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Top Android Apps to Earn Money

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Earning money is not easy, it’s now what you are thinking by just reading the heading of the article 😛 Here you’ll find 3 best android apps to earn real money or just getting your phone recharged. Not only real money but you also get rewards sometimes which can be exchanged for recharges and coupons.

We have described the best Android apps to get money but if you want to earn real good with the help android then there’s only one way, develop apps! That isn’t possible for everyone and so these best android apps to make money will help you if you are one of them. For some these’ll work like a charm but for others it may not work like it is for others but no need to worry about anything as our top android apps to earn money are very different from each other in terms of usability and efficiency, check the below android apps that earn you money also Don’t forget yo check best file explorer for android to access your android files.

android app earn money

Best Android Apps To Earn Money

1) Google Opinion Rewards

With this Google’s app you don’t actually earn money but you do too at the same time 😛 Through this app you earn Google credits which can be used on Play Store to get free apps, games, movies, books and everything else available. This means that with this app you earn Google money in one way. The best is that it it’s really efficient in transferring credits as only Google services are involved. You have to answer Multiple Choice Question and take part in surveys to earn money through this app. Answer of most of the questions is based on your personal opinion.

2) App Trailers

Right guess, trailers! By watching trailers you get money in this app and by inviting others. On inviting someone you get 250 points which equal to Rs.15. you don’t earn by only watching trailers as you also have a lot offers available all the time. By this app you get money by uploading youtube videos or I should say that you earn double by this! Suppose you have monetized your Youtube account to get money when one watches your video through ads. Then you upload a video through this app which other App Trailer users will watch. Now you get money through Youtube as well as from App Trailers with new visitors also from App Trailers!! Seriously, the best way to boost your youtube sales 😉

3) mCent

This app gives you free airtime when you try other apps. At first it will ask you about your personal details and then will suggest you apps to try which will make you earn money and get free recharges!

4) Ladooo

Quiet Indian right? Yes it is just like its developers. Same like mCent but you can earn more by watching advertisement videos. Personally I don’t like wasting time on videos but as this app makes you earn more money by watching them I have listed it before MAdlock at number4. Through videos you can make a lot of cash to recharge your phone instantly. Using the invitation code feature, you can earn rs. 5 when anyone uses that code. Not only you but the one who has used the code will also get a bonus of rs.5!

5) MAdLock

You should go for this app if you have Wi-Fi available most of the time or all the time. Simple app like other ones out there. You receive ads based on your interests when you unlock your android screen. Unlock, view the ad, dismiss it, and get paid up!  The catch is that you need to have minimum of Rs.150(1 credit = rs.1) to avail a recharge. This idol for kids with Wi-Fi at home to get recharges without letting anyone know 😉

Referral Code 358BXJ will get you 50 credit.


I would like to tip all the users out there who are gonna try these apps right now after reading our article. TIP: The best way to earn money from apps through these android apps is to invite other people so that these apps can get more users. Inviting others can get you a lot of money and you should be patient for redemption while using these apps. You’ll get the money if you have patience.  That said about best android apps to make real money, I would still emphasize on developing android apps to make real money as it’s the best though not for everyone but those who can really should, if you want to make money online then you check our article Effective Ways To Make Money Online.


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