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Delete Facebook Messages

Delete Facebook Messages – Step by Step Guide!

Facebook is one of the largest social networking website. People having Facebook account can easily interact with each other their friends and relatives by sitting at far distant simply using internet. Facebook provide a messages service, where one person can chat with another person without any limit of messages or words. These chat may be personal or important so that person doesn’t want that other person can see it. And some time he or she wants to delete Facebook messages because of too much of messages or any personal chat etc.

Delete Facebook Messages

Delete Facebook Messages – Pocedure

  • First login into your Facebook account by entering your username/password.  You must observe that opened a real Facebook page where its path starting with https or else you lose our account.

Delete Facebook Messages

  • Now select Messages which is either on left side of the Home (newsfeed) page located under Favorites category.

Delete Facebook Messages

  • Or select messages icon which is on right side of your Facebook account. These is the middle icon between two icons i.e., friend request icon and notifications icon.
  • Now from Inbox window select a message that you want to delete, after selecting a message its show all the conversations of that person.

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Delete Facebook Messages

  •  Click on Action link of the message box at the top, a popup window is shown which list the following options:-

Delete Facebook Messages

  • Now select Delete conversation to Delete Facebook Messages, it also display a warning window “once you delete your copy of this conversation, it cannot be undone”. So you have two options to delete the message or cancel the action.

Delete Facebook Messages

  • Now continue Select each individual messages and delete them by performing same steps to delete Facebook messages.

Now see he changes by clicking on Home page and all the selected messages are deleted successfully without any problem. If any problem arises then leave a comment so that I can suggest you to solve it as soon as possible.


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