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Sonia is an Australian blogger writing about latest tech and startup buzzes. Her passions are books and movies.

How to Keep the Thermals of Your Computer at an Acceptable Level

desktop computer pc

Almost every part of your computer produces heat when you are using it. In fact, some parts such as the graphics card and CPU can get really, really hot. Now, if your computer is properly configured, the majority of this heat goes out of the computer’s case thanks to a …

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2018 Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

digital vs traditional marketing

Traditional marketing has been slowing down for a while now. According to Forrester, mobile technology should have over 5.5 billion users by 2022. This is almost 70% of the global market. These predictions show all signs of a complete turn towards digital marketing. However, traditional marketing tools will still be …

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3 Ways in Which You Can Go 80’s in Your Website Design

80's graffiti

Even though the 80’s were a remarkable decade, it is more than clear that from a time distance this era appears more alluring than it ever was. The reason behind this is quite simple, seeing how people tend to look at the thematic elements of the 80’s through the prism …

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Importance of Securing Data for Online Businesses

tablet person business

Today, the majority of businesses, both big and small, depend on the Internet for day-to-day operations. No matter what measures you have taken, you can always do a better job at protecting sensitive and vital data. Evaluate your security system, its weaknesses and strong points. Your business, reputation, fortune and …

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What Are Online Surveys and How to Make Money Using Them

doing online survey

If you don’t have much free time, but need a few extra bucks, consider finding a flexible online side-job that you can easily fit into your schedule – one of the possibilities is earning money by taking online surveys. This won’t require much effort or time, but prior to jumping to …

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Holiday Gaming: Best Games to Play This Winter

winter gaming

Spending your holidays playing video games, could anything be better than that? Well, some things, probably, but if you’re a dedicated gamer, it’s a dream come true! So, they prepare for the long nights of December and choose which games are going to become their favorites. Here are some of …

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Know Your Tools: Best WordPress Plugins for Event Planning and Event Management

wordpress bike wheels

If you plan to organize an event there are two things that you need to do for it to be successful. First one is spreading the word and second is ensuring the audience. There are a number of ways to do these two things, but the sure way is to …

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