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WinX DVD ripper review

Best Free DVD Ripper for Windows and Mac – WinX DVD Ripper Review

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Today we’ll be reviewing WinX DVD ripper. Before beginning I would like to describe what is ripping and how this software can be useful to you. Ripping is process to backup or do all sorts of technical stuff to media files from an external drive. This process is mainly associated with audio CDs.  Its work is to copy data from external drive to your desired location with desired format and specs. Ripping is very different from ‘Copying Data’ as ‘Copying Data’ doesn’t involve the need to format and compress the content on the external drive. Ripping is more efficient than copying as you have the power to convert data to desired format and change all the specs of it like changing the resolution or digitalizing audio or video from analog to digital.

WinX DVD ripper review

Ripping is a very useful and easy to use process, With WinX DVD Ripper, you can get the most out of ripping quit efficiently. Without getting too technical about ripping I would like to brief you with the wide spread use of ripping and all the features offered by WinX DVD Ripper. This software has got to offer support for all the formats, devices and portable devices. You can backup a DVD, compress them, change their format, degrade or upscale the sound quality and tons of more! WinX DVD ripper is available for both Windows & Mac

WinX DVD ripper review

Features of WinX DVD ripper review

  • Support for portable devices. DVD 5, DVD 9, DVD ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW
  • Support for Output Formats. MP4, MPEG, H.264, WMV, FLV, MOV, MP3, JPEG, BMP
  • Support for Output Devices. All screen sizes are support with special support for iphone, ipod, ipad and PSP
  • DVD Converter. You can convert your DVD to any desired without any video or audio quality loss. This ripper supports HYPER THREADING TECHNOLOGY which is only supported by the most advanced software present today. With this technology the speed of software increases by  5x.
  • Powerful Audio Editing tools.  You can choose Audio format, Audio quality and sample rate while ripping content.
  • Powerful Video Editing Tools. You can change Video format, resolution, Video quality, even video frame rate and much more! All just while ripping.
  • Availability for MAC

WinX DVD ripper review


It’s really a child’s play to use this software with the user guide provided by the company. There a lot of ‘How-tos’ which are also provided by the company for user. While reading the guide I came to know that with this software I can use all the 8 cores of my CPU with WinX DVD ripper platinum. They have got a really useful ‘forums’ section if you have any problem regarding the software which you won’t in any case.

I was astonished by WinX DVD ripper and now I am left wondering what user-interface platinum version will offer me combined with all the extra features. With the platinum version you get support for more formats and devices. With this version you also get support to copy content from ISO image file and DVD folder. Complete comparison can be found on DVD Ripper site with pricing and features.


You will get Windows & Mach Version for free from the WinX DVD ripper website, For Platinum version this is really very cheap software which is very versatile to use and feature packed. Even with the low price tag of this software there are always a lot of discounts and offers going on. There are upto 60% discounts going on these days in their special offers section with a free giveaway also!

Downloading link

You can download Windows and Max version of WinX DVD Ripper from their official website, you can directly go to downloading page via below links.


This is really very easy to use software which would not disappoint you in any case no matter what ever you throw at it; it can always do what you want to in a very efficient way. Free version offers top-notch editing without compromising quality. For some people copying the protected content is going to be the best and most useful feature like for me 😉


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  1. Excellent review dude, i have tried the trial version of this awesome product & looking forward to buy it soon.

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