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The Best New Technology Gadgets

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Whether you are in your office, on the go or simply relaxing at home, technology can create great time-savings merits into your beautiful day as well as to making your life easier.

Read on some of the new technology gadgets; including an amazing keyboard that can actually multi-task and access your devices, a USB keyboard that can protect data from both security and physical threats, a Samsung galaxy tab S case that is also a Bluetooth keyboard. Also, a petite but a very powerful projector that is portable and resourceful for conference rooms and meetings.

Let’s check them out:

New Technology Gadgets.

Photo iPad Scanning

It is basically a scanner that saves important photos directly into your iPad, while at the same time docking and charging your device. It is controlled by a free application that is known as a sheet-fed scanner which preserves and shares documents and heirloom photos as digital files. It does this for not more than 12 seconds, your photo is converted to a crisp of 300 to 600 dpi color “JPEG image” that is displayed on your screen, in real time and is also saved to the camera roll of your iPad.

new technology gadgets

It has an integrated dock that sheets up to 8.5 *14. It plugs into AC with the power adapter of the USB. For iPad mini, iPad 4 and iPhone 6, running iOS 6.0.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

This gadget is designed to work with up to 3 devices, regardless of the computing platform. You can easily work on any report on the computer and also with the flick of Easy-Switch dial, type a tweet on the tablet or a message on your smartphone- all from this device.

G-Drive eV SSD

If you are in need of speed, get the powerful G-Drive eV SSD. This new tech gadget possesses an extreme sold-state performance. It is connected with a USB 3.0, you will get transfer rates of up to 400MB per second. The drive has a storage capacity of 512GB and is also compatible with windows 7, 8, vista and Mac OS 10.6.

new technology gadgets

You can use it alone or with G-Dock eV with thunderbolt. Experience up to 480 MB per second for ultimate expandability and flexibility that today’s creative experts demand.

Logitech Type-S

Logitech Type-S is a protective keyboard case that is thin and light to fit the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, and it also protects both sides of your tab. It protects the Samsung galaxy tab from scratches, accidental bumps and spills. Its built-in keyboard and well-designed keys provides not only a fast typing experience but also a comfortable one.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

This is also one of the top, new technology gadgets. This pen allows you to record audio while you are taking notes, and play them later. It is easy to save and share documents and files to your computer, iPhone or iPad through a micro-USB connector. The connector also lets you recharge your pen. It has a storage capacity that can hold up to 800 hours of recorded audio. However, this depends on the model.

Finally, it has an O-LED display that allows you to navigate the Smartpen apps.

The above are just but a few of the many new technology gadgets that are currently on the market.

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