7 Essential things to secure Wireless Connection

secure wireless connection

It is true that wireless connections are generally less secure than cable connection, wireless connection is more easily hacked. Almost people have jumped onto someone else’s unprotected WI-Fi network and if you are the owner of that unprotected network then it it becomes very risky for you. It is not difficult to …

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How to use two WhatsApp accounts on Android phone?


WhatsApp is a most popular application which allows you to communicate with your friends & family, share pictures, videos and voice notes totally free using data network access. WhatsApp is simple & easy application that works on almost every Operating System like Androids, Window phones, blackberry and IOS very smoothly. WhatsApp is …

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Track Lost Android devices using Android Device Manager

google track device manage

Google recently announced Android Device Manager is now officially live. Using this service Android OS users can easily track down their lost or Stolen Android phones, Tablets using a new Google’s Android device manager. Android Device Manager Algorithm will automatically hit your android device without you having to do a setup for …

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How to use two Skype accounts in the same PC ?

two skype

Two Skype accounts: Skype is software that allows us to make calls over the Internet using your PC or laptop. Skype uses decentralized P to P technology, so our calls do not go through any central server, Skype uses its own proprietary protocol to achieve this. In addition, all communications …

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