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remove true caller number

How to Remove Number from TrueCaller App

Truecaller is developed in 2009, Truecaller is a trusted and most popular application for global online phone number directory, By using this application you can search any phone number globally and find the Person Name within few seconds. It also shows you the location of that Phone number like City and State name. You can find easily unknown number details using this app and also Block any phone number who is irritating you and you don’t want any more call from that number. Truecaller has also an online web page where you can also search any phone number details. Truecaller application is available for mostly all platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian 60 and 40, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.

Surely this app helps us to locate phone number but many times we don’t want to share our identity on this app for some Privacy Issue & Threats which may be lead us in and trouble. Reason could be personal or professional, If you don’t want to list your number in TrueCaller App then you can easily remove your number from True Caller Directory in couple of minutes.

How to Unlist Number from TrueCaller App – Procedure

1)       First Go to TrueCaller Unlist Webpage by Given link

           Click Here to Unlist Your Number

unlist truecaller

2)       Now select Your country

unlist truecaller


3)       After that enter your phone number which you want to remove from TrueCaller App

unlist truecaller

4)       Fill the CAPTCHA which is provided in the box

unlist truecaller

5)       Click on OK (E-mail Icon) button

6)       Now your number is successfully unlisted from TrueCaller 

            Note: It will take 5-6 hour to remove your number from TrueCaller Directory

unlist truecaller


For your convenience i also created a video tutorial for “How to unlist your number from Trucaller App


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