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Guide on How to Add Music to a Video


Guide on How to Add Music to a Video

Adding music to a video can make it more interesting and help you to get more views. If your video is silent, you can first add an audio track that plays in the background before sharing it online. You need a video editing software to add an audio track onto the video. Movavi Video Editor is the perfect video editor for you if you want to add an audio track into your video. The software is very easy to use and you don’t have to refer to manual to learn how to add music to a video.

Movavi Video Editor works smoothly and the program won’t get hanged if the audio track that you want to add is very lengthy and large in size. It can recognized most of the audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, MP4 and AVI. Adding an audio track into the video is easy in Movavi Video Editor.The first step is to click on the Add Media Files button to add your video. Once you video is added, you can click on the Add Media Files button again to select the audio track and add it onto the timeline. You will notice a red marker over the video and audio file in the timeline.

The red marker is there to help you determine which part of the audio or video you want to cut. For example, if the audio track is longer than the video, you can move the red marker to the end of the video and press the scissor icon to cut it. In this way, the audio track will stop playing when the video reaches the end instead of continue playing until the full length audio track ended. If the audio track is shorter than the video, you can copy and paste the audio track repetitively until the video comes to an end. Doing so allows the same audio track to repeat itself throughout the length of the video.

Movavi Video Editor lets you adjust the volume of the entire audio track or a specific clip of the audio track. You can make changes to the volume level of the audio track by clicking on the volume button and dragging the slider up and down. If you want to adjust the volume of a particular audio track, make sure you select it before clicking on the volume button to adjust the volume. You can set when you want the particular audio track to begin playing.

You can preview whether the audio track plays well in the video in the Movavi Video Editor. If you are satisfied with the result, you can proceed to click on the Export button and select the format you want the save in. You also have to specify the destination path where the video will be saved. You can choose to save the video in a format suitable for viewing on Apple, and Android devices. Once you have selected the format type, you must click on the Save button. It only takes a while to save the video and then you will be able to watch it or upload it to a video sharing site to share it with your audience.



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