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E-commerce war in india

A New Era of E-Commerce war in India

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India, with 15 crore Internet users, is developing as a hub for e-commerce activities. Almost all major e-commerce companies are trying to dominate India’s e-commerce bazar. It is resulting as a very interesting competition.

E-commerce war in india

Three major players of Indian e-commerce market are- Amazon, Snapdeal & Flipkart. Amazon is a global giant while Snapdeal & Flipkart are India-based Company. The e-commerce war is basically running among these 3 companies.

war of ecommerce sites

Amazon is a global e-commerce company founded by Jeff Bezos in a garage. It is best known for its worldwide presence and experience in the field. Flipkart is founded by Bansal bros and it is India’s one of the best e-commerce company. Snapdeal is yet another domestic company and game changer in e-commerce space.

The e-commerce war was started by Flipkart as they purchased Myntra- a popular fashion site in flipkart purchased Myntra in may 2014. Later on, Flipkart worked on its aggresive policy to dominate the market. They launched the ‘Big Billion Day’ campaign on 6th October.

Flipkart spent millions of rupees to promote Big Billion Day. Full page advertisements in newspaper were booked to make it a grand day. But, at the very start of the day, Snapdeal trolled Flipkart by putting up the advertisement- snapdeal’s troll:- “For other’s it’s a big day. For us, today is no different. Check Snapdeal before you buy.” in TOI newspaper.

Snapdeal troll

The Big Billion Day campaign also got negative responses from users on Social Media. Hashtags like #fraudkart, #flopkart, #bigfoolday,#bigfraudday, #octoberfoolday were frequently used by users who were frustated due to 500:Error message, Out of Stock issue and cheating of flipkart.

500 error on flipkart

To make the condition even more worse, Amazon purchased the domain name ‘www.bigbillionday.com’ and redirected it to the amazon.in. So, in the nutshell, I would like to say that The Big Billion Day was full of incidents and it revealed the epic war among e-commerce companies. However, I don’t care whether Amazon wins the battle either Flipkart or Snapdeal. My concern is that this e-commerce war is ultimately beneficial for general consumers like us as e-commerce giants are providing attractive offers & discounts to us.

E-commerce war in india

About Author-
This is a guest post by Sanjeet Kashyap. He is a newbie blogger and ethical hacker from Dalsingsarai, India. He is the founder of Tech Geek, A blog based on hacking tricks and tutorials. He has developed a keen interest in Blogging, Hacking, Politics, Fiction Novels, Vedic Culture and Hinduism. You can connect with Sanjeet on Facebook.


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  1. In spite of Flopkart’s failure with their small billion day, amazon bought the name off! That’s business. The name matters. People remember names. Stupid people. 🙂

  2. Hi Harshit,
    Thanks a lot for publishing my guest post on your blog. It is really nice to see my article on your blog.
    Recently, E-commerce war in India is quite interesting as Amazon also entered in the war today with its diwali sale.
    I hope that ultimately we shall get benifit from this war.
    Once again, Thanks a lot!

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