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improve iphone battery

How to Improve iPhone battery life ?

iPhone is sexier and pretty amazing Smartphone, it gives lots of cool features, anyone who has used an iPhone once has discovered that the iPhone are more powerful and more fun, than perhaps any other Smartphone. But One of the biggest complaints in the iPhone is the battery life, every iPhone user is aware that the battery life of the phone is okay.

improve iphone battery

Today we are going to show you some tips to Improve iPhone battery life easily:

Improve iPhone Battery life

1)       Adjust Brightness: Screen (Display) brightness affect iPhone battery life, Yeah if you are using full brightness then your battery get down quickly. So if you adjust your iPhone display and decrease brightness level then your iPhone battery  life will be improved to 2 to 3 hours a day.

To Adjust Brightness level:

1)       Open settings

2)       Select “Brightness & Wallpaper”

3)       Now slide the brightness bar to left as you can tolerate

4)       And don’t forget to flip “Auto brightness” to off

2)       Turn off Location Services:

To improve iPhone battery life you should turn off Location services. Because location services consume lots of battery power to run their services.

To turn off Location Services:

1)       Open settings

2)       Select Privacy

3)       Now open Location Services

4)       Tap the on/off button to off the services

You can also disable the services individually



3)       Turn Off Unnecessary Cellular Data Usage:

It is not meant that you are going to disable all Data Usage services, You just disable unnecessary Data Usage services like iCloud Document, iTunes, Face Time, Passbook updates and Reading list. 

To turn off Location Services:

1)       Open settings

2)       Select General

3)       Select cellular

4)       Turn off all unnecessary Cellular Data Usage

After disabling this services surely your battery life increases 1 to 2 hours a day.

4)        Turn off Mail Push:

By turning off Mail push your iPhone is no longer check your emails automatically, if you do not access your email account regularly then turn off Mail Push service because if this service in enable then your phone check your email account after every few minutes and it consumes data usage as well as your battery life.

To turn off Mail push

1)       Open settings

2)       Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar

3)       Under Fetch Data set push to off

4)       After that set fetch schedule for 15 minutes

 5)       Turn Off Unnecessary Notifications & Push:

To improve battery life of your iPhone don’t forget to turn off unnecessary Notification & push services like new emails, sms, reminders and social network notifications. These notifications turn your phone display on, and use audio and vibrations. These notifications decreases your iPhone’s battery life. If you turn off these notifications then surely your iPhone’s battery life gives you much time to spend on your iPhone.

To turn off notifications:

1)       Open settings

2)       Select notifications

3)       Open each unnecessary app and choose “None”

Note : In the future when you download any new app and going to install, it will ask you to allow Push  Notifications, in this select “Don’t Allow” instead.

6)       Turn off WiFi:

Whenever you are not using any Wifi network, turn your wifi network off to get good output from your iPhone battery.

To turn off wifi:

1)       Open settings

2)       Select wifi

3)       Move slider to off

7)       Turn off Bluetooth:

Whenever you are not using the Bluetooth Headset service keep your Bluetooth headset service off, because Bluetooth service drain your iPhone’s battery quickly.

To turn off Bluetooth:

1)       Open settings

2)       Select Bluetooth

3)       Move slider to off

8)       Set auto lock to one Minuit:

You can set your iPhone to automatically go to sleep using Auto Lock, after a selected time. The sooner it sleeps, the less power is used to run the display, apps and other services. If possible then set Auto-Lock to 1 or 2 minutes.

To Setup Auto Lock:

1)       Open settings

2)       Select General

3)       Select Auto Lock

4)       And set your preferences

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