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How to download Facebook Album Downloader?

We all are using Facebook every day and we upload and share lots of photos, status and video on our Facebook account, Facebook offer a facility to upload unlimited photos and videos on FB account, almost every Facebook user uploads lots of photos on Facebook in different albums. Facebook gives a facility to create albums and upload photos on that album, for ex. If you are uploading your birthday party photos then you can create the album name as Birthday Party Celebration, now if you upload your Holi festival photos then you can create the album name as Holi celebration. After creating that type of album and uploading the photos on albums you and your friends can easily see your photos because they all are in different albums.

After uploading the photos to your Facebook account, you can access them any time, now let if you lost that photos from your Hard disk or you lost that photo by any reason, but that photo is available on your Facebook account, but for that photo you have to download one by one, I know it takes lots of your important time, For solution of this problem today we are going to show you the way to download Facebook album account in one click.

Requirements for download Facebook Album Downloader

1) Google Chrome Browser 2) Extension – FB Album mod

Download Facebook Album Downloader – Procedure

1) First of all open Google Chrome browser 2) Now click on the link – Extension – FB Album mod 3) Install the FB Album mod by clicking on ‘+free’ button

download Facebook Album Downloader

4) Now you will see that one Facebook icon is showing on your Google Chrome browser

download Facebook Album Downloader

5) After the above process opens your Facebook account 6) Now open the album which you want to download 7) When you open the FB Album click on that above Facebook icon. 8) Now click on Normal button

download Facebook Album Downloader

9) After that one another window will open simply press CTRL+ S

download Facebook Album Downloader

10) Woo..!!! Now your Facebook album download will start.. Hope you like our post, if you will get any problem in the above steps, then let me know in below commenting.


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