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How to Remove, Uninstall & Disable Windows Defender in windows 8?

This Post contains the methods of Disabling Windows Defender – Recently Microsoft Added a freeware antivirus in windows 8 called Windows Defender, Windows Defender comes with windows 8 as built in antivirus. It is also called Microsoft Security Essential. Windows Defender is also clubbed with Windows 7 and Vista OS.

Microsoft claims that if you are using your PC or Laptop at home then Windows Defender is sufficient for you because at home computers only basic protection is required but personally I do not like windows defender because it takes too much time to clean the virus file if the count of viruses if high then it takes too much time to clean them and it also required too much amount of resources.

If you are here then surely you are not satisfied with windows Defender, now thing is that you are trying to uninstall Windows Defender but unfortunately you can’t do this because Windows Defender is a built in app and you can’t uninstall it.

But if you are planning to install any third party antivirus then you have to disable Windows Defender because you cannot install two antivirus software on a computer.

There are two simple methods available to Disable Windows Defender

First method: Disable Windows Defender Using Windows Defender Tool 

1)       Go to Start menu and select Windows Defender

2)       Click on Option button

3)       Now select the Administrator tab

4)       You will get a check box Turn on Windows Defender

5)       Simply Deselect (Uncheck) the option to stop windows Defender In Windows 8

6)       Now click on Save change button

7)       You will get a confirmation from windows that “ Windows Defender has been turned off”

8)      Simply Click on Close Button

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Second method: Disable Windows Defender Using Services

1)       Go to start menu and search for Services under the setting tab and open it Or press Window key + R (Run window) and type services.msc and press ok

2)       Now search the Windows Defender Service in list of services

3)       Double click on Windows Defender Service

Disable windows defender

4)       A windows Defender service window will open

5)       Click on Stop button under the General tab

6)       Now you will find that Service status : Stop

Disable windows defender

That’s all now you are done, Windows Defender is now successfully disabled from your PC Computer.

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