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Procedure to Remove StartUp Programs in windows 8?

When you turn on your computer some programs are started automatically in the background these programs are called Startup Programs. Some startup programs will be shown in system tray, many startup programs are not shown in system tray. Startup program makes your computer performance slower, if your computer performance is low then it may be because you enable lots of startup programs on your computer. You can disable this unwanted Startup Programs easily.

In today’s article we are going to show you the method to disable startup program in your windows 8, after removing some unwanted startup programs you will feel that your PC speed is increased, and you are able to work very fluent, These procedure also used to Speed up PC / Laptop speed Simply follow the below procedure to remove or disable unwanted startup programs.

Follow these steps to remove Startup Program in windows 8:

Disable Startup Programs in windows 8:

1)       Press Ctrl + shift + Del key to open Task Manager

You can also open via search Task Manager is start menu

remove startup program


2)       Then click on Task manager

3)       After that one Task manager window will open

remove startup program

4)       Select Startup From upper menu

remove startup program

5)       It will show you all Startup enable and disable programs

remove startup program

6)       Now select program which you don’t want to start at startup


7)       And click on disable button

remove startup

8)       Now the selected program is disabled

remove startup

9)       If you want to enable any program then select that program and click on Enable button

REmove startup

Note: Be sure you disable only unnecessary programs, if you disable any necessary program like sound, graphics, antivirus, others then it will not work when you turn on your PC.

You can also disable startup program by using Piriform CCleaner software. CCleaner allows you to enable and disable any startup program directly, it also consists many features like delete temporary files, delete cookies, uninstall any application (Program), System Restore, File Finder and Drive wiper.

  • You can Download Priform Cleaner software from Here.

I hope you like our article on “How to remove Startup program in windows 8“, If you have any query related to it then let me know by below commenting.


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