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Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android

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What is exactly Vibosoft DR. mobile for Android? What is the benefit of it? That’s why I’m here to show you – how Vibosoft DR. mobile can assist for overcoming numerous Android mobile problems?

Except file deleting Android users face several issues often like system crash, flashing ROM, improper settings etc. Therefore you lost important data.  I’ve faced this situation sometimes just like other Android users.

Therefore I hunted a data recovery tool for android mobile, which can save my valuable files, pictures and videos at ease. I can understand it’s really bothering for android users. Then I found out Vibosoft DR. – An effective tool for mending vanished data from Android. (By specific process)

  • Obtain your removed data via memory SD, SIM and inbuilt space
  • It can bring back pictures, clips, messages, contacts etc
  • Regain information Effortlessly
  • Support every Android device as well as tablets


Acutely Scan and Display Lost Android Files

It doesn’t matter where you saved your messages or contacts whether it’s SIM or memory. At first Vibosoft DR. tool scan every removed data and then list on the main screen, mostly it is uses to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android Phone & Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Cell Phone

  • As I said it can restore your deleted data from both space built in and external. Thus it lends a hand for seeking out any information.
  • When scan finished it display each data on the main menu with name, size, delete time etc. Now you can view your desired folder
  • Also you can regain all files via PC by this tool, for instance pictures, videos, SMS, contacts etc.

Retrieve Lost Data by Simple Clicks

Easy to Detect and Scan Android Device

After connecting your Android phone to computer via USB, it can automatically detect and scan your phone. By the way, before working this program to recover lost Android data, you should root your device first.

I said above that you can recover data simply via PC. How? Okay let’s find out.

  1. Connect your phone with your PC via USB or Bluetooth
  2. Afterwards it’ll sense the device routinely.
  3. Then it scan your phone and recoup info but at first you must root mobile for this process 

Deleted Files are arranged into Different Folders

Now you’ll see all files separated into folders. Currently you observe all lost data. Now select preferred otherwise it recovers whole folders. 

Successfully Recover Deleted Files in Part or Whole

Vibosoft DR. for android permits you to notice all removed data before restoring. So you can go for either full or partly recovery.

  • Selectively Retrieve Lost Android Data

If you are willing to regain selected files from your Android device or tablets then you select particular files and click “Recover” option. Later you can store in PC at ease. 

  • Get Deleted Files Back to Android in Batches

In case you want to get back all of your removed info then you should tick all and click “Recovery”. Thus you’ll retrieve everything straightforward.  If you ticked all then it’ll bring back everything despite how many is it?

Additional Features

This Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android can be always available for recovering lost data from Android, no matter you lose them because of improper operations, virus infection, flashing ROM, resetting device back to the factory default settings, and so on. Apart from this, this software has more practical functions.

I’ve said at the beginning and I’m going to dictate again that it really doesn’t matter how your files removed (improper activity, flash ROM, Virus or mobile reset) from your Android phone, Vibosoft can salvage your deleted data without any kind of hassle. It’s very easy and simple.

  • It’s buttress with every Android smartphones for example Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG etc
  • With this software, all deleted contacts and messages can be recovered to computer as CSV format. Then you can freely edit them as needed.
  • You can retrieve data in CSV format and edit without difficulty
  • keep your important file as a backup after recovering through PC

Still you can find more interesting features and now it’s time to try out in your device, Now days Vibosoft providing various discount on their products on the occasion of Christmas, you will find all christmas offers here.

Download Vibosoft Mobile Manager


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