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Ways Creative Visuals Can Sell Your Product

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If you try to sell Coca Cola in a completely different type of bottle, or in a way that the brand is not obvious, you already know that sale would not go well. That says a lot about the importance of the visual representation. Furthermore, it means that you need to think your visuals through, thoroughly. Good looks can sell anything, so make them sell your product. Here are some tips and pointers about that.

visual branding

Pack With Care

A same thing in a different package stops being the same thing. The way you pack your product is a very important part of your brand. You should have different – more luxurious packages for limited series of products. Also, your package needs to tell a story of its own. For example, when Sony Ericsson made the Elm series of mobile phones, they made them eco-friendly. One of the ways this line of products was greener is the fact that the package was minimal, so that the least amount of paper was spent and more of the product could fit into one delivery, thus preventing the overconsumption of fuel for the trucks.

Pick Your Colors Carefully

It has been proven that colors matter very much when it comes to shopping. It is of essential importance that you know the proper way to use them. For example, if you want your product to leave the impression of luxury and elegance, the obvious choices are black and burgundy. Green is the color that reminds us of nature and eco products, while orange is the color that we associate with affordability and low prices. These are just some of the psychological effects of colors and you should make them work for you.


Advertising as it Used to Be

While it is obvious that the majority of advertising is done online these days, there is still a fair share of market that can be reached by the old fashioned media. The magazines and TV still have some power left and you need to utilize it. Make creative videos and ads or even find a company that does good commercial printing and enrich your visual identity with fliers and leaflets.

Websites and Social Media

The last, but not the least is your online presence. Today, it is very important that your online presence is in accordance with your brick and mortar business. This means that you should be consistent, use the same colors, logo and everything else. However, your website will be severely judged by Google and by your clients. So, do all you can to make it the best version of your website possible. It is the ID of your business today. It should be perfectly designed, easy to use, interactive and interesting. The same goes for your social media profiles. They need to look good and you need to be responsive there.


One of the most important things that you need to do when dealing with visuals is to add a story to them. Photos, pictures, package and everything else will be far less effective if they do not have a solid narrative that goes with them. That is that special something that separates good from bad visual representations, so do your best to make the best visuals with a perfect narrative.

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