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The 6 must-have tools for every social media entrepreneur in 2018

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The 6 must-have tools for every social media entrepreneur in 2018

We are living in the middle of the social media boom. There are over 2 billion users on Facebook, and the number keeps growing every day. Each platform has its dedicated influencers as well, who are capitalizing their popularity and dedicated followership to launch their brands. Products from social media celebs and influencers have become more than commonplace today. Almost every social media influencer you will come across has one brand and more than one product.
Why is social media entrepreneurship growing in popularity?
There are more than a few reasons for the massive success of social media entrepreneurs. The prospective buyers cum dedicated social media followers prefer entrepreneurs who have avid social media presences. Having social profiles on popular platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook often help the new-age entrepreneurs and millennial social media celebs garner more trust from the dedicated followers. This helps in boosting the performance of the brand and ROI of the new products. It is all about user engagement with millennial shoppers, and social media entrepreneurs can successfully offer that.
What else do you need to become a social media entrepreneur?
Besides developing a strong social media presence and cross-linking all your social media profiles across several channels, you need to learn, master and leverage every aspect of social media.

Today’s technology offers several interesting tools and software programs that can work alongside e-commerce websites to develop, maintain and monitor social media strategies.

i. Brandwatch: A Social listening tool
This is a simple, lightweight and effective social media listening tool. Brandwatch has a very clean and intuitive interface that can work with more than one website, brand, product, and clients. It is ideal for bigger brands. You can easily keep an eye on your social media mentions, find out how your competitors are performing and check your daily social media performance with the help of Brandwatch.

ii. Shoutlet: Social Marketing
Social media marketing is a broad term, and for larger companies, it indeed consists of diverse tasks that help to boost the reach of a brand. The Shoutlet tool provides marketers the ability to build Facebook applications, no-code content and HTML5 pages.
iii. HootSuite: Social Conversation
HootSuite is the leading social conversation tool that offers both free and premium (paid) versions. Right now, it is one of the most holistic tools that are completely compatible with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, and WordPress. Social media entrepreneurs love this tool since it scales well with every business and supports diverse business functions.

iv. Appinions: Social Influencer
The likes of Dell and Virgin use Appinions to power their social media campaigns. It is a paid tool that can provide powerful and accurate reporting through influencer marketing. It is ideal for enterprise firms. The tool helps these firms to engage number of relevant users of the particular social media platform, who are influential in the particular niche.
v. Sprout social: Social media analytics
Sprout social is the first name that comes to mind when someone mentions social media analytics. This is a wonderful tool that can help a company or an entrepreneur maintain a complete history of client research. It is amazingly compatible with almost all leading social media platforms, and you can monitor your company’s daily progress across the active platforms.

vi. Engage sciences: social media marketing
Social media marketing is indeed diverse. Hence it can require multiple tools and website plug-ins for monitoring the progress of the same social campaign. In fact, larger corporations often engage more than one social marketing tool in their strategy to generate streamlined analytics reports of their social media efforts. Engage Sciences is ideal for promotion heavy social media campaigns that require daily updates about user reach and ROI.
Before you step into the world of social media entrepreneurship, you must remember that although the stakes from the financial point of view are low, the risks of blemishing one’s reputation on social media with just one wrong move is very high. Remember to run regular audits and strategize your every move. Posting inadvertently controversial messages can take a toll on the reputation you have built for the last several years. Posting as an individual and posting as a brand or business are two very different responsibilities. You need to learn the intricacies of buyer psychology and social media user psychology to master the art of social media entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurship is a lot more than creating fancy logos and doing trending photo shoots. It is about assuming control of every aspect of your social media presence and leveraging your command over dedicated followers to push new products. It does not mean regular posts or regular updates, but it does mean timely update of content whenever necessary. While several influencers choose to become social entrepreneurs, there are several cases where existing social media entrepreneurs have chosen leading influencers to endorse their brands and products.

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