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remove password from PDF

How to remove password from PDF Files? Solved

PDF files are Text documents (Also with images) which are not editable, many times we see a PDF file is comes with Password protection and we don’t know the password of that file but accessing that PDF file is very important for us on that moment we try to find password through many ways but at last we didn’t get anything. For the solution of the problem (remove password from PDF Files) we wrote this article, Today we are going to show you the different methods to Unlock PDF files.

There are many tricks available to remove password from PDF file but maximum tricks are too much complicated and also some tricks are fake or just created for fun. Today we are going to describe the easiest tricks to remove password from PDF files by using below tricks you can easily unlock PDF file without any problem.

remove password from PDF

How to remove password from PDF Files? Method 1

Using Google Drive:

For this method you have to use your Gmail (Google) account.

  • 1)   First of all login into your Google Drive account
  • 2)   Change the Upload settings select the “Convert text from uploaded PDF and image file

remove password from PDF

  • 3)   Now upload that Password Protected PDF file in Google drive

remove password from PDF

  • 4)   When file uploading Google will convert it into text file

remove password from PDF

  • 5)    After uploading you will see the file in your Account
  • 6)   Just Click or open that file

remove password from PDF

  • 7)   Select the Microsoft word (Default) and click on ok

remove password from PDF

  • 8)   Your file is now unlocked from password and ready to use

How to remove password from PDF Files? Method 2

Using www.pdfunlock.com

This website Unlock the Password protected PDF files

  • 1)    First of all go to www.pdfunlock.com website
  • 2)    Now upload your Password Protected
  • 3)    You can upload your files through 3 ways
             Your computer
             Drop box
             Google Drive
  • 4)    After uploading the file click on Unlock button

remove password from PDF

  • 5)    After few seconds your file is unlocked and ready to download.

Note:  This website allow only maximum 5 MB file to unlock.

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Hope you like the post (Remove password from PDF file) and after reading this two tricks you will easily unlock your PDF file, if you get any error or problem than let me know in below commenting.


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  1. I know the password for the .pdf file. How to I remove the prompt?
    I need to open these files everyday. I am sick of having to write the same damn password to open them.
    How can I create a new .pdf file, that is an exact copy, but not password protected?

  2. How can we remove pdf encryption.

  3. Thank you for the trick man…
    successfully i removed the pdf file password.. 🙂

  4. Remove all restriction from protected PDF files by using third party tool Kernel for PDF Restriction Removal. I have used this tool and I am really satisfied after used this tool.

  5. Harshit can u plz tell me how to remove memorycard password in android phone??

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