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Track Lost Android devices using Android Device Manager

Google recently announced Android Device Manager is now officially live. Using this service Android OS users can easily track down their lost or Stolen Android phones, Tablets using a new Google’s Android device manager.

Android Device Manager Algorithm will automatically hit your android device without you having to do a setup for it. If you don’t have it yet, you will soon. The web interface to locate and track your devices is also now available on google.com/android/devicemanager. ADM service is available for all Android 2.2 and above devices.

How to Track Android devices using Android Device Manager

First of all you have to verify that the Android device manager is enabled on your device for this follow the below steps:

1) Go to the Settings menu then select security.

2) Here you will find a ‘Device administrators setting’select it

3) After that you will see the ‘Android Device Manager’ option,  just go and enable it by selecting a checkbox

4) After enabling this feature, you will easily see your phone on the web.

You will now track its location by Google map, Ring the device at full volume for five minutes even if your device is in silent mode (This feature is very useful for you when you want to search your phone in your home) and you can also erase all the data from your device using Android device manager. ADM interface also allows you to track one or more devices using one account.

Android Device Manager

Note – To enable the erase data option on your android device, you should to enable the factory reset on your phone through the ‘Google Settings’ app on your device and clicking on the check box with in Android Device Manager And for tracking your phone service you have to enable Google location settings. You can enable these settings from the ‘Location’ menu from the Google Settings app.

Main features of Android Device Manager

1)    Ring device 

You can ring the device at full volume for five minutes even if your device is in silent mode ,This feature is very useful for you when you want to search your phone in your home.

Android Device Manager

2)    Erase all data 

You can easily erase all your data from your device using ADM. This feature is useful when  your device has been stolen .

Android Device Manager

Hope you like our article on Google Track device manager, if you have any query related to above post then let me know by commenting below.


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  1. Thai harshith. Somebody was stolen my micromax a76 canvas fun .in that mobile Google synchronization is there .how can I find out my mobile I have imei nbr also

  2. In my stolen mobile line,we chat,Google synchronise, hike also i used. Pls help me

  3. Dear Harshit,

    I lost my HTC Explorer A310e in Dec 2013
    and still after complaining also i could not track

    can you pls help me out

  4. I lost my mobile today. the phone has been stolen and switched off. I have tried above process but cannot find the location. My emei num is 357967053413075 and phone model samsung galaxy s4 mini gt-l9192. We have given a complaint in PS. But first i want all the data to be erased in my phone. Please help me do that and find my phone.

  5. Mahesh Panigrahy

    Will this phone work if the stolen phone is in switched off mode or in a place with no WIFI/Mobile Data ?

  6. Harsh it,

    If my stolen nexus 4 had a lock code on screen..is it possible to deactivate the code,,by the thief

  7. Please help me find my stolen android using emei because is all I have

  8. Ni have lost my nokia xl my imei nu is 353637065226856 plz try and get the nu .

  9. Please help me out to find my Android phone.I have not installed any securty app.not even ADM.Because my phone is stolen just after 1 day & i also had no idea about this.please please help me to find out this.
    Mobile Model:Micromax Unite 2 A106

    please help me.

  10. Can the PHONE IMEI be changed by thief.after that will i be able to track my android phone.

  11. my mobile was stolen, it was unlocked, is it possible to the theif to restart and put my mobile settigs and security levels under his control

  12. Dear Harshit please let me know that:
    Q1.can IMEI be changed by thief?
    Q2.after that will i be able to trace & find out my Android Mobile or any other option to find out?
    Dear please help me to find out my mobile please.i am deepressed bcoz i have lost my mobile just next day of purchase.
    answer the both question separetely.

  13. Please help me to find out my Huawei Ascend P6-U06
    IMEI: 860505027971594; S/N: E2N2B913A1805984

  14. Hi i lost my micromax unite a092 plz help me synchronize google with

  15. my id is sk.waseem6@gmail.com
    mobile no is 09642378648
    plese help me bro

  16. I lost my phone yesterday.Mobile Micromax Unite2 Model is A106 with M_IMEI:911345007604678
    & S_IMEI:911345008106170.
    Please help me how to trace it..
    Thank you

  17. Hello Harshit,
    I have lost my xolo android phone, bt i can’t trace my phone from other android phone.
    I have activated my phone with xolo secure, bt i have not got any notification after my phone is lost….plz help me to find it out….it was my first phone that i have purchased with my saving money.

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