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Twitter Optimization for Maximum Brand/User Benefit

Twitter Optimization For Maximum Brand/User Benefit

Since the inception of social media, the playing field between large corporations and small businesses in regards to marketing has been leveled. It doesn’t require a multi-million dollar marketing budget to start a Twitter account, but if a brand is interested in getting more people talking about them, they need to understand and harness the intricacies behind it.

Bottom line, effective Twitter usage all boils down to understanding the value of data for effective marketing. 

Brands that have successfully utilized the power of Twitter Optimization knows what their target audience is talking about, but more importantly when they are.

Below are some tips on how to view and respond to this important data.

Don’t be a Spammer

Here is where many get it wrong. Potential customers are inundated with ads on a daily basis, so unless branded content is interesting and specific to them, it will get ignored. So how does one find out who the target audience is and what they’re interested in?

“Simply put, by naturally engaging with them.”

Unless the brand in question is established and can get away with it, a growing brand can’t expect much growth if they aren’t employing a fair ratio of marketing, which states that overall tweet makeup should be:

  • 30% of company-created content (pictures, videos, etc.).
  • 60% curated content from other users (retweet and respond to similar content).
  • 10% calls-to-action.

Employing and sticking with this approach allows other users to gain insight into the brand on their own terms instead of feeling like they’re getting spammed out of nowhere yet again.

Know Your Audience

There are a few different tools available that can provide valuable insight into follower behavior. Understanding this behavior can provide marketers inside knowledge into what content resonates with their target audience and position their posts to align with that vision.

Some examples of free analytics tools include:

Twitter Analytics: provides demographical data, interests, and location information.

SocialBro: offers a free analytics tool for smaller accounts that analyzes the timelines of top followers to determine the best time to tweet for maximum impact.

TweepsMap: tracks growth, where followers are located as well as “best time to tweet” by region.

By knowing what interests unite followers, marketing efforts can be positioned towards those interests.

twitter optimization

Embrace Automation

Now that the brand is aware of where their followers are located and the interests that unite them, setting up tweets to go out at the optimum times becomes crucial in seeing the best return on investment. For example, if a brand based in the United States wants to target their follower base in the UK, they would need to tweet at a time when that group is most active.

Manually sending out targeted tweets can be challenging due to time zone differences, especially with smaller businesses. So to combat this, there are tools available that allow users to schedule tweets for future dates and times, such as:

Both of these tools not only allow users to set tweets up for future release but also attach pictures and links as well. In the past, picture support was not native but has since been integrated into free accounts with both having more robust features accessible as a paid option.

Coupled with an excellent and organic content strategy, automated tweets can help brands create real conversion by using real talk. The best marketing campaigns are no longer exclusive to the brands that spend the most, but rather the ones who resonate with their customers the most.



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