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Reflex and commuter series of otterbox cases for iphone 5

Reflex and commuter series of otterbox cases for iphone 5

The iPhone 5 is a smart, elegant and high-tech cell phone. However, like outward used devices it is vulnerable to scratches and bumps. To protect this piece device from bumps, scratches or damage, a rugged, tough and non-slip grip case is needed. The otterbox series cases offer complete protection to your iPhone. It gives protection not only on the body of the iPhone but also protects the screen as well as the parts.

These cases are available in series like Impact, Reflex and Commuter. The biggest issue of providing added protection to big phones is that they get bulkier. However, otterbox defender cases are sleek as well as tough. These cases are multipurpose and can be used with armbands for smartphones. So if you are having an iphone then you can use iphone 5 otterbox armband and can comfortably carry your phone at any place with full protection.

Reflex and commuter series of otterbox cases for iphone 5

Following types are discussed below:

Impact Series

The Impact features an inner core, self-adhesive screen guard and silicone skin. Otterbox Impact series case are available in a variety of different colors from black, blue, white and abstract design to suit individual needs. The case weighs about 52 grams. And is 124.12 mm x 68.91 mm x 16.76 mm. The Case provides an in-built screen guard to protect the screen from dust, dirt and scratches. The outer layer is made from smooth base yet sturdy silicone material. The silicone material provides a non-slip grip.

The access ports have a silicone plug coating for easy access. The inner layer is made from high impact-resistant polycarbonate material. A unique addition to this case is a belt clip holster that can also be used as a media-viewing stand.

Reflex Series

The Reflex Series are a revolutionary addition to the mobile phone case industry. Made of double impact polycarbonate material combined with TPE rubber, a single layer of this shield is more than enough to provide full protection. The unique reflex zones in the corners of the case are unmatched in the industry. When the reflex case takes a hit, tolerates the impact and recoils back to its original shape without damaging the iPhone. It just weighs about 26 grams and is extremely thin.

Commuter Series

The next one is otterboxcommuter series case and commuter strength case. Made with silicone port coverage, silicone skin, an outer polycarbonate shell and gives easy full access to the operating buttons. The only difference between the two being that Series Case comes in a trendy pink color material with a contrasting white silicone base. Thesecases are not only trendy, smart and of high quality material, but provide superior durability and protection with usage.


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