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Dropbox Review 2016 – Why Dropbox?

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Do you have multiple devices at home – a desktop PC, an Apple MacBook, a Samsung smartphone, an Apple iPad and an eBook reader as well? Surely you do, because these devices – while the specific brands may differ – are commonly present in most homes in the modern world. And the problems associated with having multiple devices at home are common too.

Take for instance the new best seller from John Grisham you bought recently in the ebook form from Amazon. You have downloaded it into your PC. Now, you wish to transfer the ebook to your smartphone as well as your tablet, so that you will be able to read it while on the subway to the office, or while having coffee at Starbucks. But the process of data transfer from your PC to your smartphones and to your tablets is so cumbersome. You need to plug in your devices to the PC, so you have to look for the USB cable, wires all over the place, and what’s more, you can only transfer the data to 1 device at a time.

Very messy, right? Don’t you wish there was a better solution? Well, as a matter of fact, there is one. It is called Dropbox.

What is Dropbox?

Everybody knows about Dropbox. Dropbox is a cool app in which you can store your music, photos, ebooks, docs, videos and files. As soon as you save any file on Dropbox, it is simultaneously available on all your devices – your laptop, PC, smartphone and your tablet. The files are also stored on the Dropbox website, so you can access your files quickly from the website on to a computer that does not belong to you, as in an Internet Cafe when on a trip to a foreign country.

Let’s consider the safety aspect of all this. Suppose your desktop PC gets damaged in a serious case of malware or computer virus, and all the files on your PC are lost – if you had remembered to save your files on Dropbox, then there’s nothing to worry about, you can relax. Your files will always be safe on Dropbox, as they are stored on the cloud in some huge server farm that is owned by Dropbox, and can be accessed by you anytime. All that you need to access your files from Dropbox is – your Dropbox account user name, and your password, and you are done!

How does Dropbox enhance your productivity?

Technology companies talk a lot about productivity. Dropbox succeeds in doing precisely that – it makes you more productive. How? Suppose you are working on an excel sheet on your PC. You have completed half the work. It’s time for you to turn the PC off and leave for the office. Just remember to save the excel sheet on Dropbox before you leave. And while on the subway to the office, you may download the excel sheet from Dropbox to your iPad, get it just where you last left it and complete the rest of the work on it, without losing anything at all. Just consider the productivity gained for a bit. No matter which device you use, wherever in the world you are, your work always goes on – with Dropbox!

Share Dropbox with the entire family!

Another amazing thing Dropbox does is it makes sharing your data incredibly easy. You may have a folder in your Dropbox account just for your family or friends, and store everything that is of mutual interest there, and it can be accessed by you as well as by them anytime, any place. It’s like you’re saving your folder on their desktop computer.

You can send links to specific files and folders in your Dropbox to your colleagues at the office too, which allows you and your coworkers to collaborate on team projects. You can store all the files from a project involving multiple team members in a common folder in Dropbox that is accessible to all of them – which doing wonders for teamwork and productivity.

Click here to try Dropbox for free!

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