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How to find stolen phone using IMEI number? Solved!

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In this post we will explain how to track a lost cell phone using imei number, Smartphone is a major part of your life. But what will happen if you lost your Phone. Suppose you put your phone on a table and after some time, you can’t find it there. Obviously, you will feel like crazy because it contains many important and private files.

Now, you will try calling on your phone because it’s the first ever thing comes to over mind when we lost our phones. You may find it switched off because this time someone has stolen it. Now, what will you do. Don’t worry, I have a solution here. These days the majority of individuals have Android phone. So, below is a guide based on the Android Smartphones. It will help you find stolen phone, if you are iPhone user then you can check our post track lost iPhone.

find stolen phone

All mobiles have an unique identity number which is called International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number that helps us to detect the current location of that mobile phone. Since this number is valid for GSM, UMTS and LTE mobiles, IMEI number can help in tracking or blocking your stolen or lost mobile phone.

When a phone is switched on, the IMEI number is transmitted and checked against a database in the network’s Equipment Identity Register which is generally called EIR. There are three categories available of EIR namely the “white lists”, “gray lists” and “black lists”. The mobile company operator can block a mobile phone by putting IMEI number in black list. User can also track their mobile phone through Global Positioning System. Generally, mobile companies provide these services only in case of special investigations so if you are thinking that the police or mobile operator will help you to find your lost or stolen Device using your device IMEI number then forgot about it.

Whenver your phone was stolen than you can easily find stolen phone using your phone’s IMEI number.

Check or track a phone using IMEI Number: 

Find your Imei Number by following ways:

1) On purchase bill of your mobile phone

2) Under the battery of your mobile phone

3) On the box of your mobile phone

4) By dialling *#06# from your mobile phone

Ways to find stolen Android phone

Method 1: Way to Track a Stolen Phone using Google Android Device Tracking

You should know that Google has their own Tracing system for your Android Smartphones. But you should enable it as soon as you buy your Phone. You will find an option in Settings >> Location>> Access Location. Just enable it and you are done.

These days majority of individuals have this enabled. SO, we suppose you have also done the same. Now, Follow the below given steps to find your stolen phone.

Note:- It’s all Pre steps which you need when you buy your phone. If you already Lost your phone, then, this option will not help you. In this case read the tips given at the bottom of this article.

1) Open Android Device manager website.

2) Log In with your Google account and then, they will ask you to accept terms. After Accepting terms a pop up will ask you to send notification to your phone. Click “SEND“.

3) Now, In your phone follow the notification and Activate this feature which will later help you remotely lock or change lock pattern of your phone when lost.

4)You can also track your phone’s recent location via this option and then give it to the police.

 Method 2: Tracking Android Phone via IMEI number through your service provider:

In this process your network service provider after taking police permission put your phone IMEI number on tracking and as soon as any person insert sim card on your device, service provider get the location and sim card registered user detail, But there is very less chances that police give the permission to track the phone.

Method 3: Trace your Lost Mobile with IMEI Number Using Premium Antivirus

There are many Antivirus programs available that gives you an extra layer of security. One of my favorites is Netqin which let you activate security mode. When someone changes the Sim card on your phone, it asks for the password so the phone gets locked. You can also Lock your phone remotely using this Antivirus. There are many similar Antivirus that works in the same manner. So, it’s a must for your Smartphone to have Antivirus program.

So, that’s it with the tips. I hope it helps you to find your Stolen Phone. If you want any more help regarding this topic “How to find stolen phone using IMEI number” , then feel free to ask us via below comments box.


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  1. Hello Harshit, is there any other way to locate stolen android phone? I mean if I don’t have IMEI number than you can I find my device, please help.

    • Yes you can Track your phone using Google device manager.
      for more information read this article : Track Android devices using Android Device Manager

      • Heyy Harshit,

        1st of all your post title is not relevant to the solution u have provided.
        You told about finding IMEI number but not finding phone via IMEI number.

        Here is challenge for you:-

        A user lost his android phone. He knows his imei number. he also tried tracking it via android device manager but as you know as soon as thief gets the device, they first take out the sim card and delete the data by factory resetting it. (by restarting the phone in safe mode). Now the device battery can’t be removed so he switched off the phone even when the screen is locked and restarted in safe mode to delete the data. After deleting the data, There is no google acount attached to phone now. Now only thing you can do is go to cops and tell your imei number, nut you already know cops in india are useless. So my final question is how will you track on your own the phone you just lost by knowing IMEI number.

        I am assuming The user dont want to go to cops and beg for tracking it. only he wants to tracks it.

        Please email me your solution to samsuhas12@yahoo.in
        I can discuss it with you personally if you want

        • Suhas, I agree with you that if a thief got the phone he first remove the all data and accounts. But what if he didn’t do this and suppose your phone is not stolen and lost somewhere, then the above method will work for your brother.

      • Adress: house no. b1/38 multanipura, modinagar, india, pin code- 201204

        phone model: MT27i

        make: may 2012

        last used no.: 9808272150

        email for communication: gauravchaudhary21@yahoo.com

        missed date: 03/08/2014

        IMEI NO: 352264052506827

        respected sir,
        this is my brother mobile that is expire on……22/08/2014. my brother age was 20 years old and he is younger than me. he was expire due to car accident.

        and i wish to track this mobile because in that mobile there is lots of memories of my brother that helps me to live.

        so, i hope u give me positive response very soon………………plz help me because i cant live with out my brother memories……………

        thanks and regards
        gaurav chaudhary

      • sir,
        i have lost my samsung galaxy core phone.
        i tried using android device manager but no use.
        i have given police complaint also but they didn’t reply me back..
        i have some private files in my mobile..
        please track my phone using my imei code..
        imei code: 357089055567376
        pls track my phone its my humble request….
        my phone number:8105607394

  2. dear Harshit, my android device (samsung galexy grand)is stolen by someone 13 days back. I have my imei no. can i track it?, complaint was registered to police but no progess. android divice manager could not foud location, please help me e mail me.

  3. Thank a ton, I just lost my mobile and got the IMEI number through your post. Atleast I will be able to get further with the search for the mobile.

  4. hello harshit
    i recently lost my samsung s advanced mobile set i have imei number but don’t know how to track it.please help…my email id is kuldeeppatra@gmail.com

  5. sir,29 july2013 I lost my Samsung mobile but iemi related box & other thing unable to find thus I purchase new mobile and same number I find from provider,cdr can provide the help to find iemi of stolen phone but police didn’t job well or forgetted,now its possible to find phone,9451887779 my number,now used by me in Samsung grand,thanx

  6. dear sir,
    i lost my samsung galaxy grand quattro gt-i8552 . on 17th jan 14, my imei no -357091054559958, 357092054559956
    also sim inside the phone- airtel-9668419340, idea-9540683481
    plz trace out and get it me.

  7. can i track my phone by using android device manager while my mobile is switch off or no internet activated in my lost phone.

  8. i lost my micromax canvas hd last month i filled fir with the police with the imei no, kindly help me to find it i have a gmail ac registered with the device but i did not activate the lock or erase option on google device, what can be done now kindly help

  9. Hi,

    I lost my phone Google Nexus 4 yesterday. Although I have IMEI number and gmail also synced, I am not sure how to track the location and erase the data. My phone is coming switched off.

  10. My HTC One got stolen 2 days ago. I have called the police and my mobile operator.

    I realized that I was too fast to revoke access and change my password on my google account. By this information, is it impossible to reverse my mistake there, I have my IMEI number?

  11. Rohit Yuvaraj Chaudhari

    hello Harshit, I lost my mobile on 31 jan 2014.

    IMEI No1: 911334850655706
    IMEI No2: 911334850961708
    these are my imei no.

    I did not install any tracking s/w in it.
    I tried many ways but i cant. please help me out.

    • Send me your cellphone details on my mail id.

      • HI
        I LOST MY PHONE ON 1-AUG-2014

      • Hello Harshit Sir,

        i have lost my Samsung Grand 2 and no mobile tracker was activated in it.how i can find the same through my IMEI No.?
        my email id is advsnarayan@gmail.com
        and mt IMEI is 352116066142157


  12. but , now a days imei no. will be changed and upgrade all tracking app .

  13. Yesterday some one call me and told that he will search and give location of my stolen phone . His mobile No. – 07782058534

  14. hey i lost my phone i have my imie but dont know how to track da phone its been 2 since i lost my phone plzz help thans

    • Nitin send me your headset details.

      • Hello harshit,

        My phone had been stolen 4 days ago by bike snatcher through my hand while i was talking.
        Here is my phone details- Samsung galaxy grand 2 duos
        IMEI NO- 352116060346945/ 352117060346943
        android device manager is not working.
        i had filed DDR against sim and phone.
        please help me to find out my mobile.

  15. Hello harshit ….I lost my cell ( blackberry 9220 ).I had not make a google account in that cell . Is it possible to track it ?
    Imei num-353566058347090. plz inbox me the solution asap
    Mail id – bagh.chitranjan@gmail.com

  16. Dear sir,
    My android phone (samsung galexy grand) is stolen by someone in train near gwalior m.p. 2 months back. I have my EMEI NO. 355886053226943 & 355887053226941 how track it ? , can i track it ?, complaint was registered to local police station but no progess. android divice manager could not foud location, please help me. Please mail me . my email id is skjaiswal22@gmail.com

  17. some one call me, said that your lost phone is in my hand & he gave imei No. of my lost phone, now he want to return to me. but he need money and gave me his bank account detail, also he said after money transfer he will courier my phone.. plz give suggestion me,,

  18. hello Harshit, I lost my mobile on 07 March 2014.
    IMEI No1: 911304250673781
    IMEI No2: 91130425928789
    these are my imei no.
    I did not install any tracking s/w in it.
    I tried many ways but i cant. please help me out.

  19. Hello
    I have lost my Laptop along with Net dongle (SIM-idea). I have made Police complaint but it will look hardly be fruitful . I have MAC NO of Lost laptop and IMEI no of net dongle ,Sim No . Is there any other way to trace the lost? my contact no 7489351157

  20. dear Harshit, my android device (samsung galaxy grand)is stolen by someone 5days back. I have my imei no. can i track it? but don’t know how to track it. please help…my email id is amandeepsingh006@yahoo.in

  21. my mobile was stolen can i track my phone
    if possible please send the details

  22. hello sir
    i lost my mobile yesterday at mumbai local solen by some one
    i have imei number as follows…………..
    its samsung grand color white elegant
    please help me
    mail me at meenakshi.agr12@gmail.com
    i was having my one of gmail id login with it

  23. My mobile was stolen, would you please tracking my mobile with this IMEI no. samsung GT-N7000
    IMEI: 359548040995602


    my e-mail : jayautama40@gmail.com

  24. sir i lost my samsung galaxy grand duos my imei 356150055769080
    pls help me to locate and the mob having this number 9597600098(airtel)
    from tamilnadu
    my mail id is mahesh9415@gmail.com
    contact no 9787048984

  25. Hi Harshit Jain,
    As I was trying to board a bus some idiot had stolen my samsung galaxy grand 2 ,it happened on 14th Apr 2014, I haven’t installed any mobile trackers in it , so is it possible to track now ?
    I even lodged a written complaint at nearby police station they said we will track it , but I have no hopes on them? even if they do their job I’m happy and in between with some of the research on google I found there are ways that they can change the IMEI numbers. Is it really possible to do so ?

    Best Regards

    • Suman, If you didn’t active Google Track device manager then there are very less chances to track your cell phone through IMEI.
      I don’t have any idea about IMEI change functionality.

    • The Best way is to File an application under Right to Information Act 2005 by mentioning the FIR number of your complaint that was already registered with the following questions.

      1. What is the present status of the case

      2. Actions taken on the complaint

      3. Also ask to furnish the Letters / Requests made with the higher officials and telecom operators.

      You may get result with in 30 days definitely.

  26. pls help me today morning at 9’o clock am my phone was stolen at gwalior railway station the train was travelling to h.nizamuddin and at the time of my relatives were entering into the train theft stole my mobile from my back pocket that time i did not feel and when i know its too late so kindly help

  27. Harshit, how do you have access to locate IMEI number?

  28. hi can i tract my android through IMEI bcoz my phone got stolen 4me..and i follow the steps..they cannot locate it.. please help..i just need only the location in that phone..thank you..

  29. hi harshit,
    my friends mobile samsung galaxy duos model samsung 7562 was lost.Its IMEI no is 359164057494396. pls do the needful to track my mobile .

  30. Hi,
    I have lost my mobile phone today. Samsung S4 Mini with IMEI no-357965055887163. There was no security app installed on phone.Can I still track my phone?

  31. sir,
    please tell me how to go in android section of dash board

  32. Hi Hrshit,

    Today morning stolen my mobile. I tried to cal my number but it was coming switched off. So i taken duplicate sim.

    And i tried to trace my mobile by using android device manager but its showing location unavilable. So is there any way to trace a mobile when its switched off.

    Please let me knw.


  33. I have lost my Nexus-5 mobile today. There are no tracking softwares installed in it. I have my IMEI number for the same. Could you please help me to track my mobile.

  34. Harshal jadhav

    Hey Harshit,
    Bro my mobile stolen from me in my class. Bt I can’t find. Maine police complaint bhi ki hai and tumhare step bhi follow kiye hai bt dude kuch nhi ho raha. Plz help me.
    IMEI NO.- 35850704-094187-6
    MODEL.- sony xperia arc s
    My mail id- harshaljadhav1992@gmail.com
    No.- 9970689866

  35. hi my new phone micromax canvas fun has been stoled on 11-5-2014 which was purchased on just six days before in that device i didn’t make my google account i even lodged my complint at police station but they said they abswer me after some time but there is no answer from them please tell me that how can i trace my phone by using imei no.only my email id is mradu.2707@gmail.com

  36. Lost my note 2 and I don’t have the imei. Can I track it with my gmail or google account??

  37. my phone has been stolen on this Tuesday 27th may 2014. can i locate it ??????? i dosnt hav a google account yet bcoz i hav recently purchased it……..

    its model is micromax canvas hd. . (micromax canvas a116)…..

    if there is a any way to find my stolen phone…plz tell me..

    and i hav made apattern lock on it and also installed app lock on it…….

  38. Hi harshit ! I lost my S4 3 months back . Again i purchased a new s4. I go throuh ur suggestion but when i login to google device manager it shows my new mobile location. Actually my mail id is same in both the mobile phones. What can i do plz suggest

  39. thnks yar i got my old phone……m visiting your site thnks man

  40. This is something a unique trick i found it here. Hope it works. I gonna try it now..

  41. bro,
    my lg android mobile was stolen.
    i tried to trace it with android device manager and android lost but on use : location unavailable.
    should the google account and data be enabled on mobile to trace.
    how should i delete it from android device manager.

  42. Bro,
    I lost my old android device.
    I got another one but i’m unable to delete the old device from the android device manager.
    Tell me the process to delete the old android device from the android device manager

  43. Hi harshit . I am from Bangladesh and after loosing my phone i came thru this blog . plz help me find my phone. i cannot install plan b on it either. i tried android device manager but it says location unavailable. i have the imei number 357786057231972 . pls help me

  44. bro, is there any way to trace stolen android only with imei

  45. Is there a way to track and access my stolen iPhone4S and retrieve data from it?

    • Hello, Yes there is way to track your stolen iPhone

      Check out the post: http://www.techypassion.com/track-find-stolen-iphone/

      • Thank you, I’ve read countless articles like this one about how to track a lost phone using these methods.
        However I’m looking for a solution a little more out of the box and more in line with the sci-fi future we are living in.
        I want to find a way I can track the IMEI of my stolen phone myself, then I want to remotely access the phone and retrieve data from it – yes sounds just like something from a movie, but I know it must be possible, even if not legitimately.
        Any thoughts?

  46. Sir ,
    My phone is stolen ,Samsung glaxy young 5360 . imei number is 352384056682588. kindly provied me the current sim number which one is used in used in this phone presently.

    Dinesh Guleria

  47. Hello Dears,
    Harshit Jain discussed all the possible ways for find the Lost / Stolen mobiles Technically.

    If you are unable to utilize those please follow these.

    In India the Law and order system was very corrupted. They are showing their negligence for common people. For avoiding those we had a very powerful act called “Right to Information Act 2005” in short “RTI Act 2005” in our judiciary system.

    Step -1
    Whenever you lost your mobile Phones, Tablets with Net or Mobile Connectivity, Laptops or any other gadgets using the wireless connectivity may file a complaint at the nearest police station.

    That is the duty of police as per the section 154 (1) of Criminal Procedure Code to take the complaint and register the case.

    If they refused to register the complaint we have the right to complain the same to the concerned Superintendent / Commissioner of Police through post (preferably Registered Post) under section 154 (3) of the Criminal Procedure Code. if no action found during these may send the same to the magistrate of the nearest court through post by explaining the previous efforts how the complaint was refused.

    Step -2
    After Registering the Complaint the the police should have to give the copy of the FIR to the Complainant under section 154(2) of Criminal Procedure Code.

    If the Police Refused to take the complaint the complainant may ask for the reasons behind the refusal of such complaint under RTI Act.

    Step – 4
    After Registering of the Complaint if observed that no actions were taken by the police, we may file an application as asks to furnish the (a) Actions (b) Letters or Orders issued to the Telecom Operators (c) Permissions taken from the officials for tracking the IMEI / MAC ID (d) Also Reasons for the Delay.

    By doing this you may definitely Get the mobile within 30 days.

    If need any Clarification / Assistance to find your mobile may contact me 24×7 on bbratnam@live.in

    Sorry for my Bad English, Hope you understand what to do.


  48. Dear sir,
    My samsung galaxy grand 2 is stolen by someone from a shop, three days back. I have my EMEI NO. 359906050460570 & 359907050460578
    used airtel number- 9895151589 ( now I took a duplicate sim)
    account under– shafeek991@gmail.com
    how track it ? , can i track it ?, complaint was registered to local police station but no progess. android divice manager could not foud location, please help me. Please mail me . my email id is rizvan008@yahoo.com

    Thanks and regards,

    • Hello Rivan, All possible methods to track a mobile phone is already described in the above post, you can use the above method to track your phone.

  49. Balasubramanian

    my phone has been stolen today thursday 3rd July 2014. .
    its model is samsung advance GT-I9070…..
    IMEI nO: 353019050880569
    if there is a any way to find my stolen phone…plz tell me..

    and i hav made apattern lock on it and also installed app lock on it…….

  50. Hello Harshit Jain :
    I lost my hauwei mobile one month before i already activated my google account ,i tried to trace my mobile using google device manager but it shows location unavailable it seems my mobile is not connected with internet can you help me to find it , i have imei number but thief using my mobile with his sim ,is this possible to find thief mobile number, he is using his sim on my mobile please help me thank you

  51. Nadeem Ahmed
    Dear sir,
    My android phone (Samsung galaxy S4 mini) is stolen by someone on Gun Pint Near My home on 4th july 2014. I have my EMEI NO. 355887053226941 how track it ? , can i track it ?, complaint was registered to local police station but no progess. android divice manager could not foud location, please help me. Please mail me . my Goggle account is active of nadeem.na183@gmail.com

    Regard’s Nadeem
    City Matli, Pakistan

  52. Hey Harshit, this is sonu here,
    i lost my mobile Nexus 4 ,three days back with the apps installed ( A.D.M ),
    I was tracking my mobile from past two days but getting no information on google device, i think they have resetted it, can i still track it through, please bro help me.
    IMEI NO : 352444049919222

  53. Hi All,
    Any help to find stolen Lumia 720 please?
    Many Thanks,

  54. Francois Van Rooyen

    Hi my Galaxy Tab was stolen can u please help me to find the locations.Imei:352816/05/079846/4

  55. hello sir,
    my dad lost his brand new htc
    desire u 3 days back.
    he didn’t installed any
    application on it yet,nd didn’t
    even used Internet on it.
    we have the imei no. with us.
    can we still find our phone…???

  56. sir,
    how to go further…???

  57. hi sir, am anil from davanagere. i had lost my lg optimus gt540 in last october 2013. But i had complained in police station. but they can’t respond me. Bcoz how to trace the location by IMEI. So please let me know this is IMEI no 352166043836710

  58. hi sir i lost my phone since 5days i have no imei but only i have my cell number if possible to find my phone plz help me

  59. anup kumar gautam

    I have lost my phone of model no SM-N900V(Samsung note 3).
    the mobile no used in that phone is 9540113640. I do not know the IMEI no of my phone.
    Can u please help me to know the IMEI no of my phone and other details such as how to trace my phone. u can call me on 9654535336 or mail me on anupcs0017@gmail.com

    MY IMEI NOS. ARE 911306751209585 & 911306751709584

  61. dear sir,
    i lost my Karbonn A1+ duple, my imei no
    plz trace out and get it me.
    Ashish- 8987603256

  62. Hi Harshit Jain,

    I lost my samsung galaxy y duos on saterday morning,

    I gave a complaint to nearest police station , They failed FIR .

    They said that we’ll find in fifteen days using with IMEI number .

    They said come after 10 days, we’ll try to find .

    Can we find with the help of airtel or samsung ??

    Is there any source to fin the moblie phone using with IMEI number ?

    Please reply asap .

    – Sreenath .

  63. i lost my phone. loaction is off. and my internet is also disabled. please help me out to locate my cell phone through imei no. or phone no. as the sim card hasn’t been removed.

  64. Harshit bro isn’t there any other way except android manager to locate my stolen nexus 5
    Plz reply on my id

  65. hello sir, I lost my Samsung grand 2 , IMEI NO. 359906050449318 .. please sir , find my phone .. thanks
    reply on my no. 9478350071

  66. hello sir i lost my mobile and i tryed the android device manger but it is of no use sir i hve my emie number sir can u help me and my contact details 8885598015 and mail id praveen431@gmail .com and it is a samsung cell plz reply me soon sir i hop u well help

  67. pramod kumar charpe

    I had lost my micromax canwas hd A116 mobile phone .
    my imei no. is :- 911353301293818
    , 911353301370319

    and the mobile tracker is not open in my lost mobile. please help me to find my mobile phone.

  68. Pratiksha Matondkar

    I have lost my samsung galaxy note 2. I have also registered police complaint. They said they have forwarded it for tracing.

    I found one strange thing i.e. when i was finding my device using android device manager, it showed me 2 devices listed under my google play setting option. In that list, one is my device and other does not belong to me.

    I checked on google dashboard for the imei information of both the devices. I got the new device showing fake imei number (231761968368404).

    My device original imei number was (357729055223625).

    please help me to find my device.

    Pratiksha Matondkar

  69. I am happy to see that you are replying almost all queries.

    Someone snatched and run away my phone in a crowded market in mid of June 2014.

    I also made a complain in police, but as you know Indian Police – no action

    unfortunately, i haven’t install any antitheft software to trace the mobile.

    My question is, if that person format the complete mobile and changed the SIM card then how it is possible to trace the mobile.

    As per your instruction, i registered in Android Device manager website

    But i am getting the message No active devices
    Before you can use Android Device Manager, you must have an active Android device.

    Can you please help on this.


  70. Hello Harshit,
    This is Surendra. i lost my mobile while i was travelling in train today. my mobile is linked with Google account but i kept my mobile in Flight Mode while travelling. and also my mobile is secured with pattern lock. Is that possible to break the pattern lock? Is that possible to track if my mobile is Switched off? I didn’t give any police complaint im just trying by myself through internet to find out am i doing wrong or right..? if the person who has stolen my mobile didn’t switch it on then what to do..? i heard that people can change the firmware of the mobile then we can’t trace the mobile at any cost Is that right..?
    Can u please send your answer to my mail Email id: Naidusurendra9@gmail.com so that i can know that you gave reply to my query..Please let me know the solution Harshit.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Surendra naidu

  71. Hello Harshit Jain,

    I lost my Samsung Note 3 in August 15, 2014 around 4:30pm to 5:00pm. I read your posts but I’m not sure how to do it. I did not have Android Device Manager in my phone or any app for tracking. My sim card didn’t work and the person who stole my phone didn’t answer to any of the calls or texts. But I know my IMEI number. Could you help me?

  72. Sir please help me.
    I lost my Samsung Note 3 in August 15, 2014 at around 4:30-5:00pm
    I don’t have Android Device Manager in my stolen phone.
    I didn’t have any tracking apps there.
    I think the person reseted my phone and took my sim card.
    All I know is the IMEI number.
    Could you please help me?
    I just need the location of my phone. Please
    If you find it, it means the world to me.

  73. i lost my micro max canvas 2.2
    already lodged FIR
    police telling to that once they track theyll call
    my imei no is 911343504663412
    pls help

  74. I lost phone…I didn’t have a any phone theft app…. I have only imei no only …any possible way to find my mobile ?

  75. hello sir. i have lost my mobile it is Gionee-E3 and its imei no. is 861169024051618 and 861169025051617. I have lodged FIR also please tell me how can i find my lost mobile.. i don’t know i have put my google location on or off plese help me in finding my phone..

  76. I lost my samsung galaxy young yesterday IMEI no 359037/05/918699/8 can you please help me

  77. Hello harshit,

    I have lost my samsung s4 on 23 aug 2014.as per your above direction i tried to locate my missing mobile via google account .it show some location.

    Can you tell me is it right.means how it seached the missing phone as i never installaed any google account.but i have used open my gmail acount a lots of time on my missing mobile.

  78. i had lost my samsung galaxy grand2 mobile on 21st aug 2014.And I lodge a complaint in police station. I have a doubt whether any possibility to change imei no of samsung mobile?
    My email id chandrakommoju2@gmail.com
    Please reply me

  79. I have lost my android phone but i didnt enable my GPS Satellite and not intalled any tracer app. i just have imei number can you please help me as soon as possible. it will be to thnkfull to u if u ll help me soon.
    my contact number is 9039595048,7415541706

  80. Dear Harshit,

    I have lost my phone and i don’t have the IMEI number.
    How can i know my IMEI number. the phone is too old i dont know from where i bought it..but my sim card is still in that mobile and the phone is ringing…
    Please help me ho to trace that phone…

    Mukesh Gupta

  81. HI
    I LOST MY PHONE ON 31-AUG-2014
    IMEI NO.

  82. Sir ,
    My phone is stolen in bangalore BMTC bus on yesterday 31/8/14 ,MICROMAX A116 CANVAS HD. 911304250118977 M_IMEI
    911304250373978 S_IMEI
    kindly provied me the current sim number which one is used in used in this phone presently. to mail Id prashanthask@yahoo.co.in
    9743056541 contact number, I hav tried the above methods but its not working, I am having hope on you, that you are going to sure help me in this regard, I am requesting you please please..

    Prashanth Raj

  83. Umashankar Kumar
    Mobile: 9841967430
    IMEI: 356605052892102
    Sony Xperia L C2104
    Lost Date: 30-August-2014, Saturday, approx. 7 p.m.
    Lost Location: near Kancheepuram
    Complaints: Filed a complaint with the local police station, waiting for response.
    Tries: Tried Android Device Manager, tried locating from Lookout.com
    Results: Not reachable, sim may be removed or turned off, Couldn’t locate!

  84. My phone is stolen..imei num=353607060716417

    plz help me plz

  85. HI
    I LOST MY PHONE ON 39-SEP-2014
    IMEI NO.351612065004324,PLZ HELP ME

  86. hello sir

    i lost my iphone4 2 years back but i had got no information .can i know ways and procedures for finding it with mu imei number

  87. hey harshit, I have lost my nexus5 on sunday 07/09/14. I hav’nt registered for the tracking . I have my IMEI no., my no is 9637892049 which is coming switched since sunday. I have loged a complaint in police station. The service provider & Maker i.e LG both claim having no authority to track the device. I tried the above mentioned steps on device manager, it shows last date of online. Not any location of the device. Please help in this regard. My registered email is wrangler67@gmail.com.

  88. Hi Harshit,

    wanted to know whether all the network service provider like Airtel vodaphone… have the authority / eligibility to block the smart phone / mobile phones using IMEI no?
    Or the mobile showroom people (where the mobile is purchased) can block it?


  90. hi,my mobile was stolen on 12/9/14 at hatibagan in kolkata who has stolen my phone he/she destroyed my simcard my emei num is 358870055492452…it is jst 8 months used.. plzzz help me to find my ph

  91. Hi ,
    I have stolen my mobile Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, can you please help me.
    i have only IMEI number:352996067786908
    please reply me.

  92. Dear sir/Madam,
    I have lost my mobile at Chandni Chowk Pune. My mobile details are as given below.
    Phone Model : Micromax Canvas 2 A120(White colour)
    Last Used : 14/09/2014
    Missed Date : 14/09/2014
    IMEI: 911367103234135
    Last used no:- 8237142636
    Can you please help me in tracking my phone. .
    Thanking you,
    Lavina Panchmiya
    E-MAIL: panchmiyalavina@gmail.com
    Lost Mobile no- 8237142636
    Contact me : 8237142636

  93. Good article. Only two things that are really annoying here:

    1. This comment box should have placed right after the post. I had to come all the way down to Sri Lanka to find it.

    2. The article is spammed with keywords. KW spamming days are over boy. Write clean and readable article, cutting the crap.

  94. Hi sir,
    I lost my Samsung galaxy core i8262 bearing IMEI number 352954061515930 Today morning .
    I have gmail account login email id veena94poojitha@gmail.com.
    Please help me tracing it’s location. Please mail me to kevinnaga.kumar@gmail.com

  95. i lost my mobile samsung note 3 how to find plz help

  96. hii harshit i have lost my moto g phone ime no 354994058935957. please help me to track my phone . my id is rjvlm234@gmail.com

  97. Dear Harshit,

    I have lost my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT 7100 mobile today in Nasik Maharashtra.

    Its IMEI no is – 352613062741560

    It has Idea Sim card with mobile no 8087010870 in it.

    I have not activated any phone tracker software of google device manager tracking on my phone.

    Can you help me to trace my phone or erase its data and lock it.

    I will be very much grateful to you.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Manoj Gupta
    9028046858 (Alternate mobile No)

  98. Dear Harshit Sir,
    I lost my Samsung Grand 2 and no tracker was activated in it.I have already go through android track device manager but nothing happened.Even has registered my complaint through FIR but police autjhority failed to help me. Please Help me sir. my mail id is –advsnarayan@gmail.com
    my contact no. is 92712257104

    Please help me sir and kindly suggest some solution …Please…!!!

    Thanking you

  99. my MOTO G phone got stolen few days back .i filled fir with the police with the imei no, please help me finding my phone , what can be done now know i would be highly thankful to u please please help. MY EMAIL ID IS rjvlm234@gmail.com

  100. Dear Sir,

    I have bought new mobile SAMSUNg GALAXY CORE on 07.11.2013, same is stolen on 19.09.2014 after 11.30PM.

    Details of stolen phone is as under:

    Your name: Ritesh Prajapati
    Address: Prajapati Street, Sojitra, Dist: Anand, Gujarat, India Pin 387240
    Phone model: Samsung Galaxy Core I-8262
    Make: Samsung
    Last used No.: 9909254599 and 7623986225 both are active
    E-mail for communication: 123.ritesh@gmail.com
    Date of theft and losing phone: mid night of 19.09.2014
    IMEI No.: 357089059301681 / 357090/05/9301689
    Memory card: 8GB

    Kindly arrange to track the same, please return to me as it contains my important datas viz contacts,sms, photos, videos etc..

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Ritesh Prajapati

  101. hi harshit
    if the thief did hard reset..what is the next process to find my phone??

  102. Hi,

    Harshit, my phone Micromax Canvas Magnus A117 got stolen one week ago on 16th of September. I have lodged a complaint in police. Yet I want to track down my phone. My IMEI numbers of my phone are 911334851378761 and 911334851623760.

    I have tried Android device manager. This is what it is showing:

    Micromax A117

    Location unavailable
    Last online September 6, 2014

    What to do?
    Please help me out. You can contact me at sandip9932@gmail.com


    Sandip Ghosh.

  103. Earl Jan B. Guirit

    please help me guys! :((
    my samsung s3 GT-19305T was lost yesterday
    here’s the IMEI number: 3539770750171450

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(((((((((((((( I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  104. haii
    harshit bro i lost my idea 3g smartfone on sep 3 2014
    i had used your android device manager it shows my mobile name and last online date but nt location
    ihave its imei numbers plese help me broooo

  105. Dear Harshit I lost my Motox in market of Hyderabad on 1-10-14. I have locked the phone using android device manager. My imei no is 3550030595087462. I have lodged police complaint too. Is it possible to find out its location by any other method. Pl reply me.

    • Dear Harshit,
      I have clicked on lock button in device manager. I do not know whether it got locked or not. Unless the person comes online it will not get locked. Even today it says the device is not available and it shows device was online on 1-10-14 the day I lost the phone and it was online with me. My other devices I am able to locate easily as they or online except the lost motox.
      Is it possible for him to get online with out breaking my password of lock. I am confused how the lock works if the mobile in not online. Thnak you for prompt reply.

  106. Mahesh V.Puranik

    I lost my samsung1282 mobile and imei no is
    missed date=3-10-2014
    can u plz help me to get my mobile……
    its no is 9535576938

  107. Hello, my nexus 4 was stolen 2 days ago. First thing I did was to call my phone and obviously the thief will switch off my phone. I tried to use the Android device Manager, Google location history and my AVG anti-theft to track it, but all failed because it had been turned off. And I also not sure who I should contact if I want to block my phone. should I contact Google or my SIM provider to block it? Can I contact google through email to block it since I lived in Malaysia, but I bought the phone while I was studied in UK 2 years ago, then it is really difficult for me to contact google. I think I have the IMEI number to allow it to be blocked.
    Besides, if I wiped all the data and everything in my phone, will it cause the lost of my contacts which also can be found in my google mail? Do you think I should delete all of my things in the phone?
    Can you help me with this problem? I really don’t know what to do as I am still shock with the lost.

  108. i have lost my new idea 3G smart phone today which was brought yesterday i have installed whats up .can i still track my phone using imei number

  109. i have lost my new idea 3G smart phone today which was brought yesterday i have installed whats up .can i still track my phone using imei number .iam waiting for your answer

  110. i lost my phone before 24hrs of my purchase it is idea 3g smartfone ultra 2 and it has imei no 863255020285124 and 863255020285140 please help me sir

  111. sir i have lost my samsung galaxy note 2 just before one hour before my imei number is 354666051017812 plz trace it sir and mail me at skhan786@gmail.com waiting for your response sir….

  112. i lost my micromax android mobile

    imei nos are 911306902474278 & 911306902729275

    how can i find my stolen mobile

  113. Hey I’m manpreet I have brought my new phone Micromax canvas nitro of imei no. 911375704212798 had been theft .it was birthday gift please find it .for more information please contact me 8285588789.please find my mobile.

  114. Hey I’m Manpreet and I have brought my new phone Micromax canvas nitro on 26th October of imei no. 911375704212798 had been theft .it was birthday gift please find it .for more information please contact me 8285588789.please find my mobile.

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