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know what lsi keywords

What are LSI keywords and Why they are Important for SEO

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As you know SEO for your blog is very important. If done correctly, can increase search rankings incredibly but wrong way can cause problems also. But we are not here to talk about SEO tips and tricks, we are for another important Topic related to Search Engine Optimization. It is LSI Keywords. Many of you, may hear about this topic, but in reality only a few of you Know “What are LSI Keywords and How to Use them on your Blog”. So, here we will learn these things and additionally, we will also learn “How to Find LSI keywords“. So, let’s start without wasting too much time.

know what lsi keywords

What are LSI keywords?

Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords are related to your Main Title of the post. These are used to avoid Spamming in Articles. Suppose you are Writing Article on On-Page Optimization. So, you need to use this Keywords to Rank Higher in search Engine but if you used it too many times, then, it will become Keyword stuffing which is certainly not allowed by Google. So, what you need to do to avoid that condition. You can Use All related Words or phrases which are commonly known as LSI Keywords.

For example, LSI Keywords of On-Page is given in the screenshot below.

lsi keywords finder

I don’t think it needs more explanation.Now, we move on to our next Section in this Article.

Why LSI Keywords are Important for SEO?

I think we already talked about this question, but still i can explain it once more. Suppose you are writing on Off-Page SEO, then, that article will be ranked on same keyword you used in the title and multiple times in the Content. But using LSI keywords like OFF-page Techniques, Off-page SEO checklist, Off-Page SEO Methods, etc. can help you rank for these others keywords also and get more traffic. Additionally, it will save you from Keyword stuffing penalty.

How to Find LSI keywords?

It’s been a difficult thing to do, especially for Newbies. But not, after reading this Article. You can use the Google Keyword Planner which shows all related keywords when you search using a single word. But I always Recommend using Google Instant search. It will give you the latest results about LSI keywords. You just need to Enter your primary Word in search Box and it will show all related keywords. Below is a screenshot of the Example.

lsi keywords example

Now, look at this Screenshot, it’s showing all related LSI terms which you can use in the same article. So, that’s it, you are done. You can also find LSI terms using Many Tool’s available online, but Google Instant search is the best way in my thinking. I personally use this method. You can also find LSI keywords at bottom of each Search Page on Google like we shown in the first Screenshot.

How to Use LSI keywords in Articles?

You can use Latent Semantic Keywords for both On Page and Off Page SEO. Below is a list of places where you can use them.

  1. You can use In Title, Description, Permalink, etc.
  2. You can also use while Internal Linking. It will help you rank better.
  3. It can increase Rankings while used building backlinks. Just use important LSI terms as Anchor Text. But don’t use same anchor text many times, just use one term few times and then, change it with some alteration.
  4. You can use these LSI terms where you think your Main keyword density is too much.

Final verdict:-

In this Article, we almost covered each thing related to LSI keywords. But in the last i will only advice you to write quality content Because if you are a Good Write then, you don’t need to find Alternative Keywords, when you finish writing articles, you will automatically find many LSI keywords in it. So, with this Verdict we conclude this Article. i hope this is helpful. If you have any doubt related to this Article. you can clear it by asking through Comments.

Author- This Post is Written by Atinder S Gill Owner of My Blogger World


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  1. Awesome post broo, I was not knowing about lsi, thanks to share about this important SEO factor.

  2. You have mentioned everything about LSI kw in this post such as how tk use LSI kw and how to Find.
    thanx for this post dear . Really it will help me to improve better LSI keywords.
    thanx again
    keep blogging

  3. Hi Atinder,

    You have shared great article with detailed information, I love your way how you describe everything. What is? How to find plus how to use. It is best for audience and search engine also. If we add in proper way LSI to our blog post, search engine give more preference to our post.

    Thanks to share such informative article with us 🙂

    Jyoti Chauhan

  4. Really helpful post. I just heard about LSI keyword last week but wasn’t aware of its importance and how to use these keywords… I read your lovely article and got to know about it. I will start targeting LSI keywords in my blog posts from now!!!

    Thanks Atinder and Harshit.
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