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Auto Shutdown PC when Torrent Download is complete

All of us using torrent for downloading Movies, Software, Games, etc. Overnight by keeping on the PC or Laptop. We are usually downloading at night but whenever the downloading is complete in mid night PC or Laptop remain on and it simply wastes of power as well as PC performance. For solution of this problem many people scheduling an auto shutdown but there is one problem we don’t know the exact time of completing download, many times torrent may take longer time than the Auto shutdown time, we know that this is not an efficient way, we will show you the easiest method for auto Shutdown PC when torrent download is complete.

You know torrent application is providing an auto shutdown feature, by using this feature you can tell u torrent application to auto shut down your PC or Laptop when your all downloads are completed. We are showing you the procedure for this.

Auto Shutdown PC when torrent download is complete – Procedure

1)First of all open u torrent application

2)Now click on option button which is placed in the upper menu

3) After that select auto shut down button

4) Now click on ‘Shutdown when Downloads Complete’ button auto shutdown torrent 5)       That’s all Now whenever you’re downloading is completed u torrent application will auto shut down your PC.

Auto shut down feature is also provide some other options for like

1) Quit when downloading complete

2) Hibernate when downloading complete

3) Stand by when downloading complete

4) Reboot when downloading complete, 



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