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Protect Gmail Account using Gmail phone verification !

Your Gmail Password is too long and complex to guess, but still it is not enough to Protect your Gmail Account so, more protection is required that’s why Google provided some more features earlier i.e.” 2nd Step Verification”. This is feature is most trusted and better feature to protect your Gmail Account via your Phone. This feature provides an extra layer of security to your Gmail Account so that no one can access your account without having a sms code sent by Google every time when you request to access your Gmail Account.

Protect Gmail Account

 How it Protect Gmail Account?

  • Just imagine that your Gmail Account is hacked by hacker.
  • He try to login into your Gmail Account with your I’d and Password.
  • Google completed “1st step of verification” and send a sms code to your phone to entered to complete “2nd step of verification”.
  • He doesn’t have your phone so can’t enter a sms code to complete “2nd step of verification” and your Gmail Account is still kept secured.
  • Now when you receive a sms code, you know that someone is login into your Gmail Account with your password.
  • So you immediately change your hacked password.

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How to Enable 2- Step Verification to Protect Gmail Account?

  • Open your Gmail Account by login with your I’d and Password.
  • Click On name or photo in the top-right your Gmail Account bar then selects Account from menu and then Go to Security category.
  • Security category displays a window, then select Edit word of 2-Step Verification.
  • Signing in with 2-Step Verification window is display, then click on Start Set Up.
  • If prompted, then entered your password to sign in again.
  • Window is displayed in front of you so select your Country and entered your phone number and then click on Send Code button.

Protect Gmail Account

  • Now Google will send a sms code to your phone number, then enter this 6-digit code to complete verification  and click on Verify.

Protect Gmail Account

  • Now your Gmail account is protected with your phone and whenever you want to access your Gmail Account and you login with your I’d/Password then Google send a sms code to your phone that has to be entered into text box and then click on Verify button so that, Google ensure you as an authorized person, that you accessing this account.

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 Trust This Computer:-

  • Google also provide a unique feature that if you access your Gmail Account on your own computer then there is no need to enter or generate sms code all the time. So that, Google display a window showing feature “Trust This Computer”, then select on button “Trust this computer” and click on Next.  
  • Now when you login into your Gmail Account on your own computer then it open your account directly without asking any sms code.

Protect Gmail Account

To Open Gmail Account If Phone is lost:-

  • If you want to login into your Gmail Account on different computer then it ask for 6-digit sms code to verify you as authorized person to access this account but you in case you lost your phone then don’t worry about it.
  • Because at the time enabling 2-Step Verification, Google provided 10 verification code which will help you to login under this circumstances.
  •  Click On Confirm button of screen displaying “Turn on 2-step verification”
  • Your 2-Step Verification is ON and it also provide 10 Verification code which can be used to login into your Gmail Account when you lost your phone
  • Click on Show back-up codes to display and print it or save it into your computer in text file form so that you can use it in future to access your account

Now Follow these steps and protect your Gmail Account through sms code from an unauthorized person. If you have any problem to follow these steps then leave a reply so that we solve your problem as soon as possible.



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