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clear google chrome cache and cookies

How to clear Cookies, Cache and History on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is one the best internet web browser developed by Google, Google chrome is light weight and slight web browser which giver you fantastic performance, I personally use Google Chrome web browser and I am very happy with the performance of Google Chrome, Google chrome is the number one web browser on the list of CNET and number second position is secured by Mozilla Firefox.

As we know when we are using Web browser it store our visited websites, data, password, cookies and caches to give a better performance, for slight, better performance and to avoid slow processing  we should clear the cache, cookies and history in Google chrome browser time to time. By clear cache, cookies and history in helping to speed up Google chrome.

clear google chrome history

Today I am going to show you the some easiest and super fast way to clear cache, cookies and history in Google chrome, In first method I will explain you the way to clear history on Google Chrome by default method and in second method I will show you the simple and fast way extension to clear cache and cookies in Google Chrome browser, also check out our post on Tricky Google Tricks.

How to clear History in Google Chrome

Default Method: Clear Google Chrome history, cache & cookies

1) Open Google Chrome browser

2) Now press CTRL + H key

3) After that History window will open

4) Now simply click on “Clear Browsing Button

clear google chrome cache

5) Now select carefully which thing you want to clear (Delete)

6) After selecting, click on “Clear Browsing Data

clear google chrome cache and cookies

That’s it, now your Google Chrome browser is free from cache, cookies, history etc. All types of data which is stored in your browser in now flushed.

Extensions: Clear Cache in Google Chrome fast

 1) Clear Cache

Cache killer is a fast and secure Google Chrome extension which helps you to cleat your web browser cache is just a single click of a button, by using clear cache plugin you can easily customize the thing which data you want to clear and which you don’t want to clear.

Clear Cache is one of the best extension to clear web browser history and caches, I recommended you to download and use clear cache to clear cookies in Google Chrome.

You can download Clear Cache Plugin by Clicking here.

2) TYPO3: Clear cache

If you are a developer or content editor them Typeo3: Clear cache is a  very useful extension for you to maintain and clear cache and cookies, To support the developer and editors TYPO3 adds a flash icon in the address bar of the browser, and to click on that flash button you can easily clear your coding and content stuffs from a web browser.

You can download TYPO3: Clear cache plugin by Clicking here.

3)  Simple Clear

Simple Clear extension is a fork of the clear extension with more easy and fast customization options, It helps you to customize your options to clear cache, history and cookies, it has a proper GUI for all functions which helps to easily access the extension and its functionality.

You can download Simple Clear extension by Clicking here.

That’s all, Hope above information to clear history, cache & cookies in Google chrome browser helps you, if you have any doubt, query or question then you can ask me via below comment box.


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