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HostGator Dedicated Server Hosting – How Good Is It?

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HostGator is an extremely popular web hosting service which has been around since 2002 and hosts over 10 million websites across the world. HostGator offers a wide range of hosting solutions such as shared web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated server hosting. Our focus in this review is very much on HostGator’s dedicated server hosting.

HostGator has been offering dedicated server hosting for several large online businesses and enterprises across the world. HostGator offers dedicated web hosting with Linux servers AND Windows servers. Here, since Linux dedicated hosting is a more popular choice with most businesses, it should be taken for granted that when we talk about dedicated server hosting, we are referring to Linux servers.

First, let’s understand what is dedicated hosting.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a special type of web hosting configuration in which an entire server is dedicated to a single organization or just one client.  This is different from shared web hosting, in which several users share the resources of the server.

Dedicated server hosting allows for greater customization and offers a much higher degree of freedom and control to users, which are generally large enterprises or online businesses, which they cannot get with other types of hosting. So they can choose the specific features that interest them and pay for those features alone.

There are no problems such server congestion when it comes to dedicated server hosting, the uptime guarantee is often 100% and a dedicated customer service hotline is offered to clients as well.

Okay, without further ado, let’s discuss HostGator’s Dedicated Server Hosting.

HostGator Dedicated Server HostingReliability

HostGator promises an uptime of 99.9% with its regular web hosting such as shared web hosting – with dedicated web hosting the uptime guarantee can be as high as 100%. There’s no question that dedicated server hosting costs a lot and the clients who pay for these services expect nothing short of the best.

HostGator is able to cater to their requirements through dedicated servers housed in the first-rate SoftLayer data center in Dallas, Texas. The HostGator data center is equipped with power backup generators, air conditioning, full power redundancy and care is taken to ensure that there’s no single point of failure I the whole network.

HostGator has partnerships with multiple bandwidth providers such as AT&T, AboveNet, and Level(3), which allows it to provide a fully redundant network to clients, which is why it is able to deliver such a high uptime guarantee with its dedicated server hosting.

HostGator Dedicated Server HostingPrice  

HostGator has four different Linux dedicated server hosting plans that are called Basic, Standard, Elite and Pro. They are priced at $174 per month, $219 per month, $279 per month, and $374 per month respectively. All four HostGator dedicated Linux server packages are full of features such as a high performance Intel Xeon processor, high capacity RAM, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, as well as multiple dedicated IPs. HostGator offers all the tools and technologies that are required to run a large online business with ease and confidence.

HostGator Dedicated Server HostingTechnical Support

HostGator has one of the best customer support teams in the world of web hosting. HostGator hires over 850 customer support executives, who are trained to show the highest level of professional courtesy to clients.  Support at HostGator is available through phone, email and live chat on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year, no breaks and no holidays. Clients are given a round-the-clock assistance and nothing is left to chance.

HostGator Dedicated Server HostingManaged Hosting

HostGator’s dedicated server hosting is a fully managed hosting service, which means everything is taken care of by HostGator’s technical staff, such as installing the operating system, managing the server security and handling of the control panel. Clients don’t have to do anything whatsoever.

HostGator Dedicated Server Hosting – Control Panel

HostGator uses cPanel, which is by far the most popular control panel in the industry and exceptionally user friendly. cPanel allows users to manage their accounts, servers and websites very easily and it makes sure that all the software updates are installed automatically.

HostGator Dedicated Server Hosting – Root Access

Hostgator offers root access to all users of its dedicated server hosting. This means that users are given full control and access to the server and the server’s operating system.

HostGator Dedicated Server HostingHow Good Is It?

We have every reason to believe that HostGator’s dedicated web hosting is exceptionally good. It ranks very highly when it comes to reliability, quality of the support, server specification and technologies used. HostGator dedicated server hosting would make for a perfect choice for e-commerce sites and online portals that get a lot of traffic. We recommend it highly.

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