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ipod 6th generation

Ipod 6th Generation Release and Features

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Ipod 6th generation Appearance

ipod 6th generation

The iPod 6th generation screen comes at 4.7 inch following the increasing popularity of large screen mobile gadgets. Technology is quite dynamic; it is also expected to come in a variety of colors to suit different users. The first iPod versions came out in neon colors that were attractive to the younger generation. IPod 6th generation is likely to beat the earlier versions in the variety of colors. This new gadget would more appealing to the eye. With the increased availability of smart phones, that can play both music and videos, users may not see the value of the IPod.


IPod 6th generation is set to be released into the market early this year, 2015. Apple has been quite predictable on its release of new products. The model of IPod 6th generation will be similar to iPhone 6 models and the 6 plus designs. Similar components will be used on the iPod 6th generation. This may cut down on the availability of these components as demand may outweigh supply of these components for smart phones.


Ipod 6th Generation Release

IPod 6th generation will be released at the same time with I OS 8.2 and the Apple iWatch. IPod 6th generation will most likely feature Apple pay, which is Apple’s new mobile payment system. IPod 6th generation will have a rear facing camera and 4-inch retina display. IPod 6th generation comes with a voice over and gesture based screen reader. This will be more efficient than the earlier versions. The high-resolution LCD display comes with adjustable back light settings to enable reading in low light.


Features of Ipod 6th Generation

This gadget has promising qualities and it is hoped that its qualities will surpass that of 5th generation. IPod 6th generation comes with mega digital abilities. The frequency response would range between 20Hz to 20,000Hz with a wide range of audio formats being supported. The volume limits will also be user configurable up to the maximum limit. The user friendliness of this gadget beats the earlier versions of this gadget.


With this smart phone era, many users face the challenge of dealing with batteries that hold charge for a short period of time. Again, the applications that are run on a smart phone take up a lot of power. This makes it impossible for this other gadgets to hold power for even 24 hours. IPod 6th generation comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It has the capability of playing for 24 hours if fully charged. This gadget will also allow charging using USB to computer. IPod 6th generation also comes with a separate power adapter.


Other accessories that come with IPod 6th generation include Apple earphones, USB cable, IPod nano and a quick start guide and a product manual. The Apple earphones are designed to avail complete audio accuracy and one can clearly hear the musical hits that they may miss on the ordinary music systems. Apple uses the complete product life cycle to ascertain the environmental impacts of that product until it reaches its residual value. IPod nano is designed with an arsenic-free display glass, Mercury-free; BFR- free and a recyclable aluminum enclosure which helps limit environmental impacts. IPod 6th generation also aligns itself to environmental waste minimization. The gadget can be recycled like most other Apple products.

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