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How to Secure Your Online Business

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How to Secure Your Online Business
Launching an online business can be tricky if you do not know the risks. Even though online environment may look a bit informal, it is where people should be most alert. Here is what you should keep in mind in terms of online business protection.
How to start an online business.
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Just like in almost any kind of business, all you need is a good idea, an idea that sells. Today, online business is the safest and cheapest start-up you can begin with. If your budget is tight, then this is the perfect job for you. During the first period, you can work from your home office (even if it consists of your bedroom table and personal computer which will act as a server for the time being). Before you start building you site, you need to do market research and see if your solution can truly solve your audience’s problem.
Internet security: How to be sure?
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No matter if you own a website, online shop (e-commerce), run a blog or manage social media accounts (or all at the same time for that matter), when it comes to their security, there are a lot of things you need to think about:
● Data loss – The time of data loss is now gone. Way back are the days when you had to run your computer all day long for the fear of data loss. Even though servers like these are still existent, they do not need to be run in your living or back room. Cloud based computing is the top security solution for your business. It implies keeping all your confidential data stored in virtual spaces and data centres, somewhere on a server whose usage you pay for, which you can access anytime, day and night. This way, you reduce hardware expenses and will not need an IT technician sitting in your office because these cloud based platforms are intuitive and easy to use.
● Customer privacy – Since the 1988 Privacy Act and other laws bind you to keep your customers’ personal information, such as personal names, addresses, sex, age and email from unauthorised use, including your own if it is not connected with your business activity. The laws and regulations also demand you to delete and remove all data after the business activity is done. This means deleting all email addresses, contact data and other digital media from your records, including deleting personal messages and local server data in order to prevent unauthorised use. Drafting a privacy policy will give you liberty to collect necessary information and inform your customers about your further intentions, giving you protection and permission to declare them in advance.
● Payment security – If you want to be sure that both you and your customers get what you have agreed on, and get it on time, you could use systems for your protected payment transactions as well as something user-friendly. No client likes being caught in an endless loop of forms and agreement terms. For that reason, a gateway which conducts a payment integration is a big plus, because that way everyone’s time is saved.

Remember, you are holding the key to all things that happen on your website. If you do not know much about website maintenance, you are going to have to hire a trustworthy technician who should protect your website from third party attacks and possible virus and cybercrime. It is important that your website uses only certified software and is not associated with online scams via means of strong passwords usage, security software and up-to-date payment records. Educate yourself constantly, use updates and stay professional at all times.

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