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Windows 10 Preview Has A Keylogger to Watch Your Moves

This week Microsoft Corporation announced the newer version of its Operating system, which is named as WIndows 10, providing Windows 10 Technical Preview release under its “Insider Program” in order to collect feedback from users and help shape the final version of the operating system windows 10 , but something really went wrong there !

Windows 10

Inside Microsoft’s Insider Program you’ll get all the latest Windows preview builds as soon as they’re available. But actually In return, what we want to know is what you think. You will get an simple to use application to give us your important feedback, which will help guide us along the way.” Microsoft privacy policy website reads.

Well, how many users actually read the “Privacy Policy” documents before downloading the Preview release of Windows 10?  None of you right ? because most computer users have habit of ignoring that lengthy paragraphs and simply click “I Agree” and then “next”. Do you really know what permissions you have granted to Microsoft by installing Free Windows 10 Technical Preview edition?

What Data Microsoft is Collecting ?

If you are unaware of Microsoft’s Windows 10 privacy policy, so now you should give a little attention to what the policy says. Microsoft Inc. is watching your each and every move on the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview, Thanks to portions of company’s privacy policy, which indicates that they are using keylogger to collect and use users’ data in a variety of astounding ways without the user being aware. Essentially by accepting the Windows 10 privacy policy you are allowing Microsoft Inc. to screen your files and log your keystrokes. Which means, if you are opening a file and write any data, Microsoft have access to whatever you type, and the file info within.

The company will be watching your applicatios for compatibility checking, and collect voice data when you use speech to text. This information will be then used to improve speech processing, according to Microsoft.However, it is clearly known that they are not going to use those data to access users’ bank accounts, but the fact is that the Microsoft  is collecting data by all means, could possibly open a way for someone to steal and misuse the info  for their own purpose.

Although the feedback being collected in the Windows Technical Preview will only occur within the Technical Preview period. Once Microsoft Windows 10 launches to the public,  Microsoft will be remove the keylogger from the operating system.

Source : The Hacking Post


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  1. Thanks Brother for informing us..!!

  2. Well Microsoft only record your software activity they can’t record your input data like passwords, Emaild id etc.

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