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Sponsored Review

Fresh Platform to Get Sponsored Review – Buysell.Reviews !

Hello Bloggers, How are you doing..?? Today we are here with one short and quick article about Sponsored review, yes today we are going to show you the new and fresh way to get sponsored review for your blog.

What is Sponsored review or Sponsored post ?

Most of time we review many product on your blog but we don’t make any money from that reviews, sponsored review is way to get paid for the product  or website site which we review on our blog, Sposnsored review is a fantastic way to make money from our blogs, generally we contact advertisers to get sponsored post which is really time consuming process and most of advertiser doesn’t reply and if they needed review of their product then they directly contact you, but Here I will outline one new way for you to get sponsored articles.

Sponsored Review

Recently one fresh platform is launched for sponsored reviews named buysell.reviews where you can easily get the Sponsored Reviews for your blog.

BuySell.Review Features

Features of  Buysell.reviews

  • Get High Quality Sponsored Posts
  • Easy way to add your Blogs
  • Instant payment via Paypal
  • Earn Satisfactory from your blog
  • Better Earning than other ads network
  • Niche Blog Secrecy Maintained
  • No need to panic seeing adsense banned Screenshots
  • Trusted Quality Advertisers & Websites
  • and much more

Steps to Join Buysell.Reviews

1) Go to Buysell.Reviews

Sign up for BuySell Review

2) Click on “Sing Up as Publisher

3) Now fill up the form 

4) After that you will get the activation mail on your mail id.

5) Activate the account the fill up your details.

6) Now add your blogs on Dashboard

That’s it, Now just wait for few days. One of moderator of BuySell.Review will check your blog and if your blog fulfill the site requirement then your blog will easily approved.

After approval of blog you will start getting the quality sponsored reviews from different advertisers, Hope you like our article on “Fresh platform to get Sponsored Reviews” Don’t forget to share with your bloggers friends to help them to get sponsored reviews..!!

Point to remember:

  • Pick only those product which are related to your blog niche
  • If the product is crappy after trying it, say no and deny the offer.
  • Add some disclaimer in the post, for example “This post is sponsored by $ABC Company/Site”

I am sure, By Writing 2-3 sponsored reviews on your blog, you can easily make around $100 to $300. Do remember always target advertiser who are related to your niche. Else you will lost your blog readers trust.


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  1. very good i have heard about it earlier and it will very much decrease the burden of finding sponsores or paid posts…

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