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turbo c full screen in windows

Free Download Full Screen Turbo C & C++ for Windows 7, Windows 8

Turbo C is the IDE and Compiler to run C & C++ programs, Turbo C was first introduced in 1987. Turbo C is famous for their small size, fast compiler speed & obviously for the lowest price. In 2007 Borland successors, re-released the Turbo C & C++ IDE for free. Now days every student is learning C & C++ language, basic and for this Turbo c / C++ IDE helps a lot, Turbo C made C & C++ Programing very easy.

In earlier days when we are installing the Turbo C / C++ in our Windows 7 / Windows 8 Operating system it gives some errors like graphical, memory etc. But now days we are facing the new problem in turbo C & C++ IDE, we can’t use turbo C & C++ in full screen mode.

For the above problem today we are going to show you the way to download and install the Turbo C / C++ IDE in Windows 7,8 with Full screen mode, Turbo C IDE need 64 bit Windows and if you have 32 bit windows, then you are not able to use turbo C IDE, But we are providing you the setup of Turbo C which enables you to run turbo c in both 32 & 64 bit windows. Simply Click the download button below to download the setup of Turbo C / C++ IDE which installed in one click and also enables you to use Turbo C & C++ in full screen mode without having any error or problem.

Download Full Screen Turbo C

Licence: Freeware

Price: Free

Size: 6.5 MB

Download Full Screen Turbo C

Size of file: 6 MB Price: Free After downloading the above file, follow the below procedure.

Turbo C & C++ in Full screen mode in windows 7 & windows 8

1) Unzip the downloaded file

2) Click on Turbo C++ file

3) Now click on Next button

Download turbo c full screen 4) After that click on Install button turbo c 32 bit 64 bit download That’s It, now Turbo C IDE is installed on your PC, Go and enjoy the programming. 🙂

Hope you like our article on How to Download Full screen Turbo C on windows 7 & windows 8.

Licence: Freeware

Price: Free

Size: 6.5 MB

Download Full Screen Turbo C Note: If the above link is not working or giving any error then let me know by below commenting, so that I can fix the error.


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  1. As I am downloading full screen window C there is a requirement to login. But there is no new registration link. What now I should do to download this.

  2. Previously it was a very big problem about full screen turbo c in windows 7 and 8…. thanks for sharing this software……..I think Dev c++ software is as well an alternate option for turbo c which gives option for full screen
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  3. This version also support windows 8.1 ??

  4. Ohh. Dats gr8. I was Looking for it
    Thanks for sharing, Harshit

  5. Download is not starting


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