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2016 coupon Statistics: When and Who uses a coupon!

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Coupons are used only by the poor, is just the worst possible explanation of who uses a coupon and we agree here on techypassion.com.

2016 coupon Statistics: When and Who uses a coupon!

If you’re just about any guy, and you’ve worked hard to acquire your money, and it’s not by some kind of scam, you’re going to love your money no matter how rich you are, and then every dollar would count. You would then think ten times before spending a single penny, and that’s how it should be too.

The richest man on the planet wouldn’t have been in that position if he just starts throwing away his money, just because he’s extremely rich. So you see everybody likes saving man and so who uses a coupon.

If you have ever hesitated to use a coupon, or to use it at least in front of your friends, here, in this post I am listing some Data backed, proven statistics, which will just prove how damn wrong you are!

Real life Coupon Statistics on who uses a coupon:-
• 96% of consumers don’t shop without coupons
• 85% of Americans don’t shop without coupons
• 81% of consumers don’t shop without coupons regularly.
• 85% of consumers look for coupons prior to visiting a retailer
• 315 billion coupons were issued in the U.S. in 2013, 2.8 billion were redeemed
• 53% of Americans shop during sales or don’t shop without coupons
• Over half of consumers use a coupon in at least one of every four purchases
• 35.9% of consumers look through printed materials when deal-seeking
• 50% of all shoppers read printed circulars to find deals for their last visit to the supermarket, while 32% clipped paper coupons via newspapers or other printed sources, and 25% used a printed circular in-store
• Shoppers 18 to 25 years old use paper coupons twice as much as other methods
• 300 billion coupons were distributed in 2014
• 2.84 billion coupons were redeemed in 2014
• 82% of consumers say digital coupons are a convenient option compared to printed coupons
• More than three in five shoppers actively seek out coupons in preference to other types of promotions
• 89% of consumers use paper coupons
• 46% prefer print coupons, from the newspaper and mail
• Millennials (34%) and Boomers (30%) expected to print more paper coupons and redeem them in stores
• 73% of Millennials say they find coupons in print sources such as the newspaper or mail, compared to 69% of GenX and 65% of Boomers
• 55% of US internet users will redeem a digital coupon or code at least once per year
• 63% of consumers don’t shop without coupons from paperless sources
• US adults who redeem digital coupons will be up 7.6% in 2015 to 121.3 million
• The number of coupon print out  has been declining 10% annually the past two years; load-to-card mobile and digital coupon format have quintupled in the same period
• 96% of millennials don’t shop without coupons
• 30.6% of female internet users often use discounts and coupons for day-to-day shopping, compared to 16.8% of males!
• 71% of Millennials don’t shop without coupons and other offers!
• 40% of shoppers prefer receiving discounts on purchases over loyalty program points or a gift basket.

In fact, Wikipedia Says coupons were launched as far as back as 1888! If something has been working for the last 200 years, it is fair to say it will  work, right now.

Coupons are a major marketing strategy for a lot of companies,  so there’s just about no point in not using them. In fact, you can be the “modern” guy out there, and avail yourself of awesome Ola Offers too!

Yes, you don’t need only gadgets and other stuff to use a coupon ! You can use it for technically anything out there. So who uses a coupon – everyone should.


If more then 90% of the world population is using coupons there must be something right about using them, right?

I mean, I dare you, to even try and name me one single reason why you’re not going with coupons? I’m sure you can’t.

So next time you’re out there shopping, either online or in a shopping mall, try to join the 90% coupon users and not try to act smart, trust me that will help you fatten your wallet up.

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