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How to check malicious code & embedded code for Backlinks in your WordPress theme?

Hello Bloggers, Today I am going to share one important information with you, Most of us are using WordPress for blogging and fact is that most of us are using Free themes, there are very less bloggers who pay for themes, now days many guys are giving nulled profession WordPress themes, you can download that themes for torrent also many sites offering free profession WP themes, but most of that themes contains malicious code which will kill your blog in very short time.

check malicious code & embedded code for Backlinks in your WordPress theme

Never use nulled themes on your blog because many fraud guys add the malicious code on the themes and after that they will easily hack your Blog or kill your blog any time they also add some backlinks for their sites, so my suggestion to you, never use Nulled WordPress themes and plugin.

Here are the main reasons why guys add custom code on the theme

  • To get access or hack your blog
  • To get Do follow backlinks from your blog
  • To redirect your blog to spam links& websites

You can find or detect these types of custom codes via below three steps:

1: Find infected code (Virus) on WordPress theme using  VirusTotal.com

VirusTotal.com is a website which provides a free online tool to check virus (infected) code in a WordPress theme.

1) Open VirusTotal.com

2) Upload your .zip file of your WP theme and Click on scan button

3) Now it will scan your theme and let you know if it contains any type of infected code.

How to Check Nulled WP themes containing malicious code

2: Check unwanted code in installed WordPress theme & Plugins.

There is possibility that your installed plugins and WP theme have some unwanted code, you can find unwanted codes by using  exploit scanner plugin.

Exploit scanner is a free plugin which will help you to detect unwanted code in your themes.

1) Install the exploit scanner plugin

2) Now Go to Dashboard << Tools << Exploit Scanner

3) Click on “Run Scan” Button

Check Nulled WP themes containing malicious code

Now this plugin will scan all your installed plugins & WP theme and let you know about unwanted codes.

3: Check for Theme authenticity (Backlinks)

Adding the backlinks in free themes is very common, most of the guys give their customize or Pro WP theme for free because they add backlink for their blog in theme code, you can easily find those backlinks using Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC) Plugin.

1) Install the Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC) Plugin.

2) Now Go to Dashboard << Appearance <<< TAC

3) It will show you all the encrypted links on your installed WP themes.

How to Remove Hidden WordPress Theme Links

That’s all Guys, after using the above methods surely you will successfully remove all the malicious codes & embedded codes for backlinks in your WordPress theme.

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  1. Thank you very much Harshit for posting such an article.

    To be really honest, I didn’t really knew that such kind of thing exist. I thought there was no way to find if a WP theme is infected or not. But I’m glad you wrote an article about it. Will surely be coming to this page any time I download a WordPress theme.

    Thanks for the info. Will obviously help every WP blogger.

    Have a great day!

  2. Harshit nice post bro. very informative and useful information. i think every one should know it.

  3. Awesome post, nicely written 🙂

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