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How to Make $100 a Month Easily Without a Blog!

Review of: Shorte.st
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Harshit jain

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On September 22, 2014
Last modified:September 22, 2014


Shorte.st is the fantastic way to earn money online without a blog and without a investment, if you are looking for some online money making sites then shorte.st is for you.

WHAT!! Is this your first reaction after seeing the title of the article? Exactly, that was my reaction too when I came to know about this initially through one of my friends. As you know that I won’t write anything unless or until I use it personally and after confirming that it is going to work out. No one is here to write or to have fun freely. We are all here to make money and as far as you all know, we need a website or a blog to make traffic and to make money. There are some people who click on their own ads to generate money ;). But never do that. It is not the method to play safe in blogging.

Well, then what the article is about? The article is about making money without having domain for a blog or site. It is all about shortening links. Yes, it is all about making money by shortening links. I have tried and got succeeded!


My inspiration was my frined, who is also a pro blogger made a decent income. I started this with the help of a him and got succeeded. I know that you’re eager to know how I have done this and how I generated money.

About Shorte.st

This is a Europe based link shortener and an advertising network based on links that spread all over the internet. There is no need of pixel of your precious space on webpage unlike other ad networks. They just take care of your links and when someone click on your shortened link, it will be directed to an interdediate page where the ad is displayed. After a while, the visitor is directed to the destination URL. That is how it works and you could have understood how the money is generated here. Easy! Isn’t it?


How to Register with Shorte.st

It is very easy to register here. You can use either email id or your Facebook account to login here. Rest is upto your efforts.


Tips to earn:


1. Share Facebook Images and Links:

You can share the links of images, videos or whatever that finds interesting and you’re sure that other will click on those links to earn bucks. Like I have said, you can make the use of Facebook groups to share. 

2. YouTube Links:

Choose the videos that are funny and scary as they have more scope of attracting viewers to your links. This is quite interesting. You just have to copy the link and share in the social media.

3. Blog Post Links:

If you have a blog and you make awesome posts through it, you can shorten those links and share them too! Earnings through this may not be that big, earnings will be there. 

Here is what I have done.

First I created an account in URL Shortening Website and got started

I spotted a couple of groups in the social networking site Facebook with 100K members in it.

I selected most popular and some amazing videos from video sharing site YouTube and shortened the links. Simple right?

I did the same for a while and shared on Facebook groups.

Like I said before, I selected two groups in Facebook, the members in it were interesting to view the videos I shared. I slowly shared in more groups. The members in the group appreciated my effort in sharing links.

Finally, after 20 days of instant sharing, I have earned a decent income of $$. And, you can imagine, what the amount could be for 30 days!

These are the advantages of Shorte.st:

  • The minimun Payout is $5
  • Excellent eCPM and Click Value
  • Easy Interface
  • Trustable
  • You can check the payment proof at Google


So, if you have no time in doing this, no worries, you can use your friends to do this for you ;), like I took the help of my friends! They will help! And, it is free to sign up.

Shorte.st is the fantastic way to earn money online without a blog and without a investment, if you are looking for some online money making sites then shorte.st is for you.


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  1. Do you know how hard is to make $100 per month from shortest!!

    They pay around $0.55 per 1000 ad views.
    That means you need around 20000 ad clicks in a month to make $100 in a month.

    And you are suggesting to do so just by facebook and youtube. That’s a joke. ha ha…

    And in the heading you have mentioned without a blog, but in the post you suggested a blog linking…

    Please share any other working method rather than sharing those old non-working methods.

    And one more thing…. It would be better if you can show some screen-shots of your shortest account to show that you are making money from them.

  2. I tried and started making income buddy! Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Harshit,
    I like your website , and every article is informative post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Harshit this is a really useful review of shortest by you. I really appreciate your afforts bro :0

  5. Thanks Dude…. ur blog is really helpful to us…. 😉

  6. hi..,
    harshit, i hve no interest about your making money online.. but i am listening all comments on this article.i really appreciate your sincere, clear, simple, response on comments. …

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