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Make Money Online with In-Text Advertising – Infolinks Review

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Every blogger on the planet may say many reasons for why he/she has to choose blogging as their career, but speaking frankly, the ultimate goal is money making. It doesn’t matter what they say externally to motivate other bloggers or to just to motivate themselves, but when it comes to the real measure of success in blogging, everyone consider money and enough income as their parameter.


So yes, here I’m going to discuss here about a method in money making using blogging. Precisely, I’m going to explain about the best Google Adsense alternative for bloggers in this article.

As most of us use Google as the search engine and, of course, it the most used search engine by the internet users. So, obviously most of the bloggers prefer Google AdSense their main source to earn income through blogging, but there are many other sources to monetize your blog. Infolinks is one of them to mention here and I’m going to tell you why to prefer Infolinks and my reason why it is the best alternative for Google AdSense.

Infolinks Review - Adsesne Alternative

Why Infolinks, not Google AdSense?

Reason 1:

I strongly say that Infolinks is the best alternative, because it is easy to get approved by infolinks and the restriction are very less when you compare to the terms and conditions of Google AdSense. Infolinks ads will be generated easily. It doesn’t have strict rules like in AdSense.

Reason 2:

And unlike Google AdSense, it doesn’t need a space to display the ads. The adds will be backlinked on the targeted keywords and when you the user hovers onto those keywords, the ads will be displayed. That’s the way you can make money using Infolinks.

By using infolinks, you can easily monetize other sites, if you have and can generate income after getting your site approved.

Not only texts, but also there are other types by which the ads can be displayed on your website.

Infolinks is an advertising network by which we can generate income by using CPC and CPM. This is offered in-text, in-frame, in-tag and in-fold ad types. In infolinks, the publishers can have full authority on the types of ads to be displayed on their website.

Different ways to place ads through Infolinks:

InText Ads:

This is the most commonly used method by the user of Infolinks. In this ad pattern, some keywords will be converted into ads and these words will look like normal links to your readers. You can change their color and also can have an option to display the ads with a single or with a double underline.

in text ads

InFrame Ads:

If your readers are using big screens to read the contents, then you must prefer InFrame ads in your site. You can fetch the data from you Google analytic from the path – Technology –> Browser & OS –> Screen Resolution

in frame ads

InTag Ads:

As the name suggests, these are the ads that will be visible in the tags which you use. You can customize the design using depending on the website design.

in tag ads

In Search Ads:

These ads will monetize your search engine traffic.

How to Install InfoLinks Ads

Installing Infolinks is as simple as that. Firstly, you need to create a publisher account on Infolinks. After that, paste the Java Script code in your website. It will be easy for you if you’re using your blog on WordPress platform. Rest will be taken care by their automated system.

You have to use Infoliks because,

  • No need of extra space to show ads
  • There is more scope for income as the ads are plaed within the content.
  • The ads can be easily installed by using the Java Script code on your webstie.
  • No need of huge traffic to get ads here
  • Can be easily customized

So why you are here go and sign up for the Infolinks

Sign up for BuySell Review

So, these are my reasons why you have to prefer Infolinks! Hope you like our article on “Google Adsesne alternative – Infolinks” Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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  1. Hi Harshit, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for this great review. You made some excellent points about Infolinks’ awesome ads 🙂 Keep up the great work and happy blogging!

  2. Hii,Harshit Bro 🙂
    You really done a best review of Infolinks and this we expect from you always.


  3. perhaps infolinks is one of the best ad networks which pats very good income we are currently using it with one of our website it is doing really well,what i need to say is,i feel it as the perfect alternative

  4. This article helped to understand more about infolinks! Thanks a lot Harshit 🙂

  5. Hi Harshit, Really a nice review about infolinks. I linked few points which u mentioned in the review and i seriously believe that infolinks can b a good source of income for publishers.
    Abhishek Vohera recently posted…Motorola unveils new Moto X and Moto G (Second Gen) with new AccessoriesMy Profile

  6. Hi Harshit,

    I personally feel that if you optimize infolinks properly things can be turn out well. Infolinks can work well as it can be used as a Backup or if you want some extra earnings. However, if you adsense is not approved or it is banned then Infolinks can work well. But to be frank Infolinks cannot take adsense appropriate place. But Yeah it can work pretty well if you optimize it properly.

    Anyways Harshit nice article Thanks.

    Shaswat Shah

    • Hey Shaswat,

      But how can we optimize infolinks? I tried infolinks earlier but didn’t have good results and it’s only few cents I got everyday for a blog that had around 1000 views per day. Do you have any specific strategy for optimizing this?


  7. Hello Harshit,

    Indeed a great review.Loved the way you explained about the features of Infolinks ads.I’ve started using this ad network. Thanks for sharing this post.

    Abdul Ghani,
    Tech Glows.

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