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DIY Home Entertainment System

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Even though it can hardly be described as a bare necessity, a good entertainment system is one of the most important assets in your home. Regardless if you are a passionate cinephile or a dedicated gamer, you will greatly benefit from a good entertainment setup. Unfortunately, ordering random setup is never a good idea since there is a fat chance you will overpay. This is why, if you aim to get the most out of your home entertainment system, you ought to handpick its components and even try and set it up by yourself. Here are few tips that might help you with this.

No Need for 4k

In an ideal world in which you would have unlimited funds to construct your pleasure dome, 4K screen would definitely be something on your list. However, in this, not so ideal world, there are far more wallet- friendly alternatives. Sure, 4K still has a superior quality of picture, but the difference between 4K and 2K, for example, is not that noticeable in most cases. A great majority of videos (and video games) you will play on the screen won’t have the original quality of an image (nor framerate) to show the difference. Because of this, it would be foolish to spend the most of your entertainment system budget on 4K screen alone. To make the long story short, getting Ultra HD 4K TV is still not the best of ideas.

Sound System is as Important

What most people focus on when constructing a home cinema is the screen. While this may seem quite logical, in truth, sound system is as important for the overall ambience. As for the sound systems, there are various settings, but two most acceptable options for home theater are probably 5.1 and 7.1. Sometimes, even 2.1 could work, but for those building their own home entertainment system, it would be wisest to try and save some money elsewhere. Even though it is always good to know both the manufacturer and the particular brand of the speakers, one could simplify this whole ordeal by saying:” the more speakers, the better the sound”. As easy as that.

Preparing the Room

When it comes to the sound, the number of speakers is not the only thing that will determine its quality. The way it resonates on the walls, which is determined by the façade, is as important. Smooth wall surfaces reflect the sound better, but there are some tricks that could further enhance your walls in this manner. Adding bass traps can absorb the lower frequencies, installing acoustic panels will hold on to the mid to high frequencies, while using diffusers will scatter everything that remains. Finally, insulating your room will make it sound-proof, which means that you won’t disturb your neighbors even when your speakers are set to the loudest. Sure, you can always turn to headphones for the same effect, however, everything but high end headphones is bad for your hearing.

home theater

Seating Solution

All up until now, we talked about technical issues like resolution, resonation, frequency and sound quality, but now it is time to address the issues of comfort as well. What this means is that you need to find the right seating solution. Now, if your primary purpose behind an entertainment room is watching movies, an armchair or a sofa would probably be an ideal solution (depending on how many people you intend to watch movies with). Still, if you are building it for gaming, you might find an office chair more suitable for the task. Apart from this, it might be a good idea to think about getting a mini fridge, since the last thing you want is to get up during the most interesting scenes.

Your Options Are Limitless

As a final point, you will have all that you need in order to start enjoying your newly built piece of heaven. Now you can watch your favorite movies via Netflix, find the stream of your favorite sporting events, and even watch stream theatre online via Cennarium. On the other hand, for a gamer, there is nothing more satisfying than playing The Witcher III: Wild Hunt or Fallout 4 in a newly built nerd-cave. Finally, it may not seem as impressive as all the aforementioned, but even surfing the internet or spending time on social networks somehow seems more satisfactory when done in this way.


Even handpicking each and every one of these items and insulating the room on its own is not going to be inexpensive. There are simply too many things to buy and too much work to be done, but nothing that is good in life ever comes easy. On the other hand, hours and days you spend watching will certainly be worth this effort and all of these expenses.

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