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3 Ways in Which You Can Go 80’s in Your Website Design

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Even though the 80’s were a remarkable decade, it is more than clear that from a time distance this era appears more alluring than it ever was. The reason behind this is quite simple, seeing how people tend to look at the thematic elements of the 80’s through the prism of nostalgia.

The reason why this particular style is making its comeback now is due to the fact that the millennials are currently becoming a predominant force in the online world. Sure, their numbers are contested with that of the generation Z (the post-millennials) but they still pose a financially more powerful generation. This being said, here are a few ways in which turning back to 80s and even 90s can help website developers get the most out of their design.

Using elements in the shape of the tape or a VHS cassette is just one of the ways for you to go

Going with the 80’s fonts

80's font

When it comes to the visual style of your blog or your website in general, it is vital that you use the optimal font for the job. Here, you need to make sure that the font satisfies several criterions.

For instance, it needs to be in contrast with the surroundings in order to be legible, it needs to fit your niche and most importantly, it has to look good across various formats. Perhaps the easiest way to evoke the feeling of the nostalgia in your audience is to go with a font that was particularly popular in the 80s. Safest choices here are Bitcraft, Newark or even Hacker (although this particular font probably better fits the post-Matrix world of the late 90’s).

Mimicking pop culture of the 80’s


The next issue that requires your immediate attention is the temporal framework of your website. Here, you are going with that recognizable pop-art movement in whatever you do. In a recent interview with a renowned WordPress developer, we got an interesting piece of insight on how this works. Namely, by mimicking a popular art form or platform from this iconic era, you can easily create the same impression in your website’s audience.

For example, if you were to try and mimic the atmosphere of the 80’s, what you want is for your homepage to feel like the display of a pinball machine or a TV screen with a bunch of scanlines. This idea alone tends to make things much less difficult and your short-term goals transparent and well-defined.

Incorporating a few more elements

80's tv

Another great way to achieve this effect is to try and include the iconic items, elements and trends of the 80’s in your website’s navigation and functionality. Those who intend to include a soundtrack to their homepage have a much easier job here but there are more than a few graphical ways in which you can get there as well. Using elements in the shape of the tape or a VHS cassette is just one of the ways for you to go. Their rolling elements are what makes them perfect as a buffering animation.

According to one research, a quarter of your audience will abandon you if your page fails to load for 4 seconds or more. This being said, using one of these ideas may amuse your audience enough to retain them for few more seconds. Sometimes, this is what makes all the difference.

As you can see, making your website thematic can greatly improve the first impression it makes on your millennial audience. Needless to say, this can do wonders for your conversion rate. Still, keep in mind that the functionality of the website in question still comes first. In other words, complicating your navigation system to make it ‘more 80’s’, same as adding elements that will slow down your homepage’s responsiveness are always a bad idea. In other words, the style of your website is its face but it can never be its backbone.

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