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whatsapp voice chat

WhatsApp launches Voice Chat Service !!

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Good news for WhatsApp users finally whatsapp launched the voice chat features for its 250+ million users. This feature was long awaited among the Whatsapp users as the most of its competitors like We Chat, Line, Viber has already had this feature. Now this feature can easily access by users using the latest version of WhatsApp now users record and send voice messages easily with just a single click of a mic or space button. The new update is available for all the major operating system including Android, Windows, Blackberry,  Ios and Nokia Symbian.

Don’t confuse this new feature is a voice message function not voice calling in which user can only record their message and send it to their WhatsApp contacts. This functionality can be especially very useful when the user wants to send message something in their local language which would be difficult to type in your phone.

There is no limit for voice messages user can freely send lengthy voice message receiver can play the voice message without using any external media player. When a user connects the earpiece to phone the audio will switch from speakers to the earpiece. This feature will be helpful when the user wants to hear the voice message privately.


Whatsapp voice chat

How to Use WhatsApp Voice Chat Service ?

  • First update your WhatsApp by going to play store.
  • Once the WhatsApp update is complete on your phone, open the WhatsApp and then select any contact whom you want to send an audio message. You will see a mic button just near the message typing area.
  • Just hold the mic button or symbol to talk and release when you complete the recording to send it. If you don’t want to send a recorded audio message just swipe to the left and the recorded message will be deleted automatically.
  • That’s it!!! Enjoy this free and reliable service.


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