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How to use normal internet plan on Blackberry?

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If you are a Blackberry user then obviously you know that Blackberry Provide a Blackberry Internet service which is very costly in compare of any other normal mobile internet plans. There is no doubt that Blackberry provides fantastic internet services like Blackberry Messenger (BBM), Email push services, Blackberry Browser etc. But many users don’t want to pay more than normal internet pack plans, Generally Blackberry does not allow users to use normal mobile internet plans using Blackberry device, if you want to use BBM, Email push service and Blackberry browser then this tutorial is not for you.

If you want to use normal internet plan on Blackberry then you are not able to use Blackberry services like BBM, email push services, blackberry browser, but you can simply use the other browser like opera mini, UC Browser etc , and you can also use all other Apps like BB App World, Whatsapp, Snaptu, Uber, Twitter, FaceChat, Navita Translator, Foursquare, Bloomberg, Dictionary.com, WordPress Etc.

We are going to show you the trick to use normal internet plan on Blackberry.


1)   Normal 2G internet pack

2)   Blackberry handset obviously 😀

3)   Any one external Brower like opera mini, UC browser etc.

Steps to use the Normal internet plan on Blackberry

1)  First of all Recharge your number from any 2G internet pack

2)  Now go menu and select options button

3)  Now click on the Advanced option

use normal internet plan on blackberry

4)  Select TCP/IP

use normal internet plan on blackberry5) Now in the APN Enter APN of your mobile operator, You can get your APN from your mobile operator’s customer care helpline

Example of APN (For Airtel users): airtelgrrs.com

6) After entering APN leave other options as it is.

use normal internet plan on blackberry

7) You are done with the settings to use normal internet plan on Blackberry

Note : After following above steps you are able to use the internet from your normal 2G internet pack plan. Once again I am telling you that using normal internet pack you are not able to use any Blackberry internet services.

APN list for all service provider

Service Provider APN
Airtel airtelgprs.com
Vodafone www
BSNL bsnlnet
Tata Docomo Internet
Uninor Uninor
Reliance Rcomnet
Idea internet
Aircel Aircel Gprs

You are free to ask your doubt in the comment section so that I solve your problem as soon as possible, If you like my trick (Method) to run normal internet plan on BB devices then don’t forget to like our FACEBOOK page to get latest tips and tricks  🙂


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  1. i have tried the given steps but still the edge sign is showing small & unable to create blackberry id in apps world to download whatsapp.. pls help

    • You have to first download whatsapp using wi-fi, after that you can easily use normal internet plan.

      • Samrat banerjee

        Hi..I have using Blackberry 9220 since last year & i was using normal vodafone net pack for normal facebook,whatsapp,rediffmail,gmail etc usage.Last week I activated blackberry connection for just one day & i deactivated that on the same day. Since then Im not being able to use internet or whatsapp on my phone.It’s saying that you have not been registered with service plan.Kindly help me out.

        • Samrat, change your APN by following above procedure.

          • can we use this normal net pan on aircel ??
            m using blackberry bold 9780

          • Ubaid, Yes you can use normal internet plan on aircel, Just follow the above process and set APN as Airtelgprs.com

          • hiii…. m using bb 9300 right now and i m using norml net plan on vodafone. but now a days I m facing a problem that my whtsapp account and operamini stopped working at some time but the inbuilt browser of blackberry works continuously without any problem.
            then i have to reboot my phone by removing battery then whtsapp and operamini start working.
            can any you hepl me about the same..

          • Hard reset your headset once.

          • i have same issues.. bt when i asked vodafone care they said that your services has been deactivated and i have changed APN more than 10 times but i was still unable 2 use whtsapp…so today i hv got recharged and activated blackberry plan….

          • Hello Ankesh, did you select the network manually?

      • Hey harshit.. I need ur help. I have been using whats app on 2g net plan till a week before. From a week its not working. I read all your above procedure.. Did as mentioned still its not working. I was able to browse but i only want my whats app to work. I am using bb torch 9810. Please help me and solve this. Please do reply soon

      • Hey Harshit im using blackberry z10… can u suggest me steps to use normal data pack

        • Syed, I explained the full process in above post, please read it and enjoy normal internet plan on your BB Z10

          • Hi,
            I am a new BB user, I got to see your steps to activate normal Internet Plan for BB, but in BB Z10, I could not make it work. I added APN for BSNL but internet is not working. Any Idea to solve this problem?

          • Linda, Sorry but most of BSNL network not work properly on this trick.

        • Hi, I hav plan to buy z10, does it work with normal internet plans or I need a special bb pack.

      • I have blackberry curve 9360,as u said I try it work but when I change the sim the same problem is start form airtel to Vodafone (I change the APN www ) but it not work.

      • Harshid, great to hear about this option. Is it possible for all BB OS or is it applicable for only some BB OS?

    • My internet started working on my blackberrry curve 9360 after I saved the settings as mentioned by harshit and then switching it off full power and then putting it on. It did not work till i Switched off and put it on again. I can use my net and watsaap without paying a hefty price to airtel..yay!!

  2. I can’t use blackberry app world in normal internet

  3. hi,
    i done all the required settings and i can use internet also but it works for some time and after sometime it givs error saying connection failed plz review ur network settings. to start internet again i have to puull battery and needs restart again. It is very complecated to restart it again and again to use internet. Do you have any solution so that i can use internet without battery pull/restart my phone. If yes i will greatly thankful. thanks in advance.

    • Hello pankaj, Please tell me which sim card you are using and what apn you used?


      • i have also the same problem . and i am using airtel sim in bb 9780. can u give me a solution

      • I also done all the required settings and i can use internet also but it works for some time and after sometime it givs error saying connection failed plz review ur network settings. to start internet again i have to puull battery and needs restart again. It is very complecated to restart it again and again to use internet. Do you have any solution so that i can use internet without battery pull/restart my phone. If yes i will greatly thankful. thanks in advance.
        i am using airtel connection. and apn is airtelgprs.com

        • Gaurav, Go to your BB network selection menu and select the network (Airtel) manually.

          • thanks dear, it is done now. lets see for next two days. thanks alot

          • Thank you, I am glad that this article helps you.
            Keep coming

          • Hi Harshit, i am using BB 9860 Torch. I am also having the same issue like as Gaurav. I changed in settings like as u said, APN: airtelgprs.com and APN seetings enabled (Tick). Internet is working for 10-15 min and again Internet is not getting “unable to connect. Please review your network settings”. If i remove the Battery and switch on, again Internet is working for 10-15 mim after that same issue repeating. I tried this as u above said select the network mode “Manually” but still the same issue. Please tell me what to do????? (may be u cam mail me Harshit: navin222444@yahoo.com)

  4. wen i go 2 menu n choose options,advanced options doesnt come out..wat 2 do?

  5. thanks a lot for your advise…

    u saved my money!

  6. can we download movies using normal internet in blackberry phones
    and the trick that u r saying it works on which which handsets

  7. I can’t use blackberry app world in normal plan

  8. I can’t use bb apworld in my bb 9300 in normal net pack in airtel

  9. I followed all the above steps to use the normal 2g internet plan…but still it didn’t work… 🙁 wot shud I do now?

  10. i am using BB curve 9320 with reliance GSM. i have recharged 2g data plan and configured apn settings with APN name rcomnet and RCOMNET. still i am not able to use internet. 🙁

  11. I want to use facebook app in BB…or atleast tell me where can I get fb app for BB dat works in normal data plan….please

  12. I’m using a BB9220

  13. Will this work for a 3G pack as well ?

  14. is it possible to use whatsapp doing this without any data plan??? because with a wifi connection i can use the internet on my phone but am unable to send msgs with whatsapp… plz help

  15. i m using blackberry 8520 and using aircel. i had used normal 2g internet for a long time and recently used blackberry internet services with the same number but after using the blackberry internet services i m not able to use normal 2g internet. what to do ? i have used above tricks also

  16. when i restart my blackberry it shows EDGE in capital letters and my app and whats app works but after 10-15 minutes after restarting it automatically canged in edge in small letters and my apps and what apps stop to work. what to do?

  17. I ve been using 2g plan only bt all of sudden I switch into 3g n wi-fi connection.nw my problem is I want to use 2g plan again n I donno hw to change the version pls help

  18. I am having BB 9800 torch ..i had followed d steps u told to activate normal internet pack of aircel 3g on this handset..but not connected…i had typed apn as aircelgprs.pr as my sim is prepaid..please kindly advice me step by step

  19. Hey Harshit, thanks for the amazing tutorial. Had a doubt though, can you please clear it up?

    Am I correct in assuming that after doing the above steps I will be unable to use Blackberry Browser, BBM, Blackberry World and Blackberry Email app using normal data plan, right? Will these services work if I follow the trick you mentioned?

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  20. I am not able to use facebook and other app in bb
    wher as what app is working

  21. Hey I am using bb9220 vodafone sim and used apn as “www” but still it didnt worked…

    And then i’d ping for the network there it showed 105 error…

    Plzz help..
    Im unable to use it..

  22. I can’t use 2g intenet plan after following ur step
    I am using bb 8520 and airtel conn
    I tried apn as airtelgprs.com doesn’t work, plz help me

  23. Is it possible for tata DoCoMo mobile .?

  24. Harshit Sir,
    i done all the required settings and i can use internet also but it works for some time and after sometime it givs error saying connection failed plz review ur network settings. to start internet again i have to puull battery and needs restart again. It is very complecated to restart it again and again to use internet. Do you have any solution so that i can use internet without battery pull/restart my phone. If yes i will greatly thankful. thanks in advance.

  25. I have tried it on my blaCkberry 9790 but its not working. Uc web and operamini showing unable tto cconnect. When i use wifi to download uc it will work network connection found via wifi.then i switch my netwrk as u said it will work for some minutes but then it was not working at all

  26. hey
    i did it but i can still use blackberry world and blackberry browser
    plz advice

  27. so if we want to use the normal internet plan whether we have to deactivate blackberry internet service….?

  28. I m using BlackBerry 9360, I did the all steps and also APN i. e TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET, bt not able to access Internet, also did the hard reset, wat to do? ?

  29. I did tat stwps but still m not able to use wats app….pls help…urgent.

  30. hello there,
    i followed steps suggested by u….bt still couldn’t get the access to internet…. my handset is bb9330…
    Airtel customer…”unable to access ” kind msg is showing…. wt to do ??

    • Shital, first of all set the APN to aitrtelgprs.com and download app like opera mini, whatsapp using wifi connection and then try to access internet through the normal internet plan.

  31. Hi Harshit;
    Great to see your knowledge, My name is Mangesh I am from Mumbai and using Reliance Preapaid 3G service on my Blackberry 9360, please help me in geeting APN for Reliance 3G prepaid . I tried calling Reliance customer care but they are not responding.
    Thanks in Advance.

    • Hello Magnesh, APN for Reliance Prepaid 3G service is ” rcomnet “

      • Thanks Harshit;
        Entered Given APN, but the problem is what whenever m going to non converage area and coming back its stop working, evertime m going to the Appliaction Management services – then Device – then select whats app-then edit permisson- then have to set all as custom and restart the phone after that only its start working.
        what should be the issue? i just entered the APN and check marked APN Seetings Enabled (As instructed).. Hope the same problem will not occure now. :-), lets see i will get back to you with the status. Thank you so much again for the great Help

  32. what is the apn for vodafone?

  33. Hii bro ,
    Harshit I have done all the steps given above bt still I can’t use my whatsapp.
    I am using vodafone sim card nd my handset is blackberry 9000

      • Hi Harshit
        I am using BB 8520 with tata docomo normal internet plan, my internet works for 1/2 hr afterthat my EDGE turns in to small letters and internet stops working then i have 2 restart and pluck out batttery plz give a solution 2 keep EDGE capital should i try Housting settings plz help

  34. Hi Harshit;
    feedback for you stll m facing the same issue, Internet working until and unless i am in the netowork, once i came from Non coverage area its stop working. could you tell me what should be set in — Options– Third Party Applicaitons– Personalisation and Provacy-?
    And also please revert back with your valuable suggesstion what should i do for uniterrupted Internet.
    Thanks in Advance.

  35. Hi Harshit;
    As earlier i confirmed you i did APN seeting and my Internet is working but for some time only, everytime i have to Hard reset then only its start working.
    Any other seeting which i can do?
    Please suggest.

  36. I have a problem which.is.askd above by some., but i dont get a specific anser…i am using.bb9700 ,airtel netwrk., and apn as airtelgprs….am also having a difficulty sometimes for connetion…” Error in connection settings” soo…like most people do above i have to re insert by battery..for once again.etablishng the concetion which u know…ah time consuming..and not a easy task..and these may…be repeating case in 2,4 times in a day…!!! sooo..is there any solution..for that…?

  37. hello,,
    i am using balckberry 8520. with help of tiz settin we can use normal internet in the mobile……

  38. Dear Sir,
    I have Blackberry 8520 Curve hand set. i want to use normal 2G internet plan with this existing handset. is it possible with any prepad plan? earlier i have used wifi connection for internet access but right now, i am unable to access this facility also.
    please advice what i will do?

  39. Hi harshit,
    I am using bb 8520 with bsnl services ,already use UR trick but still not use Internet. I want use only whats up app. Before 3 months back I use normal plan but now I m not using the same. Pl advice

  40. Can i use portalnnms as apn for Vodafone since its being suggested by a friend of mine..coz www doesn’t get connected all the time

  41. Hello Harshit,

    I am using BB curve 9300 with Airtel, can I use your trick to use only whatsup?

  42. Hi harshit,

    I am using curve 9360. I used above settings but the net doesn’t work on my handset when i use them. In normal course, i am only able to use watsapp and operamini browser. FB app, Twitter, push mail extra not working.. Can u help to solve the problem.

  43. i have changed my aps as u said, i’m an airtel user, still i’m not able to browse through the given browser, how to downlaod uc browser??? i’m using blackberry curve 9220…whenever i’m trying to browse something from my browser it dispaly’s follwing msg “”” browsing over non-celluar network is not as part ofyour current service plan.to browse the web, you must use wi-fi or contact your setvice provider”””…..pls help me..

  44. Hi harshit counld you plz tell me which of the sims does this normal internet supports in blackberry 9220

  45. Can uninor network be used for normal internet connection

  46. and can u send me the apn code 4 tata docomo…

  47. I have bold touch 9900 with a normal data plan, presently I am using Vodafone , but unable to use blackberry world .Can i use BB world in normal data plan?

  48. Hi Harshit

    Thanks for disclosing the valueable trick . My handset is 8520- whatsapp, Gmail & BB App world is opening but i am unable to browse the internet moreover could please share the link to download suitable browser for the above mentioned handset since i am struggling to find one even when connected via WiFi

    Thanks in advance

  49. Hi Harshit
    i need a link for my handset

  50. I m using idea and I stay in india. I have put the APN as internet. It shows the edge in capital but still the applications are not working. Whatsapp worked for sometime but stopped again. What should i do to make it work.

  51. I am using BB 9320.. in this phone normal data plan works.? if works then which apps..

  52. mine is blackberry curve 9220…its a new one , would u pls tl me hw to use normal net pack in my bb, i just need wats app facebok alone…. pls

  53. will docomo support ordinary net pack??

  54. wat shuld i do to use wats app and fb in ma bb handset , am usin tata docomo …pls hlp me

  55. Hello
    Im using a blackberry 9700 curve as a temp phone on a normal data plan. WhatsApp was installed when I got the phone, I followed your steps and it worked perfectly for a few hours and it just cut me off and is staying disconnected although I can access the brower/internet just fine. I have read the FAQ’s, your post answers and carefully redid your steps and it still doesnt work. I dont have WiFi, dont know if it matters though as i use data
    Thank you 🙂

  56. I hv done all the settings u tell bt it dosnt work watsapp nd uc I m using 9360 with aircel pls tell me solution for this

  57. i hv blackberry 8310 and i want to install wahtsapp …i n using vodafone network 2g plan but i can’t access internet also in my phn…..help me!!!!

  58. Hi, I am using Blackberry 9360, threz no option like advance options.

    How to change APN settings in CUrve 9360?

  59. i am usiwng vodafone.


  61. Hey harshit

    I have done all thiS settings n yess it workS perfectly
    Can use whatsapp, UC , opera, Bb browser, bb appworld

    M using bb 9780 with tata docomo sim
    APN is tata.docomo.internet

    Thankss maan


  62. when mi m trying to access the internet and opening the blackberry world , error comes that “we cannot connect you the blackberry world . please ensure that your connected to the wireless network and try again.” please help. my net plan is activated i.e. bis plan

  63. Heyy

    Have done all dis setting
    Whatsapp works for a couple of hours n then stops. Then I have to restart the cell to make it work again
    Using bb 9780 with docomo sim
    Apn tata.docomo.internet

    Plz help… What can b done?

  64. Hi Harshit,
    Just wanted to check if I can use gtalk by activating this service. Using RIM network provider in BB Curve. If not any alternative way we have?

    Kindly response.

  65. Hi Harshit,
    Thank you for your response. Is there any mode/method where in I’ll be online in gmail always. I needed it for official purpose only.


  66. I have blackberry curve 9220 OS 7.1 .
    can u help me that after that the EDGE show in Capital latter and Any services Books want To be deleted , because i was used Blackberry Plan . But now it’s deactivated.
    please help me.

  67. Dear hiii,

    i have a blackberry curv 9220 OS 7.1.
    Please tell me that after use normal data plan the EDGE sine in capital letters .
    Any service book want to be detected or not Because i was used blackberry data.

    Please help Me.


  69. Hey Harshit
    i am using blackberry curve 8520 my service provider is vodafone…..can u pls let me know how i can download the opera mini browser from pc to my blackberry phone……so that i can use watsup

  70. i couldn’t connect whatsapp on ma blackberry 9070…whenever i’m connecting via wifi…it does show “verification requires a working wifi or cellular data connection, but we couldn’t find either one”….and i cannot open uc browser and opera mini except blackberry browser…find a solution for this….Thanks advance

  71. hiiii
    i have done all setting but my net pack is not working…i m using bsnl sim….plzzz tell me solution


  73. Hy I hv bb 8520 n I hv jst downloaded. And installed watsapp on my bb and wen I try to verify my number its says verification need a working wifi or cellular data connections and we couldn’t find either one and I dnt use bis pls hlp me I need watsapp

  74. Am using BB 9380. I was using the above trick wit normal 3G plan in my BB. It was working fine. Its not working for the past one month. I am facing the same prb tat i get tat 3G n BB symbol at right hand side top (only for few mins) after i restart my BB. After that its not working in opera mini.. Whatsapp is not even loading after i restart. I hv tried uninstalling whatsapp and then reinstalled using BIS..it was working fine in BIS.. As Soon As BIS plan got over whatsapp is not working. pls do suggest wt to do nw

  75. Rohit shrivastava

    sir i am facing problem to download any video or image it shows-
    problem saving the file:
    sorry we could not find a place to put the media file.

    what i do…

  76. hi harshit
    i am using bb curve 8520
    tata docmo internet plan
    m using apn TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET
    m unable to use whatsapp..frst i had downloaded whatspp setup in my bb through norml gprs plan but aftr completion of intalation when i open whatsapp and entr my cell nmbr for verifiation a notifiation appers saying tht ”verification requires a working wifi or cellular data connection,but we could’t find either one”……pls help what should i do.

  77. hi harshiti am using bb curve 8520tata docmo internet planm using apn TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETm unable to use whatsapp..frst i had downloaded whatspp setup in my bb through norml gprs plan but aftr completion of intalation when i open whatsapp and entr my cell nmbr for verifiation a notifiation appers saying tht ”verification requires a working wifi or cellular data connection,but we could’t find either one”……pls help what should i do.Thnx

  78. I can use browser but can’t use what’s app what to do

  79. iam using bsnl .Will chaanging to another network will solve my problem???

  80. Thanx Harshit ,
    with help of your tips i could now use internet my 8520 without any BIS.But i couldnt access the whatsapp which is already installed in the phone which was installed from blackberry world when i had Blackberry internet service.
    please help…

  81. SIR, I M USING A BB 9220 .

  82. shall i download and use whatsapp in blackberry curve 8520?? and please explain how to connect net and install apps.. recently i m using DOCOMO sim..

  83. Hie plzz help me run what’s app with my normal 2G pack on my bb cuRve 9220 plzz with normal data pack

  84. Hi..I am using Aircel Sim with my Blackberry Torch..
    I am not able to use Normal Internet plans on my Handset…
    When i use it…my main balance is getting deducted…

    please suggest how to use normal internet plans on blackberry handsets..

  85. n m using airtel in bb 9360 nd putted airtegprs.com but not yet ruñning wht to do plz help me nd is smthng related to username nd passord

  86. Great to see your knowledge, My name is sabari I am from Mumbai and using bsnl Preapaid 3G service on my Blackberry 9360, please help me in geeting APN for bsnl 3G prepaid


  88. i have a problem with this. whwn i am restart the phone the normal pack running for or 6 minits. after that i can’t use internet. iam using airtel in bb 9780

  89. Thank you so much man..
    Worked for me.. 😀

  90. Hi Harshit,

    I am really very thankfull for your blog. Its really gr8 job. Hats off for your knowledge.
    Because of this features non availability in my BB i thought of changing my mobile.
    Thank you very much.

  91. Hi Harshit,

    I would like to correct one thing in the above description please correct the example :

    Example of APN (For Airtel users): airtelgrrs.com
    Actually i was trying as above and wasted of around 20 mins of time and i have corrected to airtelgprs.com and it worked out.

  92. hi harshit,

    i am using BB 8520 (Edge , wifi) and i had followed the given steps mention above i have entered my APN as tata.docomo.internet , but i am getting an error as “Verification requires a working wifi or cellular connection, but we couldnt find either one”. so please suggest

  93. my internet works well for a day, and then it stops, evryday i have to reboot ma device to make my net work. i am using curve 9300

  94. Hi Harshit,

    Thanks for you post. Its quite useful for us however m facing a problem in using Whatsapp in my BB. I’m using BB9780 handset and Vodafone connection and I’m able to use Opera after the changes suggested by you.

    Please advise me how I can use whatsapp on my cell.

    Thanks in advance.
    Prashant Rana.

  95. i did use like that only, but the net is working for some time only, after that it stops, n den i hav t reboot ma device again to make it work

  96. i tried that only but still have the same prob

  97. my phone is BlackBerry curve 9220 . i followed the steps and restarted. i had already downloaded whatsapp and UC browser. when reboot the device the network shows EDGE but after 5 mins it becomes edge and stops working . what can i do to make it all right?? can u plz help me out??

  98. Sir,
    I am using blackberry curve 9220. while opening google.com , most of the time i am getting “Request Time out”. How to settle this

  99. i Have BB curve 9220 i use vodafone sim . i want apn name . for using whatsapp only simple plan .

  100. i still have d same prob. plz help

  101. When i restart my blackberry it shows EDGE in capital letters and my app and whats app works but after 10-15 minutes it automatically changes to edge in small letters and my apps and whatsapp stop working. what to do???? Using airtel and followed all ur mentioned steps. Tcp/ip- airtelgprs.com.
    Please help!!

  102. i have blackberry 9300 3g and i want to only use whatsapp and opera mini
    i have aircel simcard..so please help me with a solution to use whatsapp and opera mini on normal internet plan and manual gprs settings.. and get access to whatsapp without any problem.i have already downloaded whatsapp but i dont have access to it…

  103. Hiee…. Am usin bb 9000 wd vodaphn ntwrk …. Hw to use watsapp ? It wrks jst wd wifi nt wd nrml data plan if I actvte 3G plan dn it spprts watsapp or nt????? Plsss help!!!!!

  104. durvankur pednekar

    hello hurshit sir i just migrate my number from prepaid to postpaid in vodafone(MH & GOA circle)
    and i unable to use normal 2g plan on my BB 8520 when i using prepaid it works better but as i switch to postpaid it work stop down . customer care also tell me that u have to active bb plan . but i read u opinoins i got my soluion thanku for help
    do you have any a facebook group like that ………if it is tell me

  105. By pankaj
    i done all the required settings and i can use internet also but it works for some time and after sometime it gives error saying connection failed plz review your network settings. to start internet again i have to pull battery and needs restart again. It is very complicated to restart it again and again to use internet. i am using aircel sim card. I have tried vodafone sim and on vodafone internet is working fine without any proble only aircel giving such error. Do you have any solution so that i can use internet without battery pull/restart my phone. If yes i will greatly thankful.
    thanks in advance.

    and very sorry dude for very late reply………….

  106. hey . i love bb 9780 modal. n qwality keypad mob. so plz suggest mev should i used bb mobile or go with other company mobile becuse to costly net charge its has

  107. BB CURVE 9360. Internet was fine with ‘edge’ network. All of a sudden, it is’nt working though i have a vodafone 2g plan for a month.

  108. Hi,
    nice to see you answer many kinds of doubts.
    Mine is a peculiar one. I am having BB 9930 and using idea prepaid.
    Configured my apn settings to “internet” and used the data plan successfully.
    Used all apps like viber,whatsapp, browsing through opera etc.
    2 days back i migrated to post paid in same idea network.
    Everything remaining same, except a new sim for post paid
    iam unable to use the previously used internet and edge is not even converting to EDGE.
    Can u please help me out in this issue, ill be very thankful to you and hats off to your know how

    • Bhrgav Thanks, Glad to know you found the post helpful.
      For postpaid i am not sure but you can change your network settings, Go to your BB network settings and select Idea network manually.

      • i tried ur settings in advanced options still i loose balance…i m using reliance sim and have activated a 16 rs whatsapp pack

      • I have done that as well like selecting idea network manually.
        And one more info is that the idea post paid plan that i have taken is a 2g plan.
        That is if i select 3G mode, the signal is 0 i.e.. “SOS”

  109. Sir,
    I want to buy a “BB qwerty phone” in which normal plan can effectively work coz I’m using Vodafone 2G pack in Gujarat please suggest me the “cheapest phone” in which I can browse any thing coz I’m student so I need it use WhatsApp , Facebook , Facebook Chat , & Many other apps of BB app store suggest me that which apps I am unable to use & suggest me that phone in which I can use your tricks & please ask me which other apps I can use in this phone………

  110. And also I can hear FM & connect to PC to browse from pc & which phone’s memory is 8GB or more or memory card supportable……………

  111. The phone should be 3G supportable………….?

  112. Dear Well wisher,
    I’m using blackberry Curve 8520. As you suggested I have tried the technique of TCP/IP=APN Setting Enabled and APN name of service provider Tata.docomo.internet, and I have restarted the phone by (Alt+Right Shift+Delete). But the problem is “”its still not working””. How can I get rid off this problem please suggest. If possible please mail me the technique.

  113. hi Harshit,

    I am using BB 9220 n set the settings as u suggsted.. APN as airtelgprs.com as i m using airtel.
    But still I am unable to use Intrnet… Pls Help..! pls mail me @ jain.abhishek@att.net

  114. Excellent work sir, I have transferred opera mini from my PC to my BB phone and it is working fine but I want to access blackberry app world as well to download contents like whatsapp etc. but on opening it I am getting the message that it needs to be updated and on clicking it it is taking me to bb default browser which cant be used with trick rather then my opera browser. How can I make opera mini my default browser? pls help.

  115. How can we get APN user name n password?

  116. Thanks harshit sir… If any error, I ill ask u

  117. hey friends,
    I’m now using Vodafone, India sim services
    my question is that can I use my normal data plan instead of BIS in Z30 & Z10 ?????????
    If yes then how???????????
    Which apps are unable to use by normal plan?????
    how to use major apps like whatsapp, FB, twitter, BBM, Browser etc….. in normal plan…… in BB Z10 & Z30
    please give detailed info………….
    thank you……….

  118. I will really work on my bb 9700.?

  119. thnqqqq so much yaaar!!! 🙂 🙂

  120. Hey hi its Kanan here i’m currently using blackberry 9790 and the normal internet plan was working pretty well untill today ,it just stopped i tried rebooting ,taking out the sim n all and even tried changing the settings but it is not working but when i connect it to my pc, im able to use the net on the pc but not on my phone…!!!
    what should i do..??
    FYI im using airtel sim…!!!!

  121. Hi harshit i am rohit, i am using blackberry 8520, sevice provider is aircel, i am unable to use internet on it , can u plz help me

    • hi i am rohir i got error message is this is wi-fi service. please ensure our device has an active wi-fi connection and try again…..


  123. i will not start opera mini web browser………………

  124. Hello i tried both aircel as well as airtel sim .with the desire setting which u said on my bb9810 ..For 10 min it work well,than after word it disconnect & i cant be able to open internet…..after reboot it again start working ………..is there any solution so that i dont have to reboot my bb to do internet

  125. Its doesnt works . Watsapp doesnt confirms the country and the phone number , it just shows awaiting network .
    I am using vodafone postpaid sim

  126. I have already used apn as www and selected tge settings to manual mode but still its not verifying .

  127. I am using Airtel Karnataka Sim with APN airtelgprs.com .Everything thing like whatsapp,opera mini,viber will work for few hours,den after sometimes it stops working,to start working I have to remove battery and restart which takes a lot of time,any solution to avoid restarting phone???

  128. i recently buy blackberry curve 9220 , i follow that what u told , but it cant open blackberry world applications, how to open it by simple GPRS plan ,
    how to open blackberry application world by normal GPRS plan ,

  129. how to open black berry world , by simple GPRS plan in black berry curve 9220

    • For blackberry world you have to use WI-fi connection.

      • Hi harshit

        First of all you are doing a gr8 job
        Hats off to u

        Buddy i am using bb 9220 with airtel postpaid
        I done all settings
        Apn changed to airtelgprs.com
        Whatsapp working fine
        But still edge sign in small letters is showing
        No fb no twitter
        I diagnosed network connection
        Ping my mobile its showing online connected
        In diagnose report sign showing EDGE in capital with IP address also
        Pls assist how i can use social app like fb n internet also

      • hi,, i followed ur steps bt still m not able to use watsapp. though i can surf and download thru browser bt watsapp doesnt work n neither does my app world.. please help.

  130. Will it work for postpaid 3G plan too???

  131. i want to use normal pack in my bb z10, dear harshit plz tell me procedure using reliance gsm.
    i will be very thankfull to u.

  132. hey Harshit my uc browser is not working and i want to know the apn of aircel

  133. m not able to use UC with ur trick plz help

  134. hey!! harshit when i open my whatsapp in 2g plan he shows me that the app you are open inside the firewall outside the firewall which is not allowed to your it policy. so plz help me as soon as possible .. 🙁

  135. Hi Harshit
    Thanks for being great help to everyone.
    I have blackberry torch and want to use Internet service…specially what’s app on this without BIS. Pls tell me how to connect to Wi Fi. I mean my device ia connected to Wi Fi but still Internet is not working. Also I am not able to find the advance options to change its setting as explained by you above. I wanna use my phone on Wi Fi and if needed can go for 2G plan as well but not able to change my phone setting. Pls help!
    Jai Sai

  136. I followed ur steps and got internet in my tata docomo. But after 30-40 minutes .connection. Failed error will come in both uc browser and opera mini .but no problem with built in blackberry browser I can acces facebook gmail everything through built in browser because I edited browser config service book.is there any. Trick like that solve the error in opera mini and uc browser

  137. hey! i have BlackBerry 9220 from past one year, and i was using vodafone norml internet plan using “www” latestly i deactivated my normal internet plan and afer one month when i am trying to use it, it doesn’t works. not even through wifi, my whatsapp is working. though through wifi, i can access internet through blackberry browser, but not even blackberry world can be accessed. please help me out. i have checked for “www” password and username is “guest”

    • Muskan, Don’t write any user name and password below WWW, Simply remove the user name ‘Guest’, for more info see the images which i uploaded on the post..

  138. Hey grear tutorial.
    For the last two years I’ve been using whatsapp with normal net pack but one week back it suddenly stopped working. Instead of showing ‘edge’ in small letters it initially shows ‘EDGE’ in capital letters whenever I switch on the cell and then after 10-15 min it goes back to small letters . Its a very weird thing that has been happening to my phone since the past 3 days. I’ve rebooted my phone, deleted and downloaded whatsapp twice and changed the APN to www also but its still not working. Oh and I also tried talking to customer care but they were of no help. Any solution?

  139. m using bb 9780.. browser n opera are working but not watsapp on normal intrnet plan…done wid the required settings,still cant use watsapp..help!

  140. In my blackberry 8520 phone wifi net is not working when i insert a airtel sim

    • Deepak, I didn’t get you, tell me exactly what problem?
      Have you follow the above procedures?

      • hi Harshit i m using curve 8520 with BSNL prepaid connection, with above trick it started working but in roming area infact i used it in MTNL network area it was working perfactly but when i reached in home zone it stopped working, I reside in Ghaziabad it comes in Delhi NCR region and my coonection is of UP west region, except BSNL all other network from UP west charge roming in Ghaziabad while it is roming free for BSNL but your network shows MTNL

  141. m i use this in 3g plan in reliance

  142. I have followed all these steps except I don’t know which browser I have . How can I check it and get the required browser? Can I download a browser on my laptop and then transfer it to my phone?

    • Vipasha, yes you can download the browser through your PC, simply open the blackberry website and go to blackberry world and download the browser which you want..

  143. hello,
    i am using BB 8520 and cud not connect to the internet without using BIS as i have entered the APN as “internet” (using Idea connection), but cud not getting anything.
    plz help me out.

  144. Hi, this is in context to Harshit Jain’s blog on how to use
    normal data pack on blackberry. I have bb 9780;
    vodafone connection and I am using a normal data
    pack since 3-4months with opera mini browser but
    suddenly it stopped working. Everytime I reboot it
    works for 15-20 mins (regradless of the apn name) then shows error. I have tried the
    APN setting, hard reset and select the network
    manually but the problem persists. Please suggest
    something that would help. Thanks!
    P.s- you are doing a great job

  145. Hey Harshit

    Good blog, i have one question if i took BB service for BB messenger only which is cost me rs 129 in vodafone, and along with it if we takes any cheap 2g plan, then i hope we can use all the apps and internet on it.
    What is your thought on this.
    Please consider this also:
    BB Service for all application is 399 + Taxes =460
    BB messenger serive is rs 129 + 1 gb data plan = 229 + taxes = 250.
    If it works we can save rs 210.

  146. Dear Harshit,

    I want to purchase BB Z10. My queries are

    1) Can I use Reliance GSM /CDMA SIM in BBZ10 ?
    2) Can I browse 3G / EVDO internet using Reliance Data Plan.
    3) .APK applications supports after updating BBZ10 OS ?

  147. I am using BB 8520 curve with BSNL sim ,I’ve used bsnlnet,bsnllive,bsnlwap in APN ,but none of then are working.doesn’t get connected to internet only,even when opening operamini it cums server failed ,I’ve follwed all the steps,even in browser config I’ve changed to hotspotbrowser to BSNL,,please tell me ehy its not working

  148. does 3g also work with this setting or its only for 2g services.

  149. Hi, I am on Vodafone and I tried setting the APN as www but still apps like whatsapp. wechat or any other app for that matter is working. The weird part is that my blackberry normal browser is working. Now what should I do? please help.

  150. Hi,

    Can I use BBM and BB mail service on my Z10 after using this trick ?

  151. Hi, Harshit. You suggested me to dowload Opera Mini to my laptop and then transfer to my phone but I am not able to download it to my laptop. Opera mini compatible to blackberry would not get downloaded to laptop and can’t download it directly to phone since I can’t access internet through my phone. Is there any other way?

    P.S. I am using Blackberry Curve 9360

  152. Hey Harshit,

    I am not sure but I heard that with BB10, it is possible. Again, not sure so thought of asking. Thanks anyways 🙂

  153. If i hard reset my phone, won’t all my data get wiped?? is there any other way to use normal internet plans with updating OS or hard resetting

    • I didn’t understand your question properly, why you want to hard reset your phone to use normal internet plan, you can easily use normal internet plan without hard resetting and updating.

  154. Hi Harshit,
    Thanks for the info. I have seen others also doing the same and then they’re able to access internet services (apart from BB services, that is). So, along with all others who are not able to use internet services without BIS, I am also posting my request because yours is the only website which seems to be providing really good feedback.

    I have used BIS on and off, and then used normal 2G plans too, on my BB 8520. However after February 2014, I noticed that I’m not able to use normal data plans anymore. If I want to use Whatsapp, Opera Mini, etc, I have to activate BIS otherwise it doesn’t work even with wi-fi.

    I have tried the APN settings (VODAFONE) and it worked for 5 minutes, after that it stopped working again. I have switched off and the ON, I have also pulled out the battery and restarted it and the reset the APN and then entered the APN again. But then it somehow stopped working. Earlier I used to be able to use normal data plan along with wi-fi, but now even wi-fi does not work.

    Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Rungsung, If you once active the BIS services than normal internet plan works not properly, for the solution of this problem select the network (Vodafone) manually from Network selection.

  155. Hi Harshit,

    I am using BB 8520 and could not able to connect internet without using BIS as and not able to update
    new version of whatsapp
    Please help me out.

  156. ihave bb 8520. when power on it says error 520. need urgent solution…..

  157. BRo…..your trick works 100%, i have to restart phone after some time i m using curve 9220 tata docomo network frm gujrat….plz help me Thanks in advance

  158. Dear Harshit,

    I have BB 8520 and service provider is mtnl Mumbai. I tried to configure as per the procedure given above and I tried APN as mtnl.net/ mmsmtnlmum / gprsmtnlmum but non of them working. Is there any other APN for mtnl postpaid plan?

  159. i m using BB 9300 and using BIS but if i installing whatsapp display IT police issue……help me to install whatsapp

  160. Bro i bought blackberry Z10 and i want to use normal internet plan ……… so can i use that if yes than how …….or can i download Whatapp and other application.

  161. Oh, that would be great! Really appreciate that… my email id is vipasha_sharmaa@yahoo.in. Would be waiting for Opera Mini. 🙂

  162. I hv been using my bb 9720 from 6 mnths. I used to run whatsapp wit normal dataplan before. Once I hv used bis after then I can’t run my whatsapp with normal dataplan. I hv tried ur setting but still whatsapp is not working

  163. hi
    i cant use whatapp with this and even cant use it via wifi..plz help me out

  164. Im able to browse through opera mini, but some third party apps like whatsapp and viber arent working! Wha tdo i do?

    • Twitter gives an error message “BWP Security Token Revival Failed.”

    • Try to reinstall the apps, i think you are doing something wrong.

      • Dear ,

        I am using blackberry curve 9320 and I have idea sim. I have done all the settings in tcp ip changes with internet. And select network manually. But there is still facing error for using third party application likes whatsapp, viber, uc browser.
        Once I restart mobile these all application are working for 3 to 4 hour Normally but after few hours its again creating same problem. Then again I have to restart my mobile.
        Befre this mobile I have same mobile and I was done setting something in host rout and I was using all application properly. But now I have forgot that setting.
        So please help me out for this problem.
        Thanks in advance

  165. can I can use Internet on z10 by using Hotspot or bluetooth

  166. z10 support this
    simple internet plan using feature

  167. HELLO SIR,

  168. i am using blackberry 9220 and airtel network. I was able to use normal internet plan only after hard resetting my phone because of which i lost all my contacts and SMS. Hence i had to go back to BIS plan to get back all my lost contacts from blackberry protect. now i want to use normal internet plan but its not working. will i have to hard reset again?

    • Siddharth Singh, Did you setup the APN settings on your BB device?

      • Hai Harshit 🙂 i am using BB9700 bold with AIRTEL connection , I was using whatsapp and normal internet browsing via normal 2g or 3g internet all these days, the problem occured when the normal internet did not work properly ( i had to pull the battery several times to make it work) fed up of this i got a week BIS plan to set it right, yet after BIS validity is done I am unable to use whatsapp , it deosnt work at all. (my current version of 9700 is 6.0 bundle1879)

        I tried APN; airtelgprs.com
        did all the needfull changes in the options like permissions , browser push , encryption , firewall .. still not able to use 🙁 whaatsay?? help me 🙁

        • Bhuvana, Bro once if you activate the BIS plan then you can’t use Normal internet plan on your BB device, For the solution of this problem you have to hard reset your headset.

  169. Sir,

    I have one question i.e. related to normal 2G(gprs) plan can use without activating BBM plan in Airtel Postpaid service.

    I am using Airtel Postpaid CUG Plan, I will like to use BlackBarry 8520 mobile.
    If possible that without activating BBM services in Airtel, i can use normal Internet, Whatup, and Facebook.

    Kindly suggest me that above setting will help me out to fulfill my requirement of using normal GPRS in Airtel Postpaid service? Because if it is possible then i will buy BlackBarry-8520 mobile phone for my personal use.

    It will great help me for suggesting and answering of above my concern, Thanks you very much for same.

    Best Regards Divyesh,

  170. Hi Harshit
    I am using BB 9780 with Vodafone normal internet plan, my internet works for 1/2 hr afterthat my EDGE turns in to small letters and internet stops working then i have 2 restart and pluck out batttery plz give a solution 2 keep EDGE capital should i try Housting plz help
    I change me APN also as www

  171. I have BB 8520 and have Email plan
    I can’t use whatapp
    can i use?

  172. Its not working for me. Using BSNL n APN as bsnlnet. 3g plan activated. pls help.

  173. my handset is 8520 . Ispite of following above procedure and changing the network to manually mode I am not able to access internet.


    i am using headset BlackBerry Curve 8530 cdma and my network provider is Relaince cdma. i wanna access internet in my mobile with normal internet plans. is it possible? i don’t found the option of TCP/IP in advanced options so please help me

  175. I m having new BB Z10 ,

    having both wifi and data plan , bt both of them are not working as efficient as they should while using blackberry world (very low speed for downloding apps ) . However i m getting high speed in browsing.

    does i need to have any special recharge for using blackberry world , does BIS nd all still makes difference in bb10 also . ( nd forgot to mention that i dont want to use bbm ) tell me the best what i can do with it.

    and bro really thnx for helping bb users from a long time . : )

    • Jay, no need of any special recharge on your BB Z10, if you are facing that type of problem in only App world then my suggestion is to you is ‘Remove your BB app world and Re install it’, and after that if you are again facing the same problem then let me know i will try to give some other solution.

  176. How can I verify whatsapp using wifi? Using BB 9000.

  177. thnks harshit its working on my phone… but there is problem that is, blackberry app world is running on my phone but I can’t download apps from that, it displays error id-40820..
    How can I download apps?

  178. i have 9220 …in options menu i dont find advanced settings ….plzz help me

  179. Curve 9300. whatsapp works fine for exactly 3 days only and then it stops until i hard reset my phone. i use mobile internet packages for whatsapp on a prepaid sim. please help

  180. hey
    am using blackberry curve,i followed the same step which you have mentioned.
    but when i followed the steps it was working for few minutes and all in sudden it stopped working.
    is there any solution for this……….plz let me know


  182. Hi, I have tried all the changes in APN setting, (Rcomnet)., but its not working, every time i have to reboot my BB curve 9220, remove battery, Then it will work for some time n again I have face the same problem,

    1. Whatsapp is not working,

    it shows unable to connect internet

  183. till yesterday i was using whatsapp on my 2g plan on my bb 8520.
    now, i cants use whatsapp and browse from other browser even when i am using wifi.
    while using wifi i can browse from the bb browser but not others.
    also, i cant use whatsapp!!! which i did till yesterday!
    when i reboot the phone the whatsapp messages come for ten minutes then again the connectivity is lost!

  184. Hi, friend
    How can i get Apn no for idea network…plz help ..

  185. Hi I have bb 9650 with airtel. while I am in the roaming, my phn is unable to use internet. And another day when I again came to home network it works fine..so tell me how to use internet in roaming.

  186. i was using the normal internet plan for a while but last week it stopped working.I did checked the settings and also reinstalled whats app and did everything posibble.Can you pls help me how can i start using it like before with my normal internet plan.

  187. Hey I have blackberry 9900, I can’t able to use whatsapp on noramal data plan. I have idea sim I have set my APN as internet, actually I was using whatsapp easily 2 days ago on normal plan but noww it stopped and when I switch off n then on it it shows EDGE and in 5 minutes it turn to small edge ?? How to use my whatsapp help please

  188. HI Harshit. i wanted to ask id BIS is unlimited plan and can it be used to connect with laptop via cable or bluetooth?

  189. im using my bb8520 ! my network is tatadocomo .. its notworking for me .. i even followed the steps u hav mentioned .

  190. I have hard reset my bb 9900 but it didn’t work still the same 🙁

    • Vaibhav, please tell me the exact error.

      • I have bb 9900 I was able to use whatsapp a month ago on normal data plan on idea network but now its nt working. Then I did hard reset when my phone switch on it shows EDGE and then I can use whatsapp for a while then network turn back to edge in small in 5 min then whatsapp won’t work. This is the problem how to get out of it ?

  191. hello harshit
    m using bold 2 and i want to use noraml 3G pln on that how to change apn setting in os 7 i cant fnd option TCP/IP PLZ help

  192. I use blackberry net service plan then also my main balance is deducted to nill, after that it works normal on plan so what to do that my main balance is saved. plz help me…..

  193. Hello,

    I’m using BB curve 9300. I was using Whatsapp and all of a sudden it stopped working. whatever was the usage there use to be the deduction from the main balance but now i’m not able to use it. I don use internet on my phone its just Whatsapp. please help.

  194. I followed all the above steps to use the normal 2g internet plan…but still it didn’t work… 🙁 wot shud I do now?…i m using idea network…i used internet as apn bt still problems occure..i m using bb9930…plz help me plzzz…

  195. Hello Mr. Harhit I hv done ur structions as option then advanced setting then TCP IP then wrote APN name (Internet) then save but still what’s app & other apps not working I don’t need to use BBM & mail just want to use what’s & Facebook only. Kindly show me any way to use what’s app & Facebook.

    • Akhilesg, Trick which i wrote is working on almost every blackberry headset, If you are still facing the problem then try to use above trick in other network.

  196. Hello Mr. Harshit my normal net pack has been started. Now I can use what’s app & Facebook.
    Thanks a lot for leting me know to this procidure.

  197. I’m not able to use uc browser on my bkackberry 8520

  198. I am unable to activate 2G internet. I followed all these steps to the letter. 🙁
    I have a BB Curve 8520 and a Vodafone SIM.

  199. bro am using my 9300 in aircel vodafone networks this method is working to browse but in airtel networks there is an error message saying change your service plan

  200. Hey, Harshit, I tried your method! And just wanted to say that you’re a genius! 😀 Thanks so much!

  201. Hi Harshit

    I have a Problem that I can’t use bb app world on my bb curve 8520
    It shows that it cannot find any wireless connection or data connection
    I have recharged 2g internet on my docomo sim

  202. I tried your method and it worked for half an hour then stopped again.
    Help please?

  203. abishek kalaiselvan

    does the same trick work for 3g.? im using a curve 8520.

  204. Hello Mr. Harshit,

    I have gone through your various guidelines. Very useful. Please tell me whether curve 9320 will work on idea postpaid normal 2g plan with above trik with hasslefree working. I am from kolhapur maharashtra. If it Will work, I am thinking to buy 9320. I feel its typing is quite good. Currently I am using xperia p as well as Samsung tab2. Typing is possible only with single hand. Not easy job to carry the tab. Pl. Give your views. Thanks.

    • Mahadev, Yes above trick will also work on Idea Postpaid plan.

      • Hello Mr.Harshit, Thanx for the information. One more doubt, in curve 9320 can we access Blackberry pc suite through usb tethering on normal data plan to browse on pc. Secondly can we use wifi hotspot of 9320 in this normal plan.
        Mahadev Patil

  205. i m getting edge in small letters

  206. Hi Harshit,

    I read the whole thread and tried using all the tricks to activate normal 2G internet plan(Airtel) on BB curve, however failed.
    I have changed TCP settings,manually selected network, switched on and off the sim and phone several times and ofcourse recharged the internet plan. But still it is showming the error “Browsing over the cellular network is not included as part of your current service plan.To browse the web, you must use Wi-fi or contact your service provider to change your service plan.”
    Look forward toy your reply.


    • Leena, Mamy times when we once activate the BIS service, It becomes tough to use internet using 2G plan, If you want to use 2g internet plan then you should hard reset your BB device.

  207. Hey i am using blackberry 9380, my net (browser ) works fine on my 2G data plan but watsapp stops working anytime, i have to reinstall it again and again in a day because it works for some time and then stops for some time.

  208. I have done with da above procedure but after getting connected to net “unable to connect to internrt .plz check network setting ” comes !!! M using 9800 torch model!!!! Plz help

  209. i was using normal internet in my bb9700 with the above mention settings, but from last 1 month i’m unable to use the same.

  210. hi sir, can i use the above mentioned cracked internet on my 8900,,if so am very thankful to you. one more doubt is that whether can i use watsup on my 8900, and also can u suggest the best software so that i can manage files with black berry 8900 curve version 4

  211. sir, i have activated the internet pack, whether i need to save the configuration settings from the airtel service provider

  212. Dude I can only use opera bt I cnt send any msg in whatsapp and fb meddnger .. Solve my problm plz

  213. helo harshit … m using 3g pack on my bb 9320..done all the required setting which u have mentioned watsapp is also working … but it works only for 12 hours after then i need to restart my device for using watsapp again… its very complicated to restart my phone again n again…. please help

  214. Thanks……… Harshit.

  215. I am having problems with my blackberry 9360 device since the last couple of days. i dont use a BIS plan. Service provider is vodafone. i use the nrmal 2g plan. My problem is dat my browser works on the nrmal plan, but my whatspp nd times of india’s app. I had faced the similar problems last month. But your Acp settings of enabling nd www worked for me. I was on the same settings since a month. But now again the problem has creeped up. My whatspp is not working (It shows it is not connected to the internet) same with the times of india app. However my Browser is working. Vodafone service providers r able to solve d issue nd m frustrated with all dis. I have tried everythng. I have also tried using the portalnmms instead of www. Still it is not showing connecte d to the internet. please help :/

  216. as well as apn authentication is not enabled. I have deleted nd reinstalled my whatspp still it doesnt work. This is with refrence to the previous query i sent u. Please help :/ coz u have been my savior the last time around.

  217. Hi m using bb 8100 pearl.
    Can this trick work on this device.
    And m using a tata docomo prepaid sim card.
    Plz help me.

  218. I read the whole thread and tried using all the tricks to activate Postpaid 3G internet plan(Airtel) on BB curve 9320, however failed.
    I have changed TCP settings,manually selected network, switched on and off the sim and phone several times.
    Then I did hard reset when my phone switch on it shows EDGE and then I can use whatsapp for a few minutes then network turn back to edge in small in 5 min then whatsapp won’t work. 🙁 Please help !

  219. I hav face the same problem till now, bur when I reboot my bb then only its works for few hrs,

  220. Hi – could you please help me. I have a Blackberry 9780, and I have just deactivated my BB plan and switched to a 2G connection. Using the information you provided above, I have changed APN settings to airtelgprs.com. I also reinstalled Whatsapp and rebooted

    Got EDGE … but still cannot use Whatsapp/ email.

    I want to be able to use the 2G connection for whatsapp and email when I’m away from home, and connect to my wifi when at home.

  221. Hii..
    I’m usinh BB curve 9220 and I have tried the steps above but I’m unable too access opera.!! Plzzz hlpp me

  222. Hi Harsh…i faced d same issue for whatsapp once i changed to 2g 199 pack of vodafone…..followed al steps even tried to delete wwhatsapp n am trying to re dowwnload….but its giving me dis error: 907 invaid COD TCP receive timed out…am trying to download from normal whatsapp site, any other site i shud try??? mine s BB 9920 and i put www in tcp/ip and removed tick from username and pwd…normal internet works fine only whatsapp s a problem…pls advice and thanks a lot

  223. hey, i need help i did as you said man, did the steps in my airtel sim bb 9220, then with my balance i reachrged for internet plan for 3days as a trial
    i re started my phone
    its still not working on whatsaap, the reason i got this plan.

  224. hi Harshit ,
    I got this error when i download the uc browser…. “cannot get new token due to device offline state.error id:40760 “. plz help me……..

  225. Whatsapp not working nw..

  226. Bro can i use this settings with BB torch 9800 & 2g recharge in mandatory..?? if i active 3g plan so its working with 3g plan or not..??

  227. Can i use in BB 9800 Torch or can i active 3g network…??

  228. Nitish Tadpatrikar

    Hey, I’m using BB 8520 and idea sim….so can I use internet on BB?? If yes so what is an APN of IDEA sim??

  229. Can I Use Whatsapp & BBM in Normal Internet Pack………..? plz reply….

  230. Hey, well we have got same names…but obviously you are far more tech-savvy than me…cheers to that 🙂
    I hv BB-9220 with airtel prepaid…downloaded whatspp and opera mini via Wi-fi and did all the settings you mentioned (APN: airtelgprs.com and manually selected the network as Airtel) . THE PROBLEM IS AFTER SOME TIME THE INTERNET DOES NOT WORK…I HAVE TO RESTART THE PHONE BY REMOVING THE BATTERY AGAIN. IS THERE ANY PERMANENT SOLUTION FOR THIS ?

    • Harshit Bro, Thank you for your wishes.

      Bro try to hard reset your BB device, Sometimes when we are trying to access BB services from your headset then this problem occurs.

      For download Apps, Games use BB App world & getjar.com

  231. i hvv blackerry curve 8520 software 5.0
    bt this way is t working
    any solution?

  232. Dear i am unable to open youtube and internet browser using airtel net with all apn setting. error showing that browsing over cellular network is not included as part of your current service plan. only whatsapp is running. Kindly help. model : curve 3G 9300.

  233. thankyu harshit its work but youtube video quality is too bad whats the problem

  234. Harshit, when I am trying to download anything from the BB Aps world, it shows an error every time that ” no cached credentials, error id 40721″. Kindly help. I am using Airtel n Aircel SIM.Model:curve 3G 9300.

    • Ranjan, I already said in post that you can’t download Apps from BB App world using your normal internet plan, for download apps you should use Wi-Fi connection.

  235. hi harshit
    can i use airtel blackberry plan in my laptop by usb tethering without addition charges.

  236. Dear Harshit,

    I want to purchase BB 9720. My queries are 1) Can I Use Normal Internet Pack on bb 9720……???? 2) Can I Use Whatsapp & BBM On It……….????

  237. i have vodafone 3g plan then why youtube videos quality seens very bad even when i am using wifi network there have no problem

  238. I have BLACKBERRY Z10 handset and i wanted to use the NORMAL INTERNET PLAN from the LOOP provider, but the same is not possible for the postpaid customers as i had called the customer care to know the same. so can you suggest me some idea to do the same and if it is possible please let me know the detailed procedure to do the same.


  239. what is apn for tata docomo ??? plzz hlp

  240. I am using blackberry 9790 in china and i am using china unicom but i cant use whats app i can use when i turn off my phone n take the battery n replac it again than works but after a while it won t work but browser work which r provided by inside the blackberry..’
    what should I Do????

  241. but how can u tell me i am using blackberry9220

  242. i am not able to use whatsapp on my blackberry 9320…i have got 2g plan also,,,i works for some time…then i am not able to send msgs…

  243. can i use this trick on my airtel postpaid?

  244. In my blakberry 9860. Following the above stepsbnormal internet plan is working on bkakberry but after some hours whatsapp is not working..help me !!!!!

  245. Dear Harshit,

    Myself using Blackberry 9220, Can i use Email Accounts using normal airtel internet plan and as well as can i use facebook application by using normal internet plan. Need ur help urgently. Thanx in advance…….

  246. hi harshit , I followed above steps .. n able to use internet but whats up i have some issues..

    I was able to use for some time ie. 20 min only after that there are no response from whats up.

    Can u help on it,

    regards, Ankit

  247. Hi,

    I want to use blackberry 9220 as data card to browse internet on my Laptop. I’ve Vodafone SIM w/ normal internet services enabled (not blackberry). Is it possible and how?
    I installed blackberry desktop software and tried to enable using tab ‘start mobile’ internet but connection is getting failed


  248. Can i Use Blackberry App world In wi-fi connection ….??? & Whatis the APN For idea…??? Plz……. reply

  249. I have tried the above steps on my BB 9220 but it doesn’t seem to work. APN used for Tata Docomo is TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET.
    I am a prepaid customer. Re booting done. Manual Network selection done.

  250. am using a BB Z10 with a bsnl connection .will the above steps help me to access normal 2G/3G plans on this device.

  251. suaj singh chauhan

    hey harshit thanks for the way.

    but my internet connection has been broken down in 25 to 30 minuts and internet run only after when i romove bettry and start phone against . but same problem occured again

    i am using blackberry bold 5.

    can u help me

  252. Harshit, i have BB Z10, can u tell em how to install UC Browser or Chrome, coz i tried downloading may times but its not working…..

  253. Hi Harshit,
    I’m using airtel connection in Mumbai circle on Blackberry Curve 8520. I Checked the field ‘APN Settings Enabled’ and changed the settings to APN: airtelgprs.com, Unchecked ‘APN Authenticaton Enabled’ and kept Username and Password fields blank. Still gprs is not working on either the inbuilt web browser or the airtel live browser. Kindly suggest what to do.
    Also request you to send the Whatsapp installer file and Opera Mini Browser file to my e-mail ID, as I am unable to download those in absence of gprs connection.
    Thanks in advance 🙂


  255. dear harshit I followed the above procedure but it is no working.Mine is a curve 9300 and service provider is Vodafone, pls help

  256. Harshit u got awesome knowledge brother but I want to ask something…… I downloaded whatsapp and opera mini browser from the BB app store. And now I tried the above steps to use the Norman internet plans on my BB 8520. But as the subscription to my BIS ended…. And I activated the normal net plans by the above procedure it didn’t worked…….. I was amazed that my opera mini and whatsapp also stopped working without BIS plan…….. Plz tell me do I nedd to delete both of them and download them again from normal browser instead of the BB store…???? If possible please reply to this query on my email I’d which is singh.jatin375@gmail.com. Looking forward to your help

  257. iam with blackberry torch 9800…i want to know that weather the normal internet plan works in this phone..using the above idea..

  258. Can i use 3g plans also for bb z10

  259. I have done all this procedure given above but still I am not able to use internet I am using blackberry touch pls do help me.

  260. i have done this above procedure bt still i m nt able to use internet plan i m using blackberry torch 9810…

  261. Dear Harshit,

    Thank you so much for this tip. I used Whatsapp in my BB Curve 9300 after changing APN settings.

  262. Fed-up of removing my phone battery regularly for using whats app.
    Also facebook and others applications are not working in a normal internet plan. I have BB Curve. Is there any solution for this????

  263. i want to use whatsapp via wi-fi on my bb curve 8520.
    how do i do it without normal data plan??
    plz help.

  264. but friend i’m not able to use the default browser ??

  265. I m using bold 9900 and using docomo card I use internet surffing easily but whatsapp is still can’t work and also facebook.. If I m try to connect with fb then “unable to find reqused server ” message is diplay..what should I do ?

  266. what is apn for idea maharashtra?

  267. hi harshit,
    i am using bb9220 curve,with airtel connection ,i followed d given steps but still cannot access watsapp….plz help

  268. i am using a normal 2g plan for my blackberry curve 8520,nd i am only able to use blackberry browser but not whatsapp and viber,can u plz help me out..?

  269. When i restart my blackberry it shows EDGE in capital letters and my app and whats app works but after 10-15 minutes it automatically changes to edge in small letters and my apps and whatsapp stop working. and again I have to pull out the battery and repeat the same procedure….what to do???
    I use BSNL kerala sim

  270. Heyy Harshit… I am using bb bold 9000… Can these settings be done in my phn?

  271. Hello sir,
    i want buy with blackberry z10. That phone normal 2G and 3G plan working or not?

    With any special permission working with normal internet pack??
    Reply me

  272. can you show tricks on how to use aircel bis on my pc….i mean how to tether the aircel bis and use it on my pc….please help

  273. Hi Harshit Jain ,
    I tried the above process and it worked well for me and can we use this same method for 3G data packs?

    thanks man great job!!!

  274. Is it possible to upgrade BB Z10 with latest BB OS 10.2.1.How does it perform on Z10.What should I do?

  275. Hi Harshit Sir, I am using bb 9220 with uninor services uc browser . i m getting problem that after turning on data services it works for some time ( 1-2 hours).
    but afterwords it dosent work. Sir pls tell me solution
    waiting for your reply.

  276. bro i m planing to buy upcoming bb z3 … n i just wanna use whatsapp , facebook , n net browsing …. i dont want bb app world n all … so can i use then on my airtel normal 2g net plan …

  277. Hi Harshit,

    I have airtel postpaid connection with 3G service included in that.I am planning to get Blackberry Z3/Z10 .Can you please tell me if I can use airtel 3G service or do I need to take a different Blackberry internet connection to use Internet in BB Z3/Z10?Is the airtel postpaid plan that I have now is enough to use internet?

    Thanks & Regards,

  278. hai iam using blacberry 9380 i changed the setting as u mentiond but cnt conect

  279. I have docomo 3G plan activated, but my BB9320 does not respond to activated plan i.e. edge is not ‘EDGE’ or 3G is also not activated. I tried APN : TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC

    Is there any thing i am missing? Previously i have used 3G plan on this phone, but after hard setting it is not responding.


    • Is Normal internet plan is working on 2G?

      • Hi,

        Actually this is not related to 2G or 3G, whenever i restart phone it works for 5minutes for both 2G & 3G, then again 2G or 3G anything not working. Before data wipe, it was working whenever i Switch On/Off Data services in span of 1 hour or so, then after 2-3 hours, it again not responding.

  280. Hi,

    I got solution!
    If u want to use it with normal internet plan unsubscribe the active blackberry plan or if u are still facing the same problem then insert any other sim card and start the phone and then again take out that sim card and insert the tata docomo sim and reset the APN.I m sure it will work for you.

  281. i have activated 2g plan in my bb curve 8520. still i couldnt use any applications like whatsapp, hike. i have already downloaded using wifi option.

  282. Hello, harshit I wish to know how to use 2g internet plan on blackberry 8520 handset I used the above settings but still its not working. Can you help me out ?

    Reply soon !

  283. I am useing bb 9810 my Sim is tata docomo whatsapp not working properly and 30 min automatically discontent in my net connection please help ……..

  284. I want to buy blackberry z 10…
    Can i use normal data plans on it?
    What is its price now in market??

  285. Helloo Harshit Jain, Iam using Blackberry curve 9380 normal internet pack not coming as i followed above you given steps what can i do pls help me……………………..

  286. Hey bro…sometimes the opera browser stops working (whatsapp works fine here). The ‘Application resource monitor’ says “opera mini is draining blackberry services” …why this occurs ? what is the solution ?
    And regarding my previous query for downloading games n themes using normal internet plan, when i go to the website u suggested it (getjar), it shows only android compatible apps and BB app world doesn’t work…can u suggest something ?
    How to hard reset the phone ?

    • what ‘All’ gets lost or wiped when we hard reset the phone ? I’m using BB-9220, it shows smartphone (EGDE, wi-fi) in ‘Device version’ but on top right corner at home screen, it shows ‘edge’ (not in capital). I hv’got my phone recharged with airtel 3G plan. How to make it work like 3G speed ?

  287. i cant find the browser icon on my blackberry… can u suggest me what to do

  288. hey i am having blackberry bold9900..my no on bil..can i use nrmal data plan of internet…my sim is of idea ….

  289. Bro..plz reply to my questions… 🙂

  290. Marshall Benjamin

    Hi Harshit,

    I got a BB Z10 today, as i could know that it works on normal data plan and does’nt need BIS. But i could not use it that way… i had an inquiry on google also, but i could’nt find any of the service provider who allow normal data plan on BB 10 devices… I have been a BB user for last 2 years paying all extra for BIS, and now again the same thing..

  291. HI HARSHIT,


  293. my new Z10 just 1 week old is not responding.I got a command stating to restart the device and when I restarted it it was saying’costomozing to the region’ and asking for a WIFI connection.Can you just help me how to sort it out.

  294. Hi,

    I am able to use Normal 3G plan activated on my number in BB.

    I am able to use Whats App, but not Facebook. So will Facebook App work or not ??

  295. Can I connect BB 9320 with lapto through hotspoy in normal internet plan.

  296. Hi. I just bought a Curve 9360. I tried changing my APN setting the way you’ve said, but it down’t seem to work. I can browse using the in-built browser, but no apps work. I can’t update or access App World either. Help?
    P.S: App World isn’t working over WiFi either.

  297. Hi, I hav plan to buy z10, does it work with normal internet plans or I need a special bb pack.

  298. hello
    I m using 2g data on my bb curve9320,but now IT dosent work if u have new trick plssss send me on my email ankurp263@gmail.com pls help me

  299. Hi Harshit, I am using normal internet plan, bb browser is working wonderfully but why whatsapp and uc browser is not working, I follow all the above instructions please help me to solve it.

  300. i done the steps and all my apps started working like hike fb massenger whatsapp and also bb browser but my balance is cutting i have normal airtel data pack also so tell me what should i do?

  301. how to connect internet from blackberry z10 to laptop and dekstop. laptop demand to sequrity key..so pls help me..

  302. help me brother; i m using bb 9220 I have tried d above trick as said bt still I cnt use internet….m using airtel connection
    my email I’d is –ap.anand14391@gmail.com

  303. hello

    i have followed your steps and iam unable to use my whatsapp

    Updated APN: aircelgprs

  304. Can we use 3G as well?

  305. Bro,this trick is not working in my BB curve 9320 (vodafone-assam telicom circle) I’m in trouble…it sucks me n my blnc daily…plz bro gv me any trick…I will b vry thnkfull…my no-9706941318 (whatsapp me if possible)

  306. hi,

    i’m using a bb9220 and im nt able to use whatsapp and also i ve done with all settings that u mentioned above.

  307. My phone is BlackBerry Tour 9630 and i did follow your instructions, but still i’m unable to browse or use any apps. I’m not getting edge sign; Its still showing GSM.

    Please advise, and FYI, I have activated the Internet PACK


  308. My Model is Blackberry torch 9800 , I use TATA DOCOMO after entering the apn as Internet also itz asking to check internet connection in opera Plz help me out

  309. Is it possible to use app world using normal plans ???
    My set is curve 9380

  310. I Have A Blackberry Curve 9300 and Uninor Internet Is Not Working In It… and I Dont See Any Advanced Options In My Phone… Please Reply and Help

  311. I am using bb 9220 having problem in using to wi fi . it get connected but when i use to start surfing it shows requested server cannot be found please help me

  312. hey harshit,i m using bb 9300 and m using airtel sim but my internet is not working with any plan .. so i just want to knoe after using your this trick will i able to use internet watsapp ,facebook etc.. ?please help me out of this

  313. i have done all the steps required for using normal internet plan but then also i am unable to use whatsapp. help me out!! thanks!!

  314. Hi,
    I have blackberry 9680.
    it show connect to wi fi but it cannot.
    Please give me suggestion.

  315. Hello Mr. Harshit, please guide me whether i could use normal internet plan in my BB 9330 cdma, on which i m using the services of Reliance Cdma. My EVDO services are active.
    Thanks in advance.

  316. i’m using bb curve 8520.i did as you told but still internet not working without bis plan.

  317. I am using Black Berry curve 9360 (Black Apollo). I took a normal bsnl data plan (Kerala circle) for Rs.14/- for an experimental basis. I made a change in settings as follows:
    MENU KEY—–OPTIONS—–ADVANCED OPTION-TCP—–APN: bsnlnet—–Username:[blank]Password:[blank]—–Press MENU KEY and SAVE it.
    But I don’t get internet in my handset. Please help me at the earliest.

  318. I have been using Black Berry curve 9360 (Black Apollo) since 2011. I took a normal BSNL data plan (Kerala circle) for Rs.14/- for an experimental basis, yesterday.
    I made a change in settings as follows:
    MENU KEY—–OPTIONS—–ADVANCED OPTION-TCP—–APN: bsnlnet—–Username:[blank]Password:[blank]—–Press MENU KEY and SAVE it.
    But I don’t get internet in my handset. Please help me at the earliest.

  319. Hi bro I have followed your above procedures on my BB9220 but still I can’t able to use even browsing. I have nothing done wrong with your above procedure please give your suggestion to use internet.

  320. Sir, I am using Black Berry 9850 & i can not connect internet through WiFi {Digisol Router} & my apn services set as airtelgprs.com but i don,t connect with internet. Plz suggest.

  321. Hi, I am using blackberry q5 have Vodafone postpaid sim is it possible to use a normal 2g/3g plan?? if yes then how??? pls help me

  322. I like your thread very much.this is the second time I am leaving comment.my blackberry 9930 bold is working on idea prepaid GPRS but not on postpaid.I asked u last time.could u give me some solution pls.will be greatful to u.

  323. sir i have done everything what you have said, but i cant use it sir, am using bb 9300 3G i cant use whattsapp and bb app world please help me out sir..

  324. Preetkanwar Sandhu

    Can it be used in bold 9900

  325. how to convert normal data plan blackberry internet plan

  326. i want to know why BB9630 model simultaneously reboot . how i fix and solve this problem?
    please help me

  327. Thanks Everyone, tried below steps on my BB9360
    Changed the TCP/IP Settings as mentioned in above posts, but still had the issues with Whatsapp. Later i tried uninstalling the Whatsapp, rebooting the phone and then connecting to 2G network, its working smoothly now.

  328. hey i am using BB bold 9700 and i have installed whats app and i have changed setting of tcp/ip also but still net is not working

  329. i am using bb 9320 it has some problem it will always switch off when i try to call can you please suggest me how to correct that problem

  330. i am using bb 9320 it will aLways switch off when i try to call can you please suggest me how to correct that problem

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