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Holiday Gaming: Best Games to Play This Winter

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Spending your holidays playing video games, could anything be better than that? Well, some things, probably, but if you’re a dedicated gamer, it’s a dream come true! So, they prepare for the long nights of December and choose which games are going to become their favorites. Here are some of the best titles to play this winter.

Civilization VI

civilization 6

Part six of the Civilization series is as time-consuming as the previous ones, so you’ll probably need the entire winter break to complete it. The main difference between this title and Civilization V – equipped with that awful hex map very few fans appreciated – is that it’s much, much better! Moreover, it won’t need expansion packs to make it exciting and playable – not that they did that for Civilization V either. With the ability to take actions away from the main city space, this iteration challenges your organizational skills more than before. Finally, it introduces a detached culture improvement tree that might be interesting for all those art lovers out there.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Eternal Throne


If you were sad when Knights of the Fallen Empire’s storyline ended, don’t worry – the next step in this inspiring saga has arrived. The Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion pack follows the previous versions, but there’s a twist: now, it’s you who can become the ruler of the galaxy! And to tell you right now – ruling it isn’t easy at all!

You can join the Uprising, get involved in the battles and find yourselves right between the Light and the Dark side, and that’s not a position everyone enjoys. You play with other people online, and being a part of such a group is always a treat. Plus, it’s Star Wars, people – you just have to love it!

Mafia III

mafia 3

This isn’t the favorite mafia-inspired game out there, but it’s always been all right. Now, Mafia III turns this almost forgotten franchise into something relevant again. I’m not sure what makes it so appealing – the 1960s setting, the carnival atmosphere or the side-missions that are short and sweet – but it’s more engaging than I thought it would be. Everything falls into place after a while, and once you stop thinking “It’s Mafia – it can’t be good!”, you’ll immediately start enjoying it. I know I did. This game will probably stretch your hardware the most. In case you fall behind the technical requirements, consider upgrading that old CPU of yours and get yourself a gaming graphics card while at it.

Rocket League

rocket league

If you’re into sports, but don’t want to play FIFA or NBA 2K, this is something for you. Rocket League combines sports with the exhilaration of racing games, but the most addicting part of this game is the gameplay itself. The premise of pushing soccer balls into a goal using rocket-powered cars is so wild and unexpected, but it gets to you in no time.

No matter how competitive you are in real life, you’ll get more competitive when playing Rocket League. You can play against people sitting next to you or challenge random players on the Internet and take your rage out on them using these cute little cars that can do so much. And if you’re not into soccer, there’s a basketball mode you can try, and even a hockey one, too.

Winter Hibernation

Why is winter the best season for video games? It’s simple – you don’t have to do much, you’re on a break, it’s cold outside and the developers have just launched more expansion packs that you’ve been expecting. So, we can all enjoy our winter gaming hibernation, starting today!

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