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What Users Think of iPhone 6 Plus After Two Weeks?

After the launch of two IPhone devices simultaneously, the biggest question was which phone should one buy? IPhone users were used-to with the small size and shifting to the IPhone 6 plus was a big challenge for them. Many people tried IPhone 6 plus because of its enormous battery and a week later, they decided to keep it.

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6 Plus looks more secure

Let’s start with a positive one, shall we,

TouchID has also proved a hit with users with many reporting that it is more reliable and easier to use. Security experts have also suggested that the fingerprint scanner is more secure than the previous system on the iPhone 5S.

Getting used-to the bigger size

Two weeks after the launch of IPhone 6, the polls suggest that people actually liked a bigger IPhone even if they took their time in getting used to it. Then there are people who are still struggling with their decision of which IPhone should they get. Only a few IPhone users couldn’t adjust to the bigger size of the IPhone 6 plus.

Many users accepted that they used to make fun of the bigger phones. Some of them got the box of IPhone 6 Plus because they knew they would return it after using it for a week. Strangely, they fell in love with the bigger screen. IPhone 6 is getting so popular that people think that fashion brands would go for big pockets in the coming future. Some people even confessed that it would be really difficult for them to go back to the 4 inch phone.

Easier to use with more apps and user-friendliness

The IPhone 6 plus customers not only fell in love with the large screen but also the fact that it’s much easier to use music making apps on it. The fun that they have playing games on IPhone 6 plus was missing in the previous models. Some people regret buying IPhone 6 plus with 64 GB capacity as they have become much more active user of a phone, and think they need more storage capacity.

Maybe iPhone 6 Plus is too big

One side effect of getting an IPhone 6 Plus is that it acts as a phablet and people do not need their IPad mini anymore. People also adore the fact that they can read their books on a bigger screen while they are on the move. So they have no regrets in buying the new IPhone 6 plus. Nobody would feel guilty in buying a phone with an attractive display and huge battery. Not to forget, it is much easier to chat and type on IPhone 6 plus.

Some people are still in doubt about IPhone 6 plus as they can’t imagine using a phone with two hands. Although, many people have admitted that they loved the IPhone 6 plus, but only after accepting the fact that they cannot use it with one hand.

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  1. From my personal experience, I bought the iPhone 6 and after using it for one week I just fell in love with it because the bigger screen allows better typing and gaming experience, in top of that the battery life is better, which is critical in this days. After a week using iPhone 6 I decided to trade-in my old iPhone 5s, which felt a little weird compared to the iPhone 6. iPhone 6 has been my best phone so far, and would like to keep it for a long time.

  2. I know that iPhone 6 plus isn’t as much good as Samsung’s tablets but I’m happy that Apple has stepped-in to Phablet market and I’m sure that iPhone 7 plus gonna rock in 2015.

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