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Interview with Pro Blogger Vinay Goud of alltechtricks.com

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There are so many persons who became mind blowing personalities in a very short span of time and who done something tremendous and achieved some extraordinary goals of their life. The interview of these personalities motivates and inspires the newbies to look forward and achieve something high with a positive attitude. Therefore, today I am sharing some excerpts from our first interview of Mr. Vinay Goud, Founder of All Tech Tricks and a very professional and an enthusiast blogger.  

Hello Vinay, Thanks a lot for giving your important time to us for sharing your Blogging experience and knowledge with our readers via this interview. I hope you’ll like our questions and your answers will help our readers to learn something unique about blogging from Vinay.

We all know about Your Blog and Yourself but still Please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers.

Hi, Myself Vinay Goud 19 year old blogger from Hyderabad, India. Previously I used to work on www.alltechtricks.com but now I am COO of www.alltechmedia.org so managing many blogs and websites. So I can’t say all tech tricks are only my website.

When did you start blogging and what was the inspiration behind it?

I started blogging in 2013 January on blogspot blog and later I moved to custom domain in February. My bro Imran Uddin is only inspiration for me.

How you get innovative Ideas for your new posts?

I just write on topics which I feel useful for the readers. At the same time I follow some hundreds of blogs to keep me updated. If I feel anything worth sharing I will come with that idea as a post in my blog.

But now a days finding not much time to write articles. But somehow managing and we have team of writers I will just pass my idea they will take care of remaining things.

According to you, what is the best way to drive traffic to a blog?

For us I say only organic traffic is the best way! But What if some penalty hit your blog?

So don’t really on one source of traffic so keeping social media as secret weapon it will help you always.

Google Says Guest Blogging Is Dead. Is It True?

Guest blogging! To be frank till now I didn’t write a single guest post.  Fine if you want to build links for your blog, then guest posting is one of the ways! Get the backlinks from the middle of the post to your site rather than in the author bio description.

Now days Adsense approved the account easily, what do you think about it?

Yes! Its seems really easy. We have a few experts in our team they are getting Adsense for our clients on finger tips.

One important thing is if you have a good blog, then you will get Adsense for sure and trust me  its independent on blogs traffic and number of articles.

What kind of Link Building techniques are you using in your blog?

My blog  you mean All Tech tricks? Till today we never tried to build backlinks for this blog. If you write quality content, then you will get backlinks naturally.

When comes to normal niche blogs and other projects we do link building  and most of time only manual link building not any softwares.

What you think about the future of SEO?

It’s a bit tough question! Just keep updating yourself. Learn the concept, that’s it understanding the user mindset is very important! If you’re successful in that then you can rock any time.

Any negative link building methods to avoid?

For your normal blogs, i.e. Long term blogs don’t build links infact try to get naturally produce great content, share inforgrapchis, write on trending topics and share your own experiences.

We all make mistakes, what is your biggest mistake as a blogger?

Yes! One mistake I made. I started my blogging with blogger platform so I got good command over it rather then on WordPress. Now a days I am working on WordPress soon I will get a good hand on it also hope so 🙂

Can you share some memorable moments of your Blogging journey?

There are many such moments but here I will share 3 experiences.

When my Friend Ramesh went to IIT Chennai for an event, the people over there asked about All Tech Tricks and Me!

When I Gave my first income ($1854) to my MOM as my first income.

Featured in National and local media.

Now a day most of the students start blogging for earning money, what is a message from you for those Bloggers?

If Your start blogging for money, then it’s not a good thing really! First get success in this field prove yourself, then the money comes to you automatically.

What is your best advice to bloggers in general?

Don’t depend on just a single source of income, try to explore more ways. As I said many times, if you want to get success in any field (not only in blogging) there are 2 ways. First one is, you must be an expert in that field which can make your work simple, Second is getting guidance from people who already well succeeded in that work ! Many people I had seen in my career would lose hope if they are hit by Google penalties and quit blogging. My advice to those kind of people is “Don’t give up” and when you are about to give up think one why did you start the blog at first place.


Thank you once again Vinay  for giving your time for our interview and sharing your valuable experiences with us. We wish you all the best and success for your blog! Happy Blogging!!



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