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secure wireless connection

7 Essential things to secure Wireless Connection

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It is true that wireless connections are generally less secure than cable connection, wireless connection is more easily hacked. Almost people have jumped onto someone else’s unprotected WI-Fi network and if you are the owner of that unprotected network then it it becomes very risky for you. It is not difficult to make your secure wireless connection (WI-Fi).

secure wireless connection

Here i am going to show you some easy steps to secure your wireless connection, you can easily make changes in your wireless router by following below steps, if yo& must u have any doubt and query after reading the article then let me know by below commenting.

1)  Create a unique WPA  password:

My first and most important tip to secure your wireless connection is setting up a WEP password for your wireless connection. For setting up your router password just go to your router configuration menu and turn on WEP encryption and set up a unique password using alphabets, numeric and special symbols that can’t be easily measured or broken by bad guys.

secure wireless connection

2)   Change your Network’s SSID name:

My Second useful tip to secure wireless connection is to avoid using the default network’s name which is also known as SSID (Service Set Identifier in Wireless Computer Networking). The default name is usually your router brand, TP-Link, LinkSys, Mtnl, 3Com or D-Link. If you are using the default network name then hacker can easily hack your connection and access your personal data.

secure wireless connection

3)  Turn off SSDI broadcasting:

Third point is to secure wireless connection is Turn off the SSDI broadcasting option in the configuration menu of your router, by this bling broadcasting message no one can see your wireless connection. It hides your network presence from every Wi-Fi device. It would not encrypt your data. It is not necessary that every router has this option. Sometime it becomes complicated when we turn off our SSDI broadcast our device showing some error when connecting to the wireless network.
secure wireless connection

4)  Use MAC Address Filter:

If you want to secure wireless connection for your home then you should use MAC address filter in your router, mostly all routers give MAC filter feature.   (The MAC address is a unique identifier which allows only specified devices to access wireless connection). You just simply add MAC addresses of devices which you give internet access from your wireless connection, this means that only specified devices will be accessing your wireless connection. If you want to add MAC address then go to your router configuration menu and simply click on the add MAC address and go on.

secure wireless connection

5)  Reduce your wireless router range (Signal):

If your router has a good signal strength then it is good when your router is used in your office or bungalow but if you are using a router in the apartment (Buildings) than your neighbor can easily access or hack your wireless connection for avoiding this problem try to reduce your wireless router signal strength, change the mode of router from 802.11n or 802.11b to 802.11g, almost all router gives you option to decrease the signal strength.

secure wireless connection

6)  Enable Firewall on the router:

Modern router contains a firewall feature on it, generally this function is enabled by default but you should check that the firewall is active or not if firewall is disabled the enable it. it is the man factor to secure wireless connection

7)   Use software tools:

You can also use the wireless security software’s to secure your wireless connection, you will easily find many software’s on the net which are developed to protect a wireless connection from bad guys. If you want to download a wireless security software then fing is a good option, you can download it from here .


Hope you like the post to secure wireless connection, if you have any query or doubt then let me know by below commenting


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