ve never encounter a case that it’s not successful.
The most attractive feature is its super ripping speed. Even some paid ripping tools are no better than this one. WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy is a tool worthy of a try and costs you nothing.

Refer to WonderFox free dvd ripper landing page:



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