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active last seen

How to Active Disable last seen option?

Every smart phone user using Whatsapp on their cell phone because of their cool features & WhatsApp status. WhatsApp has a one feature called “LAST SEEN”, but many of us don’t want this feature because we don’t want to show our last seen for many reasons like

  • We are getting lots of messages and we just read them and don’t want to reply
  • We have a Boyfriend / Girlfriend who saw our whatsapp profile all time and do fight with us if she/he finds that our last seen at time correspond with someone else.
  • We simply don’t want to show that we are online till midnight.

active last seen

Many whatsapp user search on Google for ‘Hide last seen trick’ and they tried lots of tricks to hide their last seen, I have also written one post on “Hide last seen on Whatsapp” and I got good response to that article but finally whatsapp launch the most requested privacy option feature for their users. Yesterday one of my friend siddhant tell me that whatsapp add the privacy setting in their new updates to version 2.11.169, it means now we can hide our last seen time (Disable last seen) on whatsapp also we can also hide our profile picture and status :D.

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This privacy option is available for android and ios users only, but whatsapp add privacy option for blackberry and Nokia users also very soon. The update is not available on Google play store, but you can download the latest APK of whatsapp from the Whatsapp official website.

Active Disable last seen on whatsapp – Procedure

1) First of all download and update your whatsapp by clicking here 2) Now open whatsapp and go to settings 3) Select Advance options 4) Then select ‘Last Seen Timestamp’ and simply  turn it off. That’s it. 😀

Hope you like this ultimate feature of whatapp and our post 😛


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  1. The most awaited feature for me..
    Thank you whatsapp and also thank you harshit for giving such a important information 😀

  2. Zukerburg bought ‪WhatsAppyesterdayat and this is the most important update of whatsapp…

  3. hello haris this last seen hide option also available for blackberry user

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