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How to Track Sent email has opened or not?

Whenever you send important information via email to any person sometime it is necessary to know that recipients read our email or not but unfortunately Gmail doesn’t provide any feature to track email.

You have to wait until the recipient replied that they have received your email but most people cannot replied that they received the email , in this case you have no option to find that email has opened or not.

Many Email services like Microsoft Outlook , Hotmail allows you to track emails but Gmail does not provide this type of feature. There are many solutions available for this problem like HTML type email where a script will be placed in the email itself and many others but this type of methods is difficult to do but one easiest option is available for this is Right Box extension.

The right Box extension will allow you to track, schedule an email in the google chrome browser.

Now we are going to show you a way to Track sent email has opened or not by the recipient using Right Box extension

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How to Track Sent email has opened or not – Procedure 

1)       Open Google Chrome or Firefox browser, if you don’t have a Google Chrome browser then download Google Chrome from here

track sent email

2)       After that download  RightInbox extension for Google Chrome browser

Right Inbox extension allows you to track Gmail Emails.

3)       After installing RightInbox extension open your Gmail account

4)       Now one popup will open to select Right Inbox app Plan (Select free plan)

track sent email

5)       Now Click on compose email

6)       You will see a Track button in the footer of the compose email box

track sent email

7)       Click on the track button

track sent email

8)       Now send the Email

9)       Whenever recipient open your email, Rightinbox will send you a confirmation email that recipient opened your email.

track sent email

Right Box allows give some cool features like Schedule Your Emails, Remind me. Through Schedule your email features you will set the specific sending time for email.

track sent email

Hope you will like this post , if you find any error then let me know in below comment, I will try to solve your porblem


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