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Change Name on Facebook

How to Change Name on Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social networking website from last 8 years, Facebook has millions of active users, if you are here, then surely you are also a Facebook user, recently I received some mails from my blog users that they ask me that ‘can I change my Facebook name?’ So in today’s post we are going to show you the step by step guide to change name on Facebook.

There are several reasons to change Facebook reasons like:

  • People want to add their middle name.
  • They have gotten married and want to change their name.
  • Want to correct their spelling mistake which

Also lots of different reasons behind it, Facebook provide a facility to change your name on Facebook within few easy steps, you can only change your Facebook profile name if you create any page and want to rename that page then it is not possible because Facebook doesn’t allow to change Facebook page name. Follow the below steps to change name on Facebook.

Change Name on Facebook – Procedure

1) Login to your Facebook account

2) Go to settings

Change Name on Facebook

3) Now click on the edit section name

Change Name on Facebook

4) Now enter your name or change your name

5) And enter your password (For security reasons)

6) At last click on Save Changes

Change Name on Facebook

That’s it, you are successfully changing your Facebook name, Facebook takes 12-24 hours to change your name, after 24 hours your changed name will show to your Facebook friends.

Note: There no restriction on changed Facebook name but if you regularly change your Facebook name means if you change your Facebook name more than 5 times than may be Facebook Block your Facebook ID (Profile) and make it shut down. So don’t change your Facebook profile name again and again.


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  1. Hello Harsit,

    I got a problem i changed my name many times and facebook wont let me change my name can you help me??

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