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Sony Bravia TV

New definition to Entertainment, Sony venturing in UHD TV segment with a bang

Since people buy electronics around diwali festival time, Sony has come with 6 Bravia 4K TVs giving 4K high resolutions in 3 new series. While 4 are available in India with a price ranging from 1,74000 to 7,04,000 and remaining two will be launched by end of September. The newly launched 6 new Bravia TVs provide excellent and audio quality with various new features that appeal to consumers.

Prior this, there have been a launch of new 4K UHD LED TV’s Videocon launched in India. The company started with 40 inches to 85 inches with price ranging from 91000. Sony Bravia is available in KD 49X85008 model measuring 49 inches for Rs. 174900.

Sony Bravia

All the new 4K models by Sony has the powerful picture processing engine. 4K X-Reality PRO that has the combination of upscaling and resolution technology from Sony to offer any sort of content in 4K resolution.

Because people willing to buy this device must be inquisitive to know about its features. Let us see whether this device is worth for your money or not.


All new models support HDMI 20, Sony has the ability to display 4K /60p content. The models have a new decoder that supports HEVC and can playback 4K/60p content from Internet streaming services and USB playback.

The TVs are compatible from internet streaming services and USB playback. The TVs are compatible with MHL 3.0 that supports 4K output from smartphones and tablets.

Other features included in Sony Bravia TV included X-tended Dynamic range Triluminos display for wide variety of colours. Along with a wedge form factor for increased stability.

Multiple features

Other feature introduced by Sony Bravia is the ‘One-Flick entertainment’ that enables the viewers to browse content across different sources at home. The bundled One-Flick Remote control gives users an intuitive control through which users can access online and offline content.

By touching compatible NFC enabled smartphones or tablets to the One Flick Remote Control user can see content stored in devices.

Also the device has a social viewing feature that enables users to Skype chat apart from keeping track of social media accounts.

Variants of the device

Sony has also mentioned detailed pricing that is available for Bravia’s 4KTVs with 79 inch Bravia KD-79X900B for Rs. 7,04,900. Two other 55 inch Sony Bravia going by monikers KD-55X900B and KD-55X8500B for Rs. 31,4900 and 254900 respectively.

The 85 inch Sony Bravia KD-85X9500B and 65 inch KD-65X9000B by end of Sepember prices will be revealed then.

Final Verdict

With all amazing specs this Bravia TV offer great picture and sound quality that engages the perceiving buyer. As Sony has most of the manpower from its mobile division, it has put a lot of effort in its TV segment.

Don’t you think that it will be great that with these UHD TVs that comes with a tapering design will save your space and have better speakers for sound quality. Really, it seems to be a gem of home entertainment.



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