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Top 5 Email Marketing Tools

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You’re hearing it now on techypassion.com where we will be sharing with you the best and the Top 5 email marketing tools.

Top  5 Email Marketing Tools

email marketing tools

Here’s the deal, you can either redirect the traffic to your landing/ squeeze page and get a sale done. Or, you can act like the real guy, build a list, and that would be your constant source of $ forever. So if you need to build a list, you most definitely need an E-mail Marketing tool, right?

And that’s the reason I’m writing this piece today about email marketing tools. To help you make a decision about which tool is best for you and which one you should go with. Also, we will cover why one tool might be better than the other.

#1 GetResponse:-

There’s a reason for me placing this at the top, and you’ll soon find out exactly why.

Here’s a sneak-peek into the thousands of features that GetResponse holds in its domain.

  • Advanced 2.0 AutoResponder never lets you miss a single sign up.
  • All Email templates are Responsive.
  • 500+ Email Templates
  • Pre-made Landing pages with 100+ designs.
  • Exclusive to GetResponse: Webinar pages. Host Webinars right from the account.
  • Grow and improve your campaigns with its advanced A/B testing features.
  • Drag & Drop page and template builders.
  • In-built Data analyzer.
  • Real-time E-mail preview. So now you know what the mail would actually look like.

The two main reasons why I actually love GetResponse is because you can host Landing Pages, and it’s also an E-mail autoresponder, in the same package. Additionally, the price – service ratio is the “best” in the industry. Yes, probably one of if not the best email marketing tools in the industry.

Meaning, for all of that action packed package, you would happily pay the $15 pricing it starts at. And the best thing is when your E-mail list grows, it doesn’t suddenly start costing you a fortune, but the price: subscribers ratio remains the same.

#2 MailChimp

Mailchimp is yet another industry leader when it comes to E-mail marketing.

I’m listing Mailchimp here at #2 because it was the first tool I ever used in my E-mail Marketing career. It provided me with a free account, so I thought there’s no harm, only later I regretted the decision a bit. More on that later, first let’s have a look at what it has to offer:-

  • Neatly organized lists.
  • Deep insights.
  • Mobile apps, so you don’t have to worry about the templates being responsive or it being compatible with Mobile devices.
  • Automate your autoresponder.

Well, remember me regretting going with Mailchimp? It was because of this last feature, you don’t get an auto-responder, in the free version. Meaning, with the GetResponse 30days free trial, you’re getting all the features, while with mailchimp you just can’t automate your thing without paying them upfront.

#3 Campaigner

Campaigner maybe an Email marketing tool, but it’s known for its support services. Meaning, ofcourse it’s a cool email  marketing service, but even if it isn’t as cool as GetResponse or Mailchimp, it did win the customer service award for 2015 !

Lets look down as to what it has got to offer you:-

  • Split testing:- As I always say, without testing you can’t improve. Well campaigner provides you every opportunity to “improve” for sure.
  • Good Auto Responders:- Although it might not have as advanced auto responders as GetResponse, it still does it’s job.
  • Email workflows in action
  • Analysis tools
  • Email templates
  • Super cool List and Contacts management
  • Automated Reports delivery

Although Campaigner is a good marketing tool, still it clearly could use a lot of improvements.

#4 PinPointe:-

Next on the stage is PinPointe, it does exactly what you would expect any email marketing tool to do.

That is, Gather subscribers, and send them Emails, plain and simple. Still, let’s have a look at what it actually offers:-

  • Scenario Tools:- What these tools basically do is they give you an analytic insight into the delivery reports of the Emails.
  • Email Templates:- Ofcourse, being an Email marketing tool, it’s expected.
  • Good inbuilt trackers.:- You can track the performance of your marketing campaigns right from inside the tool.
  • Boosters:- Well, kind of tools and services which help you get a boost in your conversion rate on the leads.
  • Varied Integration services:-  You can integrate it with a lot of services, like Paypal, aweber or other clients.

#5 Aweber:-

Aweber is an old time player when it comes to Email Marketing. It wasn’t born yesterday, and it might even be probably older than you if you’re in your teens below 17 years of age !

It’s reputed, and it does its job well. If you ask me what can it do, here’s the answer:-

  • Advanced campaigns:- Well, of course an Email marketing tool will let you have your email campaigns
  • Good auto responders.
  • Enough forms for you for every need
  • Drag and drop editors, just as expected.
  • Analytical insight into your campaigns.
  • Email template editors.

If you want a pocket friendly, marketing solution then it’s for you. But if you want some job done, I’d say go with GetResponse.

Final Verdict:-

All of these tools know what they’re made for. They don’t resist, they don’t complain. Good laborers, but among them there always is one who is the “best” of them all, right?

I’d make a bold statement here and claim that GetResponse beats the rest in the Top 5 email marketing tools on the  market for the simple fact that it offers a fully featured free version. Additionally, it’s pricing: subscribers ratio is pretty much better compared to others.

And also, you get the landing pages + the webinar pages + the auto-responders all in one package without any external cost. So, I’d say this is the thing to go with if you’re really serious about your Email Marketing career.

So get out there and try the free 30 day trial from GetResponse right now.

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